Overkill sleeps against the wall of his new cellblock. Sense the suppression collar compromises his powers, he is put in a regular cell with iron bars. "Hey Vertell!" Overkill hears and his eyes gaze up from the ground. Sorrian sits in a chair in front of the cell. "Oh you again. Don't you have some one else to bother?" Overkill says. Sorrian just dismisses that comment and slides in a plate full of food. Overkill looks to the plate and his eyes widen. "Is that chicken?" Overkill says quickly crawling to the plate. He snatches up a large drumstick and sucks the meat off of the bone in a second. In two more seconds the whole bird is gone. "I thought you would like it. I stole it out of the kitchen and brought it to you," Sorrian says. Overkill looks up to Sorrian and smiles a bit but hides it quickly. "Glad to see you two getting along" Holocaust says walking up. "Hey daddy," Sorrian says leaping into Holocausts arms. Sorrian seems like a small doll compared to Holocaust. Overkill's eyes narrow and he frowns at Holocaust. "Ah I see you still hold a bit of a grudge against me," Holocaust says smiling. "You're lucky you got this collar on me or else you would be wall paper right now," Overkill says angrily. Holocaust looks down at the ground and sees the empty plate with the grease shining in the light. "Hmm the cook did say one of his best birds was missing, I wonder how it got down here?" Holocaust says peering down at Sorrian. Sorrian sense the gaze and purposely keeps his eyes on Overkill. "Sorrian, do you know how the bird got down here?" Holocaust says staring right through Sorrian. Sorrian looks at Holocaust suddenly as if he had just now heard Holocaust. "What did you say dad?" Sorrian says with a nervous smile on his face. Overkill chuckles a little bit. Holocaust smiles and laughs also. "It's ok Sorrian, I know your just trying to be nice to your brother," Holocaust says letting Sorrian down on the ground. "Now go on, you're late for battle training," Holocaust says. Sorrian says goodbye and runs along down the hall. Overkill watches Sorrian leaving and smiles at his cheeriness and innocence. "You're starting to like him aren't you?" Holocaust says smiling. Overkill shoots an evil glance at Holocaust. Holocaust just stands there and raises his eyebrows. "Yeah I guess," Overkill says seeing that Holocaust sees through him. "He just reminds me of my little brother Tunnen," Overkill says. Holocaust sits down in a chair and listens. "He's as happy and as innocent at Tunnen was…before…" Overkill starts to say but then stops before his emotions take over. Overkill inhales deeply and Holocaust nods his head. "Tunnen was very important to you wasn't he?" Holocaust says. Overkill suddenly looks up at Holocaust, he actually had forgotten he was there because he was thinking about Tunnen. "Yeah," Overkill says, "I had two brothers, but honestly Tunnen was my favorite. So little and soft. He was always cheery never sad. When he was born he cried all the time. He never stopped for anyone not my mom, my dad, and not even my other brother. But one night I sneaked out of my bed and went into his. I was about eight and I looked over the little bed made for Tunnen. I picked Tunnen up and as soon as I did, he stopped. He just looked up at me with his large brown eyes that shined in the moonlight and smiled at me with this little toothless grin," Overkill starts to tear up a little bit. "It must have been hard for you when he died," Holocaust says. "Uh huh," is all that Overkill says. "Well some times we loose things that we love. It may not be fair but it happens. I bet Tunnen right now just wants you to live your life to the fullest. The thing that would make him very happy right now is the knowledge that you're still thinking about him," Holocaust says. "How can he know? He's dead," Overkill says a small tear rolls down his face. "He knows, I don't know how but he knows," Holocaust says. Overkill smiles and wipes his tear away. Overkill turns serious again and frowns at Holocaust. "You never saw me cry, ok?" Overkill says in a threatening voice. "Already forgotten," Holocaust says. Overkill smiles. The Whole ship starts to shake violently. Holocaust stands up suddenly and then holds his right forearm up to his lips. He turns on a wrist radio and speaks into it. " What's going on?" Holocaust yells into it. The face of a person appears on the little video screen on the wrist radio. "We are under attack sir!" The person says. Overkill leans up against the bars and looks at the little screen. "We are under attack? By who?" Holocaust says. "I don't know. I'll put it on the screen," The man says then the picture outside replaces his face.

