"Phone's for you!"  18 called through the house to Marron.

         "Okay."  Marron called back.  It was exactly three years later; everyone was better.  Marron was back at her house.   Bra and Marron visited each other often, and Trunks and Marron got serious with their relationship, Goten and Bra were closer then ever.

         "Hello?"  She asked, picking up the phone in her room.

         "Hi!  This is Trunks."  Trunks said on the other line.

         "Hey!"  Marron said.  " What's up?"

         "Not much."  Trunks said, reaching into his pocket, and tapping the small black box that was there.   "Hey,
do you think you could meet me at the valley?"

         "Sure."  Marron said, shrugging.   "What time?"

         "Um, how about in an hour".  Trunks said, getting kind of nervous.

         "Okay, I'll see you there."  She said happily.

         "Okay, bye."  He said.

         "Bye."  Then she hung up the phone and started getting ready to meet Trunks.  She hummed a tune her father
taught her as she got out a light pink sweater and a light blue pair of jeans.  She slipped them on and went downstairs to get something to eat.  She was about to open the refrigerator, when she noticed some of the pictures posted on it.  She smiled at the memory of them all.  There was one with her and Bra at some park getting pushed on the swings by Trunks and Goten.  There was another of Trunks and Marron sparring.  Marron was kicking Trunks in the gut and he was leaning over, even though the kick didn't hurt.   She loved to look at the old pictures; they reminded her of how she had changed and how she had grown closer to everyone.  She finally reached in and grabbed some jelly to make a Pb and J sandwich.

         "Oh man oh man".  Trunks said going around the house, looking around for some stuff that he didn't need, he
was just so nervous!

         "Calm down!"  Bra said, getting in front of him.  She put her hands on his shoulders and forced him down on
to the couch.   "Why are you so nervous?"

         "No reason really."  He said with a shrug.

         "Come on, you can tell me!"  Bra said.  Trunks sighed and reached into his pocket and yanked out the box.
Bra gasped.

         "No way."  She said.

         "Yeah."  Trunks said.

         "Wow!"  Marron is going to be so happy!

         "I hope so.  I'm meeting her in an hour to ask."  Trunks said, looking at his watch.   "Scratch that, in
a half an hour.  God I hope she says yes."

         "She will."  Bra said, playing with her hair happily.  " Where are you meeting her?"

        " One of the first places we first went on a date."  Trunks said.   "To that valley."

         "Oh."  She said.  Trunks jammed the box back into his pocket and looked at his watch.

         "Arrgh!  Time is going so slow!"  He whined.

         "Don't worry, before you know it it'll be time to fly over there."  She said, and got up.   "Good luck."  And then she left the room.

         "Oh man."  Trunks said, looking at the ceiling.

         "Trunks"?  Marron asked, looking around.   "Are you here?"

         "Yeah, sorry I'm late."  Trunks said, landing beside her.

         "It's okay."  She said, turning to face him.   So, why'd you wanna meet here?"  She asked.

         "Um . . . " Trunks said, getting nervous again.   "Um, see I uh . . ."  He got down on one knee.

         "Trunks!"  Marron said, putting her hands to her face. "I . . . I . . ."

         "Will you marry me?"  He asked.

         "Of course!"  She said, looking down into his big, blue, hopeful eyes.

        "Of course I will!"

                  ~~~~ THE END~~~
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