At First Glance
by Animako-chan 

They all sat nervously inside of the waiting room. Everyone was there, Chichi, Gohan, Chibi~Goten, Bulma, Chibi~Trunks, Yamcha, Puar, Muten Roshi, Tien, and Choatzu. Even Bejita and Piccolo who both stood gruffly against the tiled wall. Yamcha, Puar, Tien, Muten Roshi, and Gohan, all stood in a group, in the far right of the room. Chi~chi and Bulma were chatting, while Kuririn paced nervously around the room.  Chibi~Trunks and Chibi~Goten were
busy doing there own thing.

" Trunks are't you cited? Me can'ts wait to see dat baby." The six-year-old child told his best friend.

Trunks just huffed. " I don't want to see the little brat." The lavender-haired boy pouted and crossed his arms, looking much like his father. Though that wasn't true because he was really very excited to see the baby.

Chibi~Goten just shrugged and smiled. He then went back to playing with the toy airplane. Trunks was angry. He didn't like the fact that no one was paying any attention to him. ' Stupid baby.' He though.  He looked up the clock with his round dark blue eyes. They had been in the waiting room for six hours already. Trunks growled under his breath. He got up and went over to his mother.

"Kaa~san!!! When are we going to leave!?!" Trunks wined.

"Not for a while hunny." Bulma said, not paying any attention what so ever to what Trunks was fuming about.

The demi~saiya-jin was furious. "KAA~SAN!!!! I'M HUNGRY!!!!"

"Ya, that's nice." The aqua-haired woman replied, as Chi~chi talked on about how much she couldn't wait to see Juuhachigou's baby.

"KKKKKKKAAAAAAAA~SAAANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled, crunching his small hands into fists.

Bulma turned and looked at her son. "Trunks, do you mind? Momma's busy right now. Go bother your father or play with Goten." She said shooing the 7-year-old away.

Trunks stomped off. 'It's not fair, all this just because of that brat!' His mind roared.


A nurse then burst threw the doors of the waiting room, breathing heavily. She looked around the room at everyone, who was eyeing the woman oddly. "Excuse me minna-san, but is there a man called Kuririn in hear? Or am I in the wrong waiting room again?" She asked politely.

Kuririn's eyes bulged out of his head. The very short man ran over to the orange~haired nurse. "Is everything okay !?! IS JUUCHIGOU~CHAN OKAY? WHAT ABOUT MY LITTLE GIRL!!? IS SHE OKAY?!!? DID EVERYTHING GO OKAY?! TELL ME!!!
TELL ME!! I CAN HANDLE IT!!!!" He screamed with a crazed look on his face. The nurse backed away from him and sweatdropped.

"Please calm down, sir. Everything is okay. Juuhachigou is still in labor and has requested to see you… could we please hurry though… She has already tried to stab one of the doctors with a pair of surgical scissors for not going to get you a little earlier.." She told Kuririn.

Trunks snorted. He watched Kuririn and the orange~haired woman leave the room quickly. Everyone (except Piccolo and Bejita) went back to there chatting. Trunks then got the idea in his head to follow them. The lavender haired boy wanted to see for himself what all the fuss about this child was about. He crept silently over to the exit. Trunks was almost there when someone grabbed his arm. He almost jumped out of his boots. The person spoke up.

"Trunksss… weres you bez go?" Chibi~Goten asked him.

Trunks smacked the side of his head. 'Great.' He thought. 'There goes my perfect escape..' An idea then quickly popped into his head.

"I'm going to the bathroom." He said smoothly. The Goku look alike nodded and let go of Trunks arm. The little demi~saiya-jin said nothing and ran back over to were the toys were.

Trunks let out a big sight of relief, then snuck out the door. The young seven-year-old looked around for any trace of were Kuririn and the orange-haired nurse went. The lavender-haired boy walked casually up and down the halls of the hospital. Trunks walked into the elevator and pressed a few of the buttons. The elevator started moving upward. He leaned against the wall of the elevator and crossed his arms. An older woman who was wearing a nurse's uniform, who was also occupying  the elevator looked down at the young boy. "Young man, are you lost?" She asked kindly.

Trunks said gruffly. "Lie, I'm fine."

The 56-year-old woman smiled. "Are you sure? You look a little young to be walking around this big hospital without a parent."