The screen shows a close up of Gokou's face. Gokou sticks his tongue out at the screen and Overkill smiles largely. "Those are my friends! They're here to rescue me!" Overkill yells happily. "They aren't going to take you without a fight!" Holocaust says running down to hall. "Wait just let me go…dang!" Overkill yells then sits down against the wall waiting patiently for his rescue.

Gokou flies though space and fires a Ki blast that hits the ship. The entire ship shakes and Holocaust runs into the main control room. "Status!" Holocaust yells. "We've taken extensive damage sir! Their powerlevels are off the scale!" The first mate says. Vegeta floats in space then powers up and becomes a Super Sayajin. Holocaust watches this on the screen and shakes violently. "They are Super Sayajins just like Overkill!" Holocaust says. "Mister smithins! Prepare the defense measurements. The first mate obeys and runs to a large computer. Pan and Bra fly around outside and fire several Ki blasts at the ship. Goten, Trunks, and Ubuu violently beat on the ship's exterior. Several of the ship's warriors battle them but they are easily defeated. Holocaust watches and become enraged as his fighters are easily beaten. "Defense weapon ready sir!" the first mate says. "Well then choose your target and fire at will!" Holocaust yells. The first mate activates the computer and a large cannon extends from the ship's exterior. The first mate aims and then presses the fire button. The cannon roars as it fires and a small metal ring quickly heads right for Goten. Goten turns around suddenly then the ring hits his throat and clamps down around it. The ring activates and Goten feels his powers leaving him. "What the?!?" He yells, as he can no longer fly. He just floats around in space and spins around uncontrollably in zero gravity. "What happened to Goten?" Bra says flying to him. The cannon booms again and a ring clasps around Bra's neck. She looses her powers and become as helpless as Goten. "Watch out for those rings!" Ubuu says but too late before a ring gets him too. The cannon rapidly fires ring after ring into space. Pan zigs and zags through space attempting to escape the rings. She is caught to as the rings are too fast for her to avoid. Gokou fires several Ki blasts at the rings and the explosions cause smoke to fill space. Gokou stops and rests but doesn't realize that he missed one. The ring slips through the smoke and wraps around Gokou's neck, rendering him powerless. Vegeta moves around quickly dodging the rings. Vegeta kicks one ring then punches another. Vegeta turns around to see a ring right in front of his neck. Vegeta sees this and ducks under the ring. He smiles but doesn't see the ring turn around in the air and come up from behind. The ring clamps around his neck and Vegeta goes out of Super Sayajin. Trunks' isn't far behind as a ring captures him too. "Great! Now bring them in!" Holocaust says. The ship's warriors leave the ship and drag the helpless warriors into the ship.

All of them are put into separate cells. "Hey guys," Overkill says out of his cell. "Hi Vertell," Bra casually says. "I can't believe he actually beat you guys," Overkill says kind of amused by the situation. "It was these stupid rings!" Goten says. "Suppression collars," Overkill explains. "Who is this guy? Where did he come from?" Trunks' says angrily. "Well…he's kinda my…dad," Overkill says. He hears a collection of shocked gasps. "Yeah I thought you would react this way," Overkill says. They feel the ship shake violently once again and they all fall over. "What is going on?" Gokou says. "I dunno," Overkill says.

"What's going on? Holocaust yells. "We are under attack, again," The first mate says. "What? By who?" Holocaust says. "The Mariner. Another pirate ship that enslaves whole planets, sir," The first mate says. "Dang it! After all that damage Overkill's friends caused we won't be able to take any more direct hits like that!" Holocaust says. "I will go out there and deal with the threat myself," Holocaust says flying out of the main control room. The Other ship floats beside Holocaust's and continuously fires down on them. The large cannon that fires on them charge up once again and fires another blast at the ship. The blast comes closer and closer to the ship but suddenly Holocaust appears and smacks the blast away. Holocaust stands poised and ready to battle. The cannon booms again and another blast heads right for Holocaust. Holocaust fires a large Ki blast that overwhelms the cannon blast and destroys the large cannon. Holocaust lowers his hand and smiles largely.

