CHAPTER 2 (Who's Next?)

        Goten is walking down a road, he couldn't get over the fact that Marron, one of his friends he has known since . . . well forever.  He walked with his hands in his pockets.  A deep male voice says, "Goten." Goten turned around slowly and said in a whisper and slowly, "What?"
        When he turned and saw the person his eyes widened.  Then the man (who we can't see how he looks) punches Goten.  Goten falls back and his cell phone falls out of his pocket and begins to ring.
Trunks and Bra are still driving in the car and Bra was on the phone.
"He's not answering," Bra yelled.
"Keep trying," Trunks told her as he kept driving.
"His phone is off, now."  Bra said.
Trunks just stopped the car and they both got out.  As they walked to the house Marron's voice was heard again,
"Trunks," It was a whisper.
Trunks AND Bra turned around facing the car.
"Marron?"  Bra said.
"You can hear her?"  Trunks asked Bra.
"Unless your voice sounds like hers and you are saying your own name!" Bra said sarcastically. Trunks and Bra walked closer to Marron's voice and they found her reflection on the car.
"Marron?" Trunks and Bra said at the same time.
"Goten - - trouble." Marron said.
"What about him?" Bra asked her.
"Help -." Marron said as she began to fade away.
"MARRON!" Trunks said.
Bra grabbed onto Trunks' shirt's collar and pulled it,
"Ya I heard that."  Trunks said.
"We have to find him."  Bra said dragging him into the car.
"Bra . . .ah ow!"

A ki blast shot through Goten's chest and he fell into thorns.  He screamed as the sharp edges poked through his skin.

Trunks and Bra are driving down a road.

"TRUNKS STOP THE CAR!" Bra screamed.
        Trunks stopped and they both got out.  Bra ran over to a thing in the road and picked it up showing it to Trunks. "Its Goten's cell phone and its broken."  Bra said standing up. "Where is he."  Trunks asked.
        Bra started yelling for Goten and looking up.  Trunks began wondering around, looking for him.
"Bra don't come over here!"  Trunks said.
"What, why," Bra asked walking over.  She looked at where Trunks was looking and gasped and widened her eyes at the sight of a dead Goten.
"Goten,"  Bra whispered, crying.
Trunks flew over to Goten and took his pulse.
"He's dead." Trunks said.
"Well look at him he's . . . hurt."  Bra said.
"He can't be hurt if he's dead."  Trunks said coming over.
"SHUT UP! Thats mean!"  Bra hit him.
"Well Ow!"  Trunks said.
"You're so mean,  I didn't tease Marron when she fell off the cliff you freak purple haired moron."
"Whatever." Trunks said rolling his eyes.
Bra flew over to Goten.
"Goten! GOTEN! WAKE UP!!!"  Bra yelled at him.
"Bra!"  Trunks yelled at her.
Bra started picking out the thorns out of his skin.
"I'll help you get better,"  Bra said.
"Bra, snap out of it."
"Shhhhh! Goten needs his rest."
"Uh?  Bra please you're mental."
"Help me get him out of these thorns."
Trunks flew over to Bra and grabbed her off him.
"No let me go!"  she began kicking and screaming.
"Bra settle down."
"Let me GO!"  she poked him in the eyes.
"OW!" Trunks let go of her and began rubbing his eyes.
        Bra almost ran back to Goten but again Trunks got her.  He turned her to face him and slapped her.
"Ow!"  she rubbed her cheek.
"Sorry I had to stop you from doing something stupid."  he spun around in circles spinning his fingers at his head. He stopped quickly when they heard a voice not Marron's but Goten's.
"Bra. . . Trunks," Goten said.
"Ok we need to find the reflection of him, HURRY!"  Bra said.
Trunks pointed to a store window,
"Calm down its right there."
"Oh!"  Bra blushed in embarrassment.
  They walked over to the store window and looked at the reflection of Goten.
  Bra was in tears seeing him, now dead, away from her.  She loved him so much.  Trunks felt weird sure he's been away from his best friend before but neither of them were ever dead.
"He's after - , please - protect - - me."  Goten's voice wondered off.
        Soon his face switched into Marron's.
"Trunks, - - like -.  - aware." her voice stumbled.
"Marron, Goten, we can't understand what you are trying to say," Trunks said to them.
"Can you speak more clearly," Bra asked.
The faces faded away.
"They are gone . . . again," Bra said pouting.
"How are we suppose to know what to do?"  Trunks asked.
"Well we can start at the beginning,"  Bra began, "But what is the beginning?"
"Well lets just see what we know about this person who is killing all our friends."  Trunks suggested.
"Well, he's a 'he.'" Bra said.
"Ok good, now we have half of Earth's population left."  Trunks said half serious.
"We have NO other clues."  Bra said shrugging her shoulders.
"I feel like I'm in a game,"  Trunks said, "Just one huge, long GAME!"
"Trunks we have to keep a straight head."  Bra said.
"I know, I just can't take it if I lose one more . . . Bra, Goten tried to say who was next."
"So . . who IS next?"  she asked.
"I don't know but it one of us."  he looked at her, "And 'he' can be anywhere, watching us right now.  Waiting for the right time to strike."
        They began to look around.  Trunks backed up to his sister and grabbed her hand.
"We're stonger together than apart, and I won't let anything happen to you," he said feeling her shaking.
        He led her back to the car and they got in.  They began to drive away.
"They're gonna think we killed Goten, aren't they?"  Bra asked Trunks as they were driving.
"No, no why, how could they?"
"My fingerprints ARE on him."  Bra said shaking her head.
"I just don't know, we have so much to worry about . . . now."
"Trunks, what if I am next,"  Bra asked him.
"Your not, and nothing will happen to you with me here."
"What if you are next, and 'he' kills you.  I'll be all alone and helpless."
        Trunks and Bra were silent the rest of the way. They finally stopped at the house.
"Should we be staying in one place?"  Bra asked.
"I don't know, if we would be easier or harder to find if we stay still."
        They both walked in.  They walked into the livingroom and Trunks turned on the Tv.  Bra went into the kitchen and got a snack.