Trunks face faltered. She was right. He was lost. "Hai, I am lost."

The woman's smile got wider. "Where are you looking to go? I'm on my break right now and I could possibly help you find your way around to were your going." She replied.

Trunks eyed the gray-haired woman suspiciously. 'Kaa-san always said never go any were with a stranger, let alone talk to one…. But she seems harmless enough.. and only wants to help.' He though it threw. "Okay."

"Good, I'm Amelia. Nice to meet you kiddo."

Trunks smiled. "I'm Trunks."

"Now, where are you off to?" Amelia asked.

"Well……. I was following my kaa-san's friend, Kuririn~san and some orange-haired lady..  I think they were going to go see Kuririn~san's wife, Juuhachigou~san. She's having a baby." He replied.

A frown came across Amelia's wrinkled face. "Juuhachigou.. ne? What does this Juuhachigou look like?" The green color eyed woman asked.

"She has straight blond hair that comes down to her shoulders, blue eyes, she's really pretty.. though she doesn't smile much and seems like she's mad all the time.." The demi~saiya-jin told Amelia.

"OH!" She let out a small giggle. "I was just helping out in there. She's a real handfull." Amelia said remembering all the cussing and screaming.


"Hai, I'll take you there right now." Amelia extended her hand out to Trunks, who hesitantly accepted it. The elderly human woman pressed the button with the number thirteen on it. The elevator stopped and started moving down slowly.


A few minutes later a faint dinging noise was heard and the elevator doors opened. The duo stepped out and walked down the long hall, passing many rooms.

"So how come you're not with your parents right now?" Amelia asked.

Trunks let out a small sigh. "Kaa~sans to busy talking to Chi~chi-san about Juuhachigou-san's baby and Tou~sans doesn't give a rats ass about me." He said without any expression on his face.

Amelia was shocked at his foul language. "Now young man, at your tender age you should not be using language like that and I bet your father loves you dearly."

Trunks shook his head. "Gomen Nasai, but tou~san acts like I'm a mistake."

Amelia smiled. "Well he must have a lot of pride, but I'm sure he loves you. All fathers care for there sons."

Trunks was about to reply when he was cut off by a loud scream that erupted from the room at the end of the hallway.

"DAMN IT, YOU LITTLE F****N BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU  IF YOU EVER DO THIS TO ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The loud, yet familiar female voice screamed.

Both Trunks and Amelia stopped and looked at each other. Amelia frowned. "This much cussing………….  that must be the one you call Juuhachigou."

Trunks nodded his head. "Sounds like her to me."


They both walked up to the now closed door. The duo stopped right in front of it. Amelia  looked down at the young saiya~jin. "Are you sure you're alright from here?" She asked. "I could accompany you, if you'd like."

Trunks shook his head. "No, Thanks though. You should take your brake now, I've taken a lot of you time to drink your coffee."

Amelia smiled. "Your such a thoughtful you man.. You'll make some girl a wonderful husband.."

The demi~saiya-jin made a face at her. "Never! I don't like girls. They got cooties!!!" He replied hastily. "They're icky and wimpy. Girls are even scared of bugs. A bunch of chickens!"

Amelia had a good laugh after what the lavender haired boy finished his sentence. "Sweety, I be you won't be saying that when your older."

Trunks face formed into a frown and he sneered in disgust. " I don't think so. I don't never ever want to get married."

The elderly lady smiled softly. "Oh you will someday."

"Lie. Never."

"Oh come on. Don't tell me a handsome young man like you doesn't have a girlfriend."

Trunks blushed. "I'm not handsome and I anit got a girlfriend." He crossed his arms and tried to look really mean, though all it did was made him look really silly.

Amelia gave up. "Alright then, Well I must be going now.. I have a mocha chino with my name on it down in the cafeteria." She said smiling and messed up his hair, in a halfhearted attempt to give him a noogie. Trunks made a
crooked smile, then blew his bangs out of his face.

"Sayonara, Amelia~san!" he started to wave.

Amelia turned around and began walking back down the way they came. The grey haired woman turned her head around and looked back. "Ja ne, Trunks. It was a pleasure meeting you." She said.

Trunks smiled. "Nice meeting you too!!"

