Chapter 9:  Jaded Moon


  At the hotel Goten and Bra were wacthing the glorious sunset.  Bra was curled up in Gotens strong arms wacthing the sun over sea with the mixture of pink, red, orange and blue coliding at the worlds end.  She gentally
looked up to see his eyes staring down at hers.  "Goten, when you look in my eyes what do you see?"  Bra asked full of serenity.  "I see the dawning of a new day."  He said and gentally gave her a hug.  He kissed her forehead
and let his lips slide down until they met hers.  They slowly melted into eachothers arms.  Bra felt as she was living in a romance novel and all consious memory of Nephia was washed away.

  "Woh!  Check out the lust bunnies!"  A voice came from the side a the roof.  Trunks was climing up the roof with Marron behind him.  With their lips still locked in a kiss their eyes shot to the voice.  They gentally pulled away and Goten wanted Trunks to state his bussiness.  "Why did you come up here, as you can see it is already occupied."  Goten said.  "We probally came up here for the same reason as you."  Trunks said and winked.  "Well this roof ain't big enough for the two of us."  Goten said getting in an old western stance.

  "Don't  you mean three of us!"  A voice rang from a higher roof top.  A figure jumped down in between the two to them.  "The names Jade, you want more info?  Well lets see if you can beat me!"  Her voice eccoed throught
the buildings and came out one message to Trunks and Goten, the message was fight or be beaten and her ki could tell them that much.  The girl was what you thought a mystery would be like if it were human, or not human.

   She was dressed in pure black with firey red hair framing her pale face.  "I have come form beyond infinity.  I am a vanishing vision that remains in the autum breeze late nights.  I have walked this world and seen ruins.
There  is a price to pay for its rain of dercution unless we can see eye to eye."  Jade said and looked in frount and in back of her to make sure they weren't going to attack with her vunreble  "Wait a minute, we don't want to
fight so how can we see 'eye to eye'?"  Goten said and before he knew it there was a pressure on the back of his neck in a pressure point and he was down.  Bra rushed to his side.  "I only want to deal with you two one at a
time."  Jade said smiling looking a Trunks.


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