Gohans Angels

         AT HQ.....
So is there any suspects?marron asked.Yes answered gohan.Vegeta a motorcycle racer and owner of Red star products.What would he want with trunks.Well thats what were here to find out.I need your help angels.Right all three of them said in unison.

    First mission......
Ok vegeta gets his weekly massage here sated pan.We need to get some personal info on him.We see vegeta on a massage table and pan walks in.Can we get this started already? as you wish.pan jumps on vegetas back(A.N OOOWWWW)and starts massageing his back with her feet.There are certain points that can stmilate pain pleasure or even pops his neck,render a man unconcious.Marron and bra walk in.We see all three of them digging in vegetas locker.Pan pulled out a pocket planner and marron made copies of his car key.We see vegeta waking up and bra massageing him.You know youre very good with your hands you could even be on my staff.Im sorry my hands arent going near your staff.Vegeta just laughed.Pan rolled her eyes.Back at HQ good work angels.Now The party on thursday can wait there a bigger mission.I need you to go down to the docks and race.Ok.Ok gohan.

          The race
Pan was walking around in her helmet that said angel on it.The race was about to start pan was on a silver bike with stars and moons on it.Marron was riding a bike that was blue with clouds and suns on it.Bra was riding a black bike with flames on it.Their engines were roaring.The annoucer person shot the gun.Pan was in first.Vegeta was not far behind.Marron and bra were way back there.Vegeta tried to push pan but it wasnt happining.They hit a jump and flew several feet in the air.When they dropped they made a sharp turn.Then fire can shooting from the walls and pans tires melted.She slid into vegeta and knocked his bike down.They almost slid off a bridge when EveeDaFox comes out of nowhere and saves pan."Thanks" said pan she looked over to see that vegeta was alright.Marron and Bra were not too far behind.That was cool I wanna do it again all three said in unison.

    At headquarters
Good work on the race angels.Now Its time for the party I want you to spy on this man.A picture pops up on the screen showing a creepy thin man.Good luck angels

  At the party.
After hours of convincing the angels finally got evee to dress up like a boy."Here take this"said marron handing evee a tooth thingy."It allows us to be in contact at all times."As evee walked in holding Pan and bra by the waists she said"so how am I gonna remeber my name?""just think of theing with the initials J.D. like jelly doughnut."said pan."Or jack daniels"said bra.Marron was serving drinks.J.D. met up with vegeta and they started babbleing.Meanwhile marron was flirting with the bartender.marron hi i need 4 martinis.Yea sure,you know I havent seen you around much are you new?" Yeah Im new like a virgin,I mean this is my first time uummmm waitressing. well my name is trunks,I have two tickets to soul train if you wanna go.."
Yeah its my dream to go there i love to dance!!!" Well then see ya around 7:00? yeah see ya there!!!!!! wow she finally got a guy!"said pan.Shut up pan said marron.Meanwhile JD and vegeta were having a sumo wrestleing match.Marron pan and bra spotted creepy thin man all at the same time.

AN:MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Im so evil Im leaving a cliff hanger.I added the motorcycle thingy cuz I thought the movie was boring.Not enough action!!!!It needed more oumph.Well Ill do the next chapt.soon!!!!*hugs*

*~Kawaii Chibi Usagi~*