The ship turns slowly towards him. "Well what do you want to do now?" Holocaust says in a cocky voice. The front of the ship opens up slowly and the lights from within shine brightly. Holocaust is able to make out four faint shadows within that become larger as they head right for him. The figures leave the ship and stand upright before Holocaust. It isn't until the ships hatch closes that Holocaust is able to make out the figures. Four warriors stand straight and look at Holocaust with blank faces. Asteroids show up out of nowhere as they fly by. One large asteroid sticks out of the bunch. A large asteroid the size of a continent floats by. Holocaust looks over to the asteroid and signals to the other four fighters with a twitch of his head. The four look over to the asteroid and nod showing their approval of the chosen battlefield. Holocaust powers up and rockets over to the asteroid with the four warriors behind him. Holocaust lands and stands ready to battle. The four warriors land away from him and stand. "So who's first?" Holocaust says smiling.

"Strong power, very strong," Gokou says sensing the battle about to commence. Everyone in the cells senses the powers also and concentrates. "Is that Holocaust?" Overkill asks. "Sorry kid it ain't" Vegeta says as he senses the powers. "He is the least of the powers. He doesn't stand a chance against those other powers!" Gokou says stating the obvious. Overkill's face goes blank fearing the worst for Holocaust. He doesn't fear for his sake, he still hates Holocaust. He fears for Sorrian, fearing his safety. "These powers are enormous!" Goten says. "We need to get out of here, those guys will kill Holocaust and then we are next. Holocaust is the only one that can release us from these collars!" Overkill says. They all hear the patter of little footsteps running frantically up the hall. Overkill looks out through the bars and sees Sorrian running by. "Sorrian!" Overkill yells. Sorrian stops and looks at Overkill. "Where are you going?" Overkill asks. "I'm going to help my daddy!" Sorrian yells. "You can't face those guys they are too powerful for you!" Overkill yells to Sorrian. "I don't care I'm going out there and helping my daddy!" Sorrian yells starting to run off again. "Wait!" Overkill says. "You can't help your dad that way kid. Get these collars off of us and me and my friends can take those guys!" Overkill says. "No I can't" Sorrian says. Overkill reaches through the bars and grabs Sorrian by the collar. Overkill jerks him and pulls him over to the bars. "Try!" Overkill yells. "I…can't. Only daddy can, he has the control to the collars…no one else," Sorrian says scared. Overkill loosens his grip and lets go of Sorrian. "Sorry. You still can't go out there though. Stay here where it's safe," Overkill says putting his right hand on Sorrian's shoulder. "I can't do that. I have to help daddy!" Sorrian says pushing Overkill's hand off of his shoulder and running away. Overkill watches with full eyes as Sorrian runs away. "Dang!" Overkill yells punching into the wall.

