CHAPTER 5:  "Telling Them"


Marron woke up the next morning feeling groggy. It was a Monday morning and it felt like one.

There was this irritating ringing in her room and she couldn't figure out what was making it. She sat up. It was her cell phone!

"Who could it be this early in the morning?" She looked at the time on the screen. "11:17!" she picked it up and pressed talk. "Hello?"

"Yes we would just like to congratulate you on winning...."

She got ready to hang up but there was something in the background that caught her attention. It was a computer gamed sound effects. She knew only one person who played that game.


"What took you so long to answer?" he bugged her.

"I was asleep."

"No. Honestly. You can tell me."


"At 12:18!"

"Yes. But it is only 11 here."

"Ok. Who were you with last night?"

"This handsome guy that I met. He has black hair, he's really muscular, and has the softest brown eyes in the world."

"Goku was with you last night!!!!!!!"

"No. Luke. Oh, can you hold on? I have to ask my mom something."

"Sure, babe." She heard him typing the keys on his keyboard to play his game.

Marron put the phone down and ran to talk to her mom.

"Mom, can I tell Trunks about the party?"

"Sure. Just tell him to tell his mom and ChiChi."

"Mom, if Bulma finds out, everyone finds out."

She dashed back up to her room and grabbed the phone. "OK. This weekend we're going to be throwing a huge party over here. It is an over night sort of thing. From Friday to Saturday and if your parents let you and Bra and Goten, you guys can stay till Sunday evening."


She heard that he was now out of his office and walking someplace. "Where are you going?"

"To tell mom."

She heard him walk right into his mom's office and her greet him warmly. She said back and listened as he told his mom the entire plot.

"Oh tell her that there is a place for Vegeta. There is a forest behind the house for him to sit back and relax and do what ever."

"There is even a place for dad. All by himself out and in the woods."

Bulma laughed. "Tell her to tell Juuhachi that we will be there along with Chichi and her family. And that you and your sister can stay and that you'll tell her later if Goten can."

"Did you hear that?" Trunks asked Marron.


He told his mom that she would be back in a couple of minutes and he left to go back to his office.

"You don't mind if all of us go down and hang out in the little mall. I mean Cori will come with us but that won't be till a couple of days after you come so you can get used to me again and the scenery."

"That's fine with me. Anything new? Hey how did that robot work?"

"It works like a dream. We got 4 horses. You should see them. They are gorgeous. I have even found one that reminds me of you. His name is Shadow Walker. We'll have great fun."

"Well I got to go to a meeting. I am sending you a package today. It should get there sometime tonight. I love you and I can't wait for Friday."

"I love you too and neither can I. Talk to ya later. Bye."


Marron put down her phone and picked up her hair brush. She walked down to the kitchen.

"Come on. Get dressed we need to go to the store." Juuhachi said.

"Give me a few moments." she ran back up stairs and quickly changed shorts. She didn't care if her shirt matched her shorts and she grabbed a hair band and ran back down. She threw her hair back and she and her mom ran out to go shopping.