CHAPTER 6: Life together


        Trunks, Marron, Vegeta, and Bulma are sitting down at breakfast.  The question of marriage is off Trunks and Marron . . .

. . . now its 'When are the grandkids coming?'  Yup, Trunks and Marron finally got married.  "What happened to Goten and Bra?" (Oh thats what you ask.) They broke up, joking!

  Bra is standing infront of the lake, the wind blowing in her hair.  She puts her hand up to her head putting her hair back.  Looking across the water.  A hand reaches out and grabbes her shoulder. She turns around and there is Goten.  Instead of jumping back she holds his hand.  They walk to Goten's car and drive off.


They walk into the house and Bulma greets them.
"So, how long is it going to be til you two get married?" she asked.
Goten smiles awkwardly and a huge sweatdrop appears on his head.
"Akasan, I am only 17!" Bra says.
"Well how old are you gonna be when you and Goten marry?"
"AKASAN!  Please!"
Bulma laughs and walks away.
"So, how long is it gonna be until we get married?" Goten looked at Bra.
Bra smiled and blushes.  "I don't know."
"How about when you graduate from college."
"How about we wait and see . . . keep it a surprise."  BRa put a finger on Goten's lips and smiled.  She walked away and Goten stayed in the livingroom.  Trunks met Goten in the livingroom.  They stayed there and talked, while where ever Bra went Marron talked to her.
        The Destructive Duo is a strong team and they still live on but instead of fighting on the evil team and fight against good . . . .
        They fight on the good side and against evil.

No one will ever know if they will be evil again until the day comes. But as always love will set them free once again.  Because love rules all.


        HELLO!  Don't you wonna know how Vegeta turned out.  Maybe not but whatever.  Vegeta still acting like his crude self but he did become alittle bit nicer to Goten.  Also thanks to him being kinder (not ultimate nice) to Goten him and Bulma have had another baby and it was a boy, named Hanes
. .
JUST KIDDING! (about the new baby)
FINALLY, you can draw out your own continue to this story,


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