Holocaust stands poised and ready. The four warriors stand smiling evilly. Holocaust taps the button on his scouter and finally sees the truth of this battle. The numbers on the scouter continue to go up and then the scouter explodes. He stands there stunned at the sight. He starts to shake all over. He finally realizes the immense difference in powers. The leader of the four, a tall muscular, green skinned fighter, walks forward towards Holocaust. His toothy grin cuts through Holocaust like a knife. His brain tells him to run away but his heart tells him to stay and fight for his two sons' sake. Holocaust stands his ground and gets into his fighting stance. The Green fighter smiles and suddenly Holocaust is doubled over as the green monsters fist jams into his gut. "Oh yeah my name is Granal, your killer for this evening," the green warrior says smiling. Holocaust is thrown high into the air and Granal is soon behind him. Granal pummels Holocaust in mid air. Holocaust's body flops around in the air like a rag doll. Granal flies above Holocaust and slams his elbow into the small of his back. Holocaust falls through the air and slams into the ground with a loud thud. Holocaust slowly, shakily gets up to his hands and knees, and then slowly transitions to his weak feet. Never before has he ever gone through suck a weakening ordeal in suck little time. Granal is a high superior fighter to himself and he knows he doesn't stand a chance. "This fighter is too much for me!" Holocaust says to himself and sees the fighter walking slowly at him. Holocaust leaps at the warrior and readies a punch aimed for the fighter's jaw. Granal dodges the punch then brings his knee up and jams it into Holocaust's gut. Holocaust falls to the ground and then vomits up blood. Holocaust shakes on the ground. He lays in his own vomit and grits his teeth. He struggles then makes it to his hands and knees. He looks up at Granal then spits on Granal's boot. Granal sneers down at Holocaust and kicks him in the gut and sends him flying through the void of space and back onto the asteroid. A groove is made in the ground as Holocaust lands. Holocaust gets to his hands and knees and looks back to Granal. The three other warriors smile and joke around as Granal takes apart Holocaust at the seams. Holocaust uses his energy and twists his waist so that he lies on his back. Holocaust uses the last of his energy to pull a small remote control out of his belt. His hand flops down and he holds the control in his hands. Holocaust smiles at Granal and then brings up his thumb above the middle red button. Granal suddenly appears standing over him and slams his boot into Holocaust's abdomen. Holocaust lets out a scream and coughs loudly. Granal smiles as he continues to bury his huge heel into Holocaust's gut. Holocaust starts to cough up blood and feels his ribcage start to cave in as Granal's foot smashes into it.

Granal raises his foot up one more time. On this thrust he was going to finish off Holocaust. He smiles then the foot starts to descend. "Let my daddy go!" He hears and Granal stops his foot in mid air and looks over to little Sorrian. Sorrian stands shakily, his fear slowly taking over. He had used up a lot of his courage with that yell. Granal steps down and turns around to Sorrian and smiles. Sorrian slowly steps back a bit. He had been trained in battle but had never been in one. "Well little one, what is it that you desire?" Granal says smiling. "Leave my daddy alone…please," Sorrian says in a squeaky voice. "Sorry little one but your father has chosen his destiny and that is to be killed by me," Granal says turning back around aiming his hand at Holocaust's head. He feels a burning sensation on his back and spins around. Sorrian stands with his hands outstretched at Granal. "You attack me? You must wish to die at my hands also. Well then so be it," Granal says steeping towards Sorrian. "No! Leave him alone! I'm the one you want to kill. I'm the one…the one," Holocaust starts to yell but then looses consciousness because of the injuries given to him by Granal.

"I can feel Sorrian! He's there against that warrior!" Overkill yells shaking the bars trying to break free. "There is nothing you can do Vertell, nothing any of us can do," Bra says. "Sorrian is truly a very courageous child," Gokou says. They hear loud banging as Overkill slams his body violently into the bars. Overkill backs away to the wall then runs as fast as he can towards the bars. He leans forward and rams his shoulder into the bars. The bars do not move and Overkill falls to the ground holding his shoulders. "Overkill stop. You're just going to hurt yourself and then you will be no good to us later," Vegeta says, not really caring for his own good but just annoyed at the banging of the bars. "What later?" Goten states, "If Holocaust is killed the first thing they are going to do is take over the ship and probably get rid of us!"

Vegeta leans up against the cell wall and for once in his life feels completely powerless.
Sorrian backs away slowly as Granal walks towards him. "S…s…s…Sorrian," Holocaust says stirring around in his sleep. Sorrian hears this and stops in his tracks. Sorrian clinches his little petite fists and gets into a fighting stance. "So the little warrior wishes to battle," Granal says stopping and watching with a smile. Sorrian crouches and summons all of his strength. A small bolt of electricity flows through Sorrian's body. He lets out an ear-piercing yell and a large energy aura surrounds his whole body. Granal steps back out of surprise and a drop of sweat appears on his forehead. Sorrian continues to power up and the asteroid starts to shake violently. His energy aura continues to grow and the ground at his feet starts to break apart.

