CHAPTER NINE: "Something Just for Her"


 The next morning, everyone and their parents were still there. Marron was the last one to wake up at her house this time. She slowly walked down the stairs and stumbled toward the kitchen counter. All she wanted was a glass of water and an aspirin so she could get rid of her pounding headache. She tripped on the rug that sat in front of the kitchen sink. Trunks' arms caught her and up righted her.

"What's wrong?" he asked her.

"I just have a really bad headache."

Trunks held her and looked into her eyes. She almost melted when she looked into his eyes. He got her the pill and a glass of water. She took it and he carried her to the couch. There he stayed with her until she told him to go take care of the animals.

"It's alright. The house is full of people. Nothing could happen."

He didn't want to leave her side but her also didn't want to upset her. Marron fell asleep leaving everyone else on the real domain.

When she woke up her head ache was gone but so was everyone else. She got up and looked around. She heard some voices outside and saw everyone. They were calling out names. She couldn't figure out what they were till she opened the window. They were calling out to the horses. She ran down stairs.

"Marron! You shouldn't be out here. Your head ache will get even worse." Bra said.

"It's gone. Don't worry. So why are you guys screaming the horses names?"

"Well...uh... they got out."

"You didn';t form a real relationship with them. Gather everyone together and them I can get all of them."

"Really! How?"

"Just do it."

Bra ran and gathered everyone together and they all met at the barn.

"So how are you going to do this?" Bulma asked.

"It comes from forming a real relationship with your animals." Marron stood up and called out all of the names. Within 3 minutes all of the horses were all standing there waiting to be put into their stalls. Marron led the all into their stalls and locked them in. Everyone was amazed at what just happened but Marron brushed it off and was walking to the house when Vegeta grabbed her arm and pulled her back.


"Bulma made me. She wants to talk to you." he barked.


"Well, your parents and I have discussed this and we believe that you need your own place and we, Trunks, Bra, and I, have found you someplace. It is an apartment right down the street from Capsule Corporations and if you have any problems you'll come see either me or Trunks or some one. We can put a stop to it. The only catch is you have to come back down here every other weekend."

"That I can do, but you mean I have to repack?"

"I can help you with that and I'll even come down he with you sometimes."

"Let us go get started then."She and Trunks ran back upstairs and started to pack. She loaded everything into the back of her car and Bulma handed her the keys to her new apartment and she said good-bye to her parents. Trunks personally escorted her there and helped her unpack her items. And they went out to celebrate her moving back.

*The EnD*

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