Trunks began waving again and watched as Amelia disappeared down the hall. Trunks then turned his attention to the room, were Juuhachigou had been screaming, cussing and making death threats, which has now become silent. He crept silently to the door, and peaked threw the crack. A loud blast of cusses almost blew Trunks over. The demi saiya~jin sweatdropped. He looked over at the scene, Juuhachigou was screaming really loudly while holding Kuririn's hand in a death grip. She also was holding the hand of another man, Trunks had never seen before. The man wasn't that tall but yet not short, he had long jet-black hair, which reached his shoulders. He had on a black long sleeve shirt,  with large blue jeans that had a tear in them. He also had a blueberry~colored bandanna tied loosely on his neck. The man had piercing light blue eyes and a large resemblance to Juuhachigou.

The black haired jenzouningen kept whispering words of encouragement to his sister, who was in labor.

"KAMI~SAMA, JUST GET IT OUT OF ME!!!!! F****N HELL!!" She screamed.

Kuririn's eyes practically bulged out of his head as a loud snap echoed threw out the room. Juuhachigou had just broke his hand. Trunks watched tentatively at the whole thing.

Doctors and nurses got ready. "Okay, Mrs. Juuhachigou. We can see the head. We just need you to push harder." The doctor said neverously.

"FOR F**K SAKES!!! I CAN'T PUSH ANY DAMN HARDER!!! F****N GET IT OUT!!!!!!" The blond shrieked as she clenched her brother and husbands hands. Kuririn had a pained look on his face, but made no move to leave his wife in her state.

Trunks moved away from the crack and leaned up against the wall. He slid down the side of the wall and sat on the tiled floor. "Woah, that was insane….  I never seen Juuhachigou act so crazy…"

Another loud scream and the sound of a baby crying then interrupted him. Trunks purked up.


He waited about ten minutes till things quieted down, then went back into the room and saw a tiny form clutching the more peaceful looking Juuhachigou. Kuririn was no were to be found though, the other man was there. The black haired man looked at Trunks with his piercing gaze. The man turned to Juuhachigou.

"Nee~chan.. We got company." He said tilting his head in the direction of were Trunks was.

Trunks looked down shyly. He had never felt so small in his life. Juuhachigou smiled weakly. "It's Chibi~Trunks. Come here brat. Don't be afraid of my Nii~chan."

Trunks walked over to Juuhachigou. He floated up to see the baby. She was sleeping quietly and hugging her mother. She had a lot of blond hair on her head. Trunks felt himself smile lightly. Whatever jealous angry he felt towards the child was now gone. As he looked upon the small baby, Trunks some how he felt some kind of bond with the girl.

'I wonder if Juuhachigou~san would let me hold her? I wonder what her name is…?' Trunks though as he looked upon the baby.

"Her name is Marron. Would you like to hold her..?" Juuhachigou said, as if she had just read Trunks mind. Which is exactly what she had did.

Trunks was stunned. 'How did she know?' he wondered.  "…can I? Really..?" Trunks asked.

"Of course. Come here."

Trunks floated over to Juuhachigou and landed softly on an unoccupied space on Juuhachigou bed. Marron then opened her eyes and started to cry.

"Hold her carefully…" Juunanagou warned.

Trunks picked her up gently and held her in his arms. She immediately stopped crying and cooed. Trunks felt a large smile come across his face. Marron giggled at him and moved her arms around. Juunanagou noticed the way
Trunks was looking at her. He could feel a strange bond between the two and knelt down beside Trunks.

"Listen brat, You watch over her or I'll kick your ass." Juunanagou whispered to Trunks.

"Hai. I will."  He said, nodding his head.

Juunanagou bent down and kissed Marron's forehead. She cooed lovingly and squeaked. The jet-black haired man took of his favorite blue bandanna and draped it on her. He smiled lightly and stood up. Juunanagou looked at his sister, then walked out the door and disappeared into the hospital crowd… not looking back nor saying goodbye.

"Hey Marron.. You so kawaii.. I bet you'll grow up to be really pretty…" He said softly.

Marron giggled and made noises. Trunks then heard a knock on the door and turned around quickly, to see who it was.

"Chibi~Trunks! There you are!" Bulma said as she ran over to Trunks and Marron. Bulma looked down at the blond child in Trunks arms.