"Wow," Gokou says silently as he feels Sorrian's power growing. Bra's mouth hangs open as she feels the power also. Goten looks up and closes his eyes feeling Sorrian's strength. Trunks' smiles and roots Sorrian on. Vegeta leans against the wall with his eyes closed and patiently waits for the outcome of the fight. Overkill hangs onto the cell's bars and concentrates on the battle. Sorrian continues to grow in power and then suddenly the power is strong enough that the ground under him dents and a large crater forms around Sorrian. He is caught off guard by this and trips and lands butt first into the crater. His energy aura dissipates and Sorrian sits in the crater stupidly looking up at Granal. "He doesn't know how to control his power. All that power he had summoned is gone. He just might have stood a chance," Gokou says. Overkill holds back his tears and anger but then lets them loose. "SORRIAN!" Overkill yells.

Granal leaps at Sorrian and buries his foot into Sorrian's temple. Sorrian flies through the sky and crashes into a small hill. Sorrian slowly get back up and falls to the ground. Sorrian shakily gets up to his feet and angrily looks at Granal. Sorrian runs as fast as he can and leaps at Granal. Granal smiles and disappears. He then reappears under Sorrian. His knee hits its mark and rams into Sorrian's gut. Sorrian floats in the space and is slammed down as Granal buries his elbow into Sorrian's back. Sorrian slams into the ground and his head bounces like a ball. Overkill shakes in anger and clinches his fists tighter and tighter. His nails start to bury into his palms and a small tickle of blood flows from the wound. "That jerk!" Bra yells feeling Sorrian's power steadily going down from the beating. Gokou, Trunks, and Goten clinch their teeth out of anger. Vegeta just leans up against the wall and concentrates on the battle with both eyes closed. He shows no emotion what so ever.

Granal continues to beat Sorrian brutally. Sorrian hits the ground hard and crawls on the ground towards his father. "Daddy…help," Sorrian says in a shrill voice. Granal appears and stomps on Sorrian's head. Granal then wedges his foot under Sorrian then kicks him in the air. Sorrian rises and falls, the ground meets him as he slams into it. Holocaust wakes up and looks over to his son being brutally battered. Granal stands over Sorrian, oblivious to Holocaust. Granal holds his hand over Sorrian's head. He forms an energy ball and smiles. The energy ball lights up Sorrian's face and the steam of blood coming from a cut on Sorrian's forehead is easily seen. "Goodbye little one," Granal says. Holocaust appears out of nowhere and buries his knee into Granal's face. Granal flies through the air and makes a small trench as he lands. Holocaust lands on the ground and kneels beside Sorrian. Holocaust scoops Sorrian in his arms and hugs him tightly. "My little warrior. My brave soldier," Holocaust says smiling. "You truly didn't think that would defeat me did you?" Granal says up from the surprise strike. Holocaust clamps his arms around Sorrian and clinches his teeth. Granal fires an energy blast and it hits Holocaust's back. The blast burn away Holocaust's suit and leaves a bright red burn mark on his back. Holocaust yells loudly then grits his teeth. Granal continues to fire several energy blasts and Holocaust continues to kneel down and take the hits in order to protect his son. His back starts to bleed profusely and the blood flows down his back and soaks his pants. Sorrian comes to and sees his fathers pain filled face. "Daddy!" Sorrian yells and wraps his arms around Holocaust's neck. His hands slide on the slick surface and Sorrian looks at his hand. He gasps loudly as he sees the crimson shade of his hands. "Dad!" Sorrian yells wrapping his arms around Holocaust. Granal fires some more and send Holocaust and Sorrian flying through the air. They land and Holocaust is still holding onto Sorrian. Holocaust continues to kneel down and take the blasts to protect his little son. Sorrian is now crying and the tears soak his little Sayajin armor. "Daddy!" He yells louder and louder to be heard over the sound of Granal's blast hitting Holocaust's back. Granal slowly walks up to them firing his blasts. Holocaust closes his eyes tightly, trying to bare the pain. Holocaust uses all his strength to protect his son. Holocaust looses all his strength and falls over on top of Sorrian. Sorrian keeps Holocaust up and hugs onto his father's body tightly. "S…Sorrian," Holocaust says using his last bit of energy to talk. He can't even open his eyes. "Yes daddy?" Sorrian cries, the tears flowing down his face. "Take the remote and press the red button," Holocaust says handing Sorrian the small remote. Sorrian takes it and continues to cry. "Press the button now son," Holocaust says. Sorrian whimpers loudly then presses down on the button. "What did I just do dad?" Sorrian asks. "You just signed this guy's death certificate," Holocaust says with a little chuckle.

