Growing Up
by Marron 

"Trunks! Give me back my chalk! Right NOW!!!" 5 year old Marron screamed at the top of her lungs as she ran across her pretty picture of her mommy's garden.

Trunks passed the box of chalk to Goten who then ran around the outside of Marron's house and threw it into the bushes. Trunks and Goten gave each other high fives then walked proudly up to Marron.

"Whatcha gunna do about it now?" Trunks asked.

Marron, red faced and full of anger, walked up to the 2 friends. Making her hands into fists punched Trunks in the stomach.

Not expecting it to hurt, he didn't prepare nor did he block, but now he was doubled over and gasping for air. Marron turned to glare at Goten, who took off for dear life.

"Come back here Goten!" She said shaking her fist at him. "Don't you worry!! I'll get you back one of these days!!"

3 years later....

"Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!" Marron laughed, twirling around in circles. She, Goten, and three month-old Bra were sitting out in front of Capsule Corp. Goten was running around the 2 girls with the bubble wand in his hand, causing a storm of the soapy spheres.

Bra let out a small giggle then made her own bubbles her from her spit.

"Look Goten, she's playing bubbles with us!" Marron exclaimed.

Goten stopped and looked her, then laughed. "Yep." he quickly responded as he continued to run in his circles and flattening the grass beneath his feet

"Hey Goten , may I see the bubble juice?" Marron asked the small dust devil.

"Sure." He said, stopping only to give it to her. "Hey, why is the ground tilting?" Goten asked as he tried to keep his balance. Then with a ''thud'' he was on his butt.

"Watch this." Marron said as she started to blow a bubble. It got bigger in bigger than fell off the wand and drifted down toward Bra. Bra stuck out her tongue and the bubble popped on it. Bra's eyes got huge and she inhaled a large amount of air.

"Here we go!"Goten warned, covering his ears.

Marron looked at the little girl and laughed. Bra released all of the air in a small sigh then began to giggle and coo.

"Whatcha doing?" Trunks asked, running out of the house with a handful of cookies.

"Playing bubbles." Goten responded, stealing a cookie from his friend.


"Yup." Marron answered.

"Then where are the bubbles?"

"Well, your sister ate one of 'em."

"Marron, Goten, I hope you had fun today. Thank Trunks and Mrs. Bulma then we need to go." Chichi said, walking towards them.

After they thanked their hosts, they raced off to the car, fighting for shotgun.

5 years down the road.......

"I made it!!! I made it!!!" Marron exclaimed as she ran to meet her father at Goku's house. Krillin and Goku had been sparring as had Goten and Trunks when she ran up. Both matches stopped to hear what she was so excited about.

"What? What did you make?" Goku asked the blonde, who was jumping up and down excitedly.

"The cheerleading squad! Isn't that exciting?"

"Congratulations!" Krillin said as he hugged his daughter, as did Goku.

"Yeah, congratulations." Trunks and Goten said in unison, then broke down laughing at the incident.

When they finally got their breath back, they stood up and got in position to start again.

Trunks paused. "Hey Marron, how about you break out those pom-poms and cheer for me!"

Marron stood up and rustled her pom-poms a bit, warming up her arms.

"What are you talking about?! She'd cheer for me! She's better friends with me than you!" Goten

The 2 got in an all out fist fight. It eventually looked like they were sparring but had Marron given up on the 2 and started cheering for her dad.

5 chapters later in their lives.......

Marron was dropping Bra off at her house after they had just their entire day at the mall. Marron was helping her 'little sister' bring in all that she had bought that trip.

"Hey Marron, wait here while I go get what I forgot to bring to you earlier." Bra said

Marron looked around, knowing it would take Bra a while to find it, when she saw Trunks working hard on his schedule for the next month.

She walked over and looked at it from over his shoulder and noticed that one Saturday was free.

"Hey Trunks, do you have anything planned for May 17?" she asked making sure he hadn't forgotten to write anything in.

He flipped through his little schedule book. "Nope. Why?"

"Well, was.....uh..... wondering if you would like to go with me to my senior prom?" she finally spat out.

He took off his glasses and looked at her then picked up his pen and wrote in on May 17: Going to prom with Marron at Satan High. Get tux cleaned then smiled at her.

Quickly she hugged him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as his sister ran down the stairs.

Little did they know that she knew exactly where the bear she was going to give Marron was and that she had heard the whole thing.

8 summers later....

Marron walked into the Capsule Corp. Building. Beside her was her best friend and sister in law, Bra.

"I can't believe you 2 have been married 4 years now." Bra exclaimed.

"I know, me neither." Marron said as they passed through another set of sliding doors.

"Now lets see. How did it all start? You know, him knowing that you liked him and you knowing that he liked you."

"Oh, I don't know."

"Ahhh, I remember. When you asked him to Prom. Lets see how did that go. Oh yes. 'Well.... um....I

"Ok Bra, ok. So how are you and Goten doing?"

"Fine and yes it started when I went up and asked if I could have some of his popcorn at the movies and I said, 'Hey, mmmm, popcorn may I have some?'"

"Yeah, little did you know that it was gone. And think of it this way, you and Goten never would have known at that time that you both had feeling for one another had Trunks and I not been going out and me not have asked you to come along on our group adventure."

"I know. I know."

"How long have you 2 being going out?"

"1 and a half years Saturday." Bra said as she opened the door to her brothers office. Inside was both Trunks and Goten.

"Come here." Goten said, pulling Bra to the window of Trunks' office and then pointed to the light wall. Written on it was a question and Bra responded by speechlessly nodding. Marron looked at the wall and read what it said: Bra, will you marry me? Then she looked at her husband, kissed him, then smiled as Goten slipped the engagement ring on Bra's finger. Finally, everything was perfect. She couldn't believe how much everyone had changed as they as they all grew up.


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