The Fair- Part one

 Trunks picked Marron up on Saturday for the fair. He knocked on the door, and she answered it.
 "Trunks!!" she squealed, as she hugged him. They kissed. As they were kissing, Yamcha, who happened to be there at the time, walked out to see what Marron was squealing about. As soon as he walked out, there they were, making out in front of the Kame House.
 "Woah!" Yamcha yelled in surprise. Marron jumped at Yamcha’s yell, and accidentally hit Trunks in the chin. Yamcha started laughing REALLY hard, while Marron just stood there, blushing furiously and Trunks, holding his upper cutted chin.
 "Okay, I’ll just tell your parents that, um, you went to the fair already," Yamcha backed into the house. Marron bowed politely, and dragged Trunks to the car.
 "Let’s get going," Marron said. So they drove off to the fair, with Trunks crying inside cause his chin hurt so bad. ^o^;;;


 "OOH!! We’re here!! What do you want to do first?" Marron said excitedly. Trunks shrugged.
 "Whatever you want to do is fine with me, I guess," he answered. So Marron dragged him to all the rides.

 "Okay, Trunks, now it’s your turn to pick which one we go to now," Marron said.
&Nbsp;"Well, how about we go to the Mirror Maze, and see how skinny you can get!!" Trunks joked. Marron slapped his shoulder.
 "Funny…." She said, as they walked over to the attraction.
 "Oh my GOSH!! Trunks where are you?" Marron asked, searching through the maze for him.
 "Right here!" Trunks grabbed her from behind. Marron squealed (AGAIN) happily. He carried her through the rest of the maze, to the second story, where there were different mirrors to change your shape. He spun her aroun and then set her down. She giggled and kissed his cheek. She turned around, and was shocked at what she saw. She looked at Trunks and Trunks was in awe.

~ To be continued ~


Hehe, a cliff hanger!!!! I love to make people wonder!!! I’m so mean and nasty…. But anywho, what did thet stare at anyway? Find out on Part two!!!


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