CHAPTER ONE: Coming Together 

      "Hey Marron, guess what?"  Bra said attentivally on the phone.

"What? Did your dad get squished in the gravity room because the gravity was too high?"  Marron said less than enthused.  "Don't even joke about that!  If he heard you..."

"I know, I know so what is it your begging to tell me?" Marron said trying to bring the conversation back up.  "Well as it started  out our family was going to Las Vegas in the United States as a family  vacation.  Dad refused to and mom had somthing to do on bussness so we had  two extra tickets.  Mom said that each one of us could invite a friend to go  with us!  Trunks already invited Goten and I was wondering If you could go  with me!"  Bra finished.

"Cool, let me see if its okay with my parents."  Marron said and then there was a long pause.  "Sorry Bra, I can't go."

Marron said into the phone.  "Oh well, see you later!"

"Wait, Wait, WAIT!   Bra I was kidding, of course I'm comming!  You think that I would miss this! Oh by the way, when are we leaving and when are we getting back?" Marron said.

"Great!  Were leaving tomarrow and getting back two weeks after!"  Bra finished.  "Two weeks."  Marron said.  "Forteen days."  Bra said back.

"Forteen days."  Marron ecoed.  "Ja-neh."  Both girls said at the same time  and hung up.


       Bra was up in her room picking out outfits for forteen whole days.  She held up a pine green sun dress up to her in the mirror.  She had two piles in her room at the time.  There was the take pile and discard pile, which she was going through her whole wardrobe to see if she was taking it. She threw the dress into the discard pile .  She had spent four hours deciding on what to take.  Now she had finished packing and now had to find  out what to wear for tomorrow.  She decided on a pair of kakie petal pusher  a baby blue tubetop and a white over coat.  Then she stood up next to her bed and colasped.  Trunks walked by ten minutes later only to realize that  the light in his sisters room was still on.  He picked his sister up and set her down on her bed.  He gentally pulled the covers on over her and turned out the light.  "Goodnight, sleepy head."  He said gentally and walked out of the room.  Then him and his sisters bags out side there door for tomarrow.


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