"Awwww…. What a sweet heart.. Your so kawaii!" Bulma said as she tickled Marron's little stomach. Marron made a face and laughed quietly. "And what's your name, sweety pie?"

"Marron." Juuhachigou replied from up in her hospital bed.

Bulma's eyes flashed red for a sec then she decided not to ask why Juuhachigou's daughter was named after that ditz, Maron. Chi~chi, Gohan who was carrying Chibi~Goten, Yamcha, Piccolo, Tien and Choatzu came into the room. Gohan put down Goten, who ran over to Trunks.

"Trunkssss… Hey.. .." Goten looked down at the little bundle of joy, which he held in his arms. "Baby? .. Lookie.. baby.." He reached down and touched her cheek. "Soft…... Pretty.. Baby."

Chi~chi and Bulma had tears in there eyes. "Aww…" They both cooed. Gohan smiled. Yamcha, Tien and Choatzu left a small gift, then went off to find Kuririn and congratulate him. Piccolo watched the scene with a bit of curiosity. Trunks walked over to Piccolo and looked up at him.

"Mr. Piccolo.. want hold the baby?" He asked.

"Iie." Piccolo said gruffly.

"I think you do." The lavender haired boy said handing the baby girl to the namekian. Piccolo looked stunned. He had know idea what to do. He bent down and looked at the bundle in his arms. Marron looked up at him with her
light blue eyes. She started to giggle. Piccolo looked mad.

"What are you laughing at kid?" He said in a not so gruff voice.

Marron continued laughing at him and waved her arms. He looked down at the girl. Piccolo looked her over.

"What so funny?"

Marron reached up and grabbed one of his anntenties. Piccolo's eyes went wide.

"ARGH! GET HER OFF ME!!" He bellowed.

Everyone laughed at the distrat namekian man. Trunks quickly took Marron back. "Hehehe.. I think Marron likes you!" He said, stifling a laugh.

They all started laughing again, Piccolo blushed a light purple and quickly left the room.  Trunks smiled and rocked the little baby in his arms. Bulma smiled at the sight of her son being so attached to the babe.

"Looks like you've got a girlfriend!" she said giggling.

Her son then made a face and promptly said. "NAH UH! Never!" He gave quickly Marron to Bulma and scampered off. Goten then went up to Bulma. " Baby?" He said, tugging on her pant leg.

Bulma knelt down and showed Marron to Goten. "Hai Chibi~Goten! Baby.." She told him.

Marron pointed at Goten. Goten looked at little Marron. "Aww.. mine tune to see baby….. Baby.. kawaii.."

Goten giggled and Marron giggled also. "Me's tink Marryon wike ME! BuT She wike Trunks Beatter!"

Trunks huffed and rolled his eyes, But inside he was beaming with pride. "Nooo.."

Goten laughed at Trunks, knowingly.

Bulma then looked up at Juuhachigou. "You have a very popular child here! Seems my son already has a thing for her."

Juuhachigou chuckled loudly.

"I do not have a thing for the brat!" Trunks wined.

No one had seemed to here him because they were all to busy laughing at him. Trunks started to pout. "I do NOT!" He said raising his voice.

Marron suddenly started to cry. Bulma looked down at her. "I think someone's hungry. We should leave now. Come on Trunks."

Bulma walked over to Juuhachigou and handed her Marron gently. Marron stopped crying as soon as she was in her mothers loving arms. They could all see how much Juuhachigou loved her child. Chi~chi, Gohan and Goten said there congratulations and good-byes then left. Bulma grabbed Trunks hand. "You're not getting away this time." She then looked over at Juuhachigou. "Heh, I have to go find that damned Bejita now.. Speaking of which.. wears Kuririn? I didn't see him…"

Juuhachigou chuckled. "Oh, I broke his hand."

Bulma paled. "OH… heh.. Labor that bad?"

The blond jenzouningen nodded.

"Well, We'll leave you to your feeding." Bulma said giggling. She walked out the door dragging her reluctant son. Trunks turned around and got one last glance at the small blond baby. He smiled, knowing that they, along with Goten would be the best friends in the world. Little did he know, that him and Marron wouldn't just be best friends…..

Haruko: Kawaii~!! *hugs akachan-Marron* ^.^ 

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