Overkill grits his teeth and the grinding can easily be heard. He suddenly notices the noises being made by the collar around his neck. It sputters loudly then suddenly unlatches and falls off to the ground. The rest of the collars on the other dragonball gang fall off also. Overkill smiles evilly then powers up loudly. Overkill rips through the metal bars and flies upward. He rips through the many levels of the ship, through the exterior and then flies towards the small asteroid. Granal looks up and sees a bright ball of light heading right for him. Overkill lands on the ground right in front of Holocaust and Sorrian. Overkill looks back and sees Holocaust's bloody burnt back. "Sh*t," Overkill lets out under his breath. Holocaust looks over at Overkill and manages to smile slightly. "Overkill, you made it," Holocaust says chuckling. "Of course Holocaust. I would never leave my little brother and…" Overkill smiles a bit, "My father" Holocaust gets a surprised look on his face and smiles. "You called me father, Overkill," Holocaust says. "Call me Vertilion," Overkill says smiling to him. The look of surprise on Holocaust's face grows larger and he smiles. Holocaust suddenly goes into a violent fit of coughing. Overkill turns around and gets to his knees and holds Holocaust. Holocaust coughs more and more. "I'm not going to be here for long, Overkill promise me. Take care of Sorrian," Holocaust says in a whisper, unable to speak any louder. "Don't talk like that, you're going to make it, trust me," Overkill says frantically. Holocaust coughs some more. "Don't kid me Vertilion. I just want you two to stay together, never leave each other. And remember always, I love you two," Holocaust says. Sorrian is unable to speak out of emotion. He just holds onto Holocaust's neck and cries loudly. "Holocaust…father, don't leave us…please," Overkill says and starts to tear up. Holocaust smiles at the showing of emotion for him. "Sorry kiddo I have no say in this matter, I'll remember to tell your mother that you still love her. Bye Sorrian…Overkill, I love you both," Holocaust says then his large muscles relax then stiffen, his breathing stops, his eyes roll to the back of his head and his whole body goes limp. "N…no…NO!" Sorrian cries and hugs onto his father's dead body. Overkill cries also, his tough, mean exterior melts away and he bawls for his father. Overkill falls onto his knees and buries his face into his hands. His tears are caught in his gloves and make small puddles.

"Truly touching," Granal says laughing. The other three fighters suddenly appear behind Granal and stand smiling heavily. "Bastard!" Overkill yells loudly looking up from Holocaust's corps. "Well don't worry you will soon join your father in the spiritual world," Granal says smiling. Gokou, Vegeta, and Goten suddenly appear next to Overkill and stand staring down the other four fighters. Bra, Pan, Ubuu, and Trunks' land next to the others and see Holocaust. "Oh my god, Overkill I'm so sorry," Bra says and kneels down next to Sorrian. Bra puts her arm around Sorrian and hugs him tightly. Sorrian's tears wet her shirt and she pats his head. "Let's get these guys," Goten says clinching his fists. Gokou and Vegeta also get into a fighting stance and get ready to battle. Overkill stands up and stands in between the other fighters. "That Son-of-a-b*tch is mine!" Overkill yells loudly then powers up. His yells echoes loudly and his hair turns blonde and long as he powers up right to Super Sayajin three form. His eyes turn bright green with rage and his hairless eyebrows come together in a menacing glare.

