CHAPTER 4 (His Secret)


        Trunks stood there for a second and before he knew it this strange kid was on him.  Beating him.  For some strange reason Trunks wouldn't fight back. He had seen to much death from his friends and the dream just spooked him out.  He was losing, on the ground, being beatin.
"Why won't you fight back?"  the man asked.
"Well, I guess . . . I wonna die . . . to see my friends."  Trunks replyed slowly and sadly.  Almost like he was bored and tired. The man pinned him down, though he was down he wouldn't and couldn't get up.
"Your friends?"  the man said angry, "Your friends,"  he repeated calmly and not angry, humorous.
"Yeah, my best friend, my sister, and my girl-friend."  Trunks said looking away.
"Well well, Do you wonna know my secret?"  the man said pushing Trunks on the ground harder.
"I don't care. Just kill me,"  Trunks said still looking away.
The man got closer to Trunks' ear and whispered,
"I killed them,  your friends."
Trunks' eyes narrowed.  He was confused but didn't want to believe this man.
"Your girlfriend, best friend and sister, what were their names. . . " the man smirked,
Trunks' eyes widened.
"Hmm, who else,  Oh . . . Goten?"
Trunks' eyes narrowed in anger because now he found him the man that killed his friends.
"And oh yes. . . Bra!"  he finished.
Trunks looked at him angry.
"Lovely girls, I didn't mind Goten, good warm-up though."
Trunks screamed kicking the man off him.
"Thats why Bra said 'Your not Trunks,' because she thought you were me." Trunks said. The man got to his feet and looked at Trunks, "What was it again . . . . BINGO!" he laughed evilly.
"I don't mind looking like you, its easy to kill people you know and who trust you." The man looked in the sky and back at Trunks, "Soon I'll kill you, your parents, your friends' parents, and every other low life human you know!"  The man yawned. "I'll kill you before you get a chance!"  Trunks screamed at him, flying towards him and they began to fight.
        They stayed close to the ground punching and kicking each other. The man sliced Trunks' arm with a small knife, with ivy wraped around it. Soon he was trying to stab Trunks, who was up against a tree, in the heart, as Trunks held his hands pushing him back. As the man got closer to stabbing Trunks he began to talk, "You'll be joining them soon, don't worry."  he said, "Oh by the way, tell Marron I had a nice time . . . kissing her, she has the softest lips I've ever, well kissed." Trunks looked at him using as much strength as he can now pushing him away.
"Don't worry, I'll have Bra too, after I change shape."
Trunks was getting madder and madder.
"Did you know they will have to re-live their deaths forever, yeah, I'm a genius."
Trunks closed his eyes tightly as he tried to push the man away.
"And you can't even take revenge for them."  the man laughed.
Trunks saw in his mind, Marron falling from the cliff then Goten falling into the thorns, and finally Bra screaming as the car fell into the water. It all passed through his mind quickly and he screamed pushing the knife the other way into the man's arm.  The man screamed and flew back.
He looked at Trunks.
He looked at him, Trunks was different, what was it?  The tears in his eyes, no.  Something else.  He couldn't see it, he couldn't tell. 'What is it, what happened to this boy?' he asked himself. His eyes widened and he gasped when he realized what it was.  What was it? Trunks he was super saiyan, not plain super saiyan.  He was Super Saiyan 2. Was this his first time changing?  Did the man bring it out?  Was it a big mistake? The man asked himself so many questions but quickly decided that Trunks was still weaker.
        Trunks started walking slowly towards the man.  He quickly went faster as he began to fly over.   Soon him and the man were fighting.  Who had the advantage was a question, they both looked even.
        It was, a few minutes later, found that Trunks was superior to the man. He was quickly over powering him, sending him to the ground.  On one knee and then the other.  Bending back.  Trunks flew back a little and charged a ki blast right at the man.
        Suddenly the man tossed it aside with one hand.
"I'm tired of your mind boy.  I am sick of being pulled back because of your body." The man seemed to rip out of his skin.  Trunks was there, standing, face to face, with this man who changed into what looked like a preying mantis but it was red . . . and bigger than Trunks.  No not double . . . about 15 times bigger.
        The monsters voice was different deep yet squeeky, "I am strong enough to beat you in my true Krone form." Trunks started fighting Krone.  Punching him, kicking him, blasting him. Each made an effect on him but not a big one.  Trunks didn't stop fighting. Krone started fighting back. Swatting at him, hitting him and missing him (thats one advantage of being small, you are easy to miss) each hit had a great effect on Trunks. How could this form have so much more power than when he looked like Trunks?
  Now he couldn't help his friends.  The revenge for them would never happen.
        Krone had Trunks on the cold ground, the sky seemed to get darker and he could have sworn he felt it start raining.
"Trunks!"  Trunks heard a whisper from almost all directions. He looked to the right, it was Marron.  To the left, it was Goten. Directly behind him, when he had to tilt his head back, there was Bra.
        They were standing there, like ghosts or spirits, you could see threw them. Yet, you could still see them well. Then the background faded and they came into shape but they were black and white, like a coloring book.  Krone was off him, at least in this vision but he was still pinned down. Marron walked over to him and helped him up.  Soon Goten and Bra were by him.
"Am I dead?"  Trunks asked them, "Or am I like you now?"
"No Trunks,"  Bra said.
"Your alive, we can just connect with you."  Goten said.
"And talk to you,"  Marron finished for Goten and Bra.
"Trunks you have to fight with all your might."  Bra declared to him.
"But you don't have to worry about us, whats done is done."  Goten looked at him as if he knew Trunks felt guilty about their deaths.
"Our deaths were painful, but don't blame yourself."  Marron told him hugging him.
"Marron . . I . . "  Trunks started.
He could see tears in Marron's eyes.
"I'm sorry,  this is all my fault."  Trunks said looking down.
"Trunks its not!"  Bra said, "Its that . . . "
"Krone dude!"  Goten finished.
"I want to be here, with all of you."  Trunks said.
"No you don't."  Bra said.
"It horrible,"  Goten told him.
"Go fight Krone with all your power, Fight For Us!"  Bra said to him. He nodded and began running off slowly.
"TRUNKS!"  As soon as he turned around Marron was hugging him, tightly.
"Trunks,"  tears were dropping from her eyes.
"Marron," Trunks began, "I . . . love you and always will, I regret not having time to marry you but I hope maybe one day we will be together . . . again." Marron looked up at Trunks, "I love you too, Trunks and I know we will be together some day."
They kissed, even though Marron was dead, or this was just a fake image of her, Trunks could still feel it, and it felt real. When they drifted apart Marron said,

"Trunks . . . Fight With Us."


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