Chapter 18:  Proficy Forfilled

  The girls chatted and talked a while until their food came.  They ate, paid  the bill and then left to check out 'The Tomb.'  They walked through a big doorway that was lined in charcophagouses at the entrance.  There was a
gold plated sign that read 'Sukuran-na Shinchi preforming live tonight.'

  Bra and Marron looked around the club in awe.  The room had about fifteen different strobe lights hanging down from the celing and had mirror with set imagery in them.  There were a couple holograms and projectile images
within  the room that focused on the egyption times.

  They left and went back to get the guys so they would visit 'The Tomb tonight with them.  About five hours passed of doing what they wanted and then it was 7:00 pm.  They headed out in their rented cars one following another.  Trunks and Marron were in front of Goten and Bra.

  Bra noticed two men in black clothing climing on the back of Trunks's rental car.  She pointed it out to Goten and Goten rolled down his side window.  "Yo Trunks!  You got company!"  Goten shouted and honked the horn to get Trunks attenion.

  Marron rolled down her window to find out what Goten was saying and then one of the men pulled her onto the roof.  "TRUNKS!  HELP ME!"  Marron screamed  when one of the men jabbed somthing into her side.  The two men clothed in full black jumped off the car top and ran off the highway.

  Trunks swerved to the left causing Goten and Bra to crash into one of the  posts that was soposed to keep you from crashing.  A scream came from the  side of the road that was filled with pain, agoney, hurt and torment.
Trunks ran as fast as he could to get to the end of the ashvalt.

  The stench of death was in the surrounding air of where Marron lay.  "Marron!" Trunks yelled when he saw Maron laying on the ground with a fresh, warm tear rolling down the side of her face.  "No."  Trunks gasped under his breath and set Marrons head down on his lap.

  He squeezed her hand looking for any sign of life.  She was still breathing. Her heart was still pounding.  He picked her up and flew her to the nearest hospital.

 Bra and Goten steped out of the car dizzally.  They looked very confused and had no idea what just happened or what was going on. "Okay, did I just miss something or did he just ditch us?"  Bra asked.