______(Half an hour later)______

        Bra left the kitchen and walked into the livingroom.  Trunks was asleep on the couch.  'How could he sleep?'  she asked herself but didn't want to bother him. 'I can't take it staying in this house all day.'
        She grabbed Trunks' car keys and went out into the car they were in almost all day.  She started it and took off.  She didn't know were she was going she just had to get out of that house. - - - She returned an hour later - - -
        She pulled in and looked at the house.  She didn't really want to go in, at least not yet.  She sat there real quick and looked at the steering wheel. There was a tap on the window.  She looked out and saw Trunks,  but there was something different, his clothes - no, his . . . hair, it was the same color as it was when he was a teenager. 'Did he dye his hair?' she asked herself.

        She opened the door.

"Hey, what happened to your hair?"  she asked him.
"I dyed it, why?"
"Strange this whole thing must be getting to you."
"Ya, scoot over, let me drive."
"Ok,"  Bra said moving to the passenger side.
He began driving off with Bra.  Bra just looked at him.  Something else was different, not the hair but something else.  She couldn't figure out what.
As they drove he just looked at the road.
"So where are we going?"  she asked.
He didn't answer.
        He looked over at her and smiled evilly.  She gasped in surprise when she realized what was different, his eyes.  Those beautiful blue eyes that could hypnotize any girl (besides family) into loving him was gone.  Now he had harsh cold eyes that seemed almost white, even his pupil.


Meanwhile, a purple hair Trunks wakes up on the couch . . . he stretches and stands up.
"Bra?" he asked aloud.  He began searching for her.
"Trunks . . . " two familiar voices said.
He began looking for them, when he found them they were on a mirror in the livingroom.
"Trunks, he - - and - kill her."  Marron said.
"Help - quickly."  Goten said.
"Who is he gonna kill?"  Trunks asked.
As they began to fade they both said,
"Bra. . ."  and were gone.
"Bra!"  Trunks screamed.
He looked around more for her and went outside.
"Where is she?"  he asked himself.
He suddenly stopped and saw that the car was gone.
"Bra!" he said and grabbed a different car and took off.


"Your not Trunks!"  Bra screamed at the Trunks in the car.
"Bingo,"  he said in a calm low voice.  He grabbed her by the hair and opened his door.        She screamed as he dragged her to the driver side and he got out shutting the door. She slammed on the brakes as she was flying down a hill.  The 'look alike' Trunks appeared on the windshield flashing the keys at her.  She gasped then realized she would turn the steering wheel. She held it but suddenly it broke off wrapping around her.  'Look alike' Trunks waved 'Bye bye' as he jumped off the car.
        Bra looked up as he was gone and then looked infront of her, a cliff. She tried to untangle the metal around her but somehow that Trunks dude must be controlling it.  She saw in the passenger side seat, now, was some kind of appliance with a "W" on it. She tried to get out as the car began to fall.  When she looked down the cliff as she was falling she saw water. "Damnit!"  she said furious.  She gasped when she realized that in the passenger seat was a bomb triggered by "W"ater. She screamed when she was falling fast and couldn't get out.


Trunks was driving and suddenly heard a loud noise, along with seeing smoke. "Oh, no, please don't let that be . . ."  he said to himself turning the car in that direction.


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