Granal is violently tackled as Overkill rams into his stomach and takes him down to the ground. Overkill sits on top of him and jams his fist violently into Granal's face. Gokou kicks one of the other fighters and battles with him. Vegeta elbows another fighter and Goten and Trunks' double-team another. Overkill knees Granal's gut and punches him in the face. Granal comes back and spins kicking Overkill in the face. Overkill falls to the ground and spins on the ground tripping Granal. Granal flies into the air in order to escape Overkill. Overkill flies right behind him and they brawl in the middle of the air. Their fists collide with each other's chin. They are so enraged with each other that neither bothers to try and block each other's blows they just pummel each other brutally. Overkill knees Granal in the gut then smacks him down to the ground. Granal lies on the ground and then looks up and sees Overkill. Overkill lands on Granal's stomach and Granal coughs up blood. Overkill's hand covers Granal's face and he slams Granal's head into the ground. Overkill throws Granal into the air by his head and rockets up after him. Granal spins in the air and fires a spray of energy blasts at Overkill. Overkill dodges the blasts and buries his knee into Granal's gut. Granal falls off of it and catches himself up before he hits the ground. "Die!" Granal yells loudly as he fires a massive energy blast at Overkill. "This is for my father!" Overkill yells back then pulls out his Katana. Overkill flies at Granal and slices through the energy blast. Overkill swoops down quickly and pulls his blade back and then swings. "No!" Granal yells loudly then is silenced as the Katana slices off his green head. Overkill lands on the ground and wipes the blue color blood off of his blade. Granal's body, and soon after his head, plop onto the ground shortly. The three other fighters hit the ground soon after, dead. Gokou, Vegeta, Trunks', and Goten land and look to Overkill.

Overkill looks over to Sorrian who had his arms clinched to his father's body. Overkill sighs loudly and walks over to Sorrian. He kneels down and puts his arm around his little brother's shoulders. He hugs Sorrian tightly and pries him off of Holocaust. Sorrian cries loudly reaching for Holocaust. Overkill caries him in his arms and walks away from the body. Sorrian calms down and wraps his arms around Overkill's neck and cries. "It's okay kid, go ahead and cry," Overkill says carrying Sorrian. Overkill floats into the air and heads for the ship. The rest of the dragonball gang follows and everyone is quiet.

Gokou engages the Capsule Corp ship and they all head back for home. Goten and Trunks' play cards, while Vegeta and Gokou discuss business (if you can call when their next sparring match was going to be business). Bra and Pan talk while they look outside a window into the blackness of space. Sorrian sleeps silently and his breathing is light. Sorrian sleeps in Overkill's arms and Overkill stays awake, he just stays silent and watches Sorrian's face. Overkill slides the palm of his hand on Sorrian's cheek and Overkill smiles feeling the warmth emitting from Sorrian's face. Overkill hears some giggles and looks up to see Pan and Bra smiling and giggling at him. "What are you looking at?" Overkill says sneering. Bra and Pan turn around laughing. Sorrian starts to wake up and he whimpers slightly. "Shh…go back to sleep Sorrian, everything is okay, I'm here," Overkill says. Sorrian feeling the warmth of Overkill's body goes back to sleep and dreams. Overkill smiles again and rocks Sorrian in his arms. "Overkill has really matured hasn't he?" Gokou says smiling. "Uh huh," Vegeta says. "His little brother is very powerful too," Gokou continues smiling. "Uh huh," Vegeta says looking at Overkill and Sorrian. "Real powerful, he should easily learn Super Sayajin," Gokou says smiling. "Uh huh," Vegeta says. "You know you're a really great conversationalist," Gokou says chuckling a bit. "Yep," Vegeta says. Overkill smiles down at Sorrian's innocent face and the ship flies away and disappears into the distance.