"Bye mom!"  Marron yelled.   "Bye dad!"   Her parents had just walked into the plane, and it was just about to take off.

 "Well, let's get going."  Bulma said, walking to their car with Marron.

 "Thanks for having me."  She said, sitting down with her.

 "No problem."  Bulma said, starting her car.   "Your dad would do it for me."

 " Um . . . is Vegeta okay with this?"  She asked quietly.

 "Of course!"   Bulma said, and they took of to Capsule Corp.

Waiting.  Sitting in the darkness, waiting.  For the right moment to strike . . . to bring pain and torture to those who brought pain to him.

 "Mom!  Goten and Trunks found the wetted room and ruined all of the mechanicals!  I don't think there's anymore mechanicals capsules left!"  Bra said, running towards them when they stepped out of the car.

 "Great.  Where are they?"  Bulma asked.

 "They ran off after I caught them." Bra said, then her eyes shined like she had an idea.   "You know, we could always go to a restaurant . . .  "

 "I guess we'll have to. "  Bulma said.   "Bra, why don't you show Marron where she'll be staying?"

 "Sure.  C'mon."   Bra said, jerking her head towards the house, well, you can.t really call it a house; it's gigantic.

 "But what about my stuff?"  Marron asked.

 "Oh, don't worry about that, some robot'll take of it." Bra said, walking towards their house. "Um, okay."   Marron said, and they walked through the huge doors.

 "You'll be staying in the third guest room, you'd stay in the first one, but dad sort got mad, and well, blew up two guest rooms and part of the library."   Bra said, sighing.

 "Wow."  Marron said.   "He must've been pretty angry."

 "Yeah, Goten and Trunks were in the gravitational room, and accidentally broke three switches."  Bra said.

 "How could've they done that on accident?"  Marron asked.

 "Don't know, but I heard something about monkeys."   Bra said.   "All I know, is that dad's gonna have a fit when he finds out about the mechanicals capsules."

 "You're right.  I hope I'm not here."   Marron said, then smacked herself in the forehead.   "I didn't mean to say that.  Sorry. "

 "It's okay.  I agree with you.  He scares everyone when he's angry."   Bra said, opening a very large door.   "Here we are.  The third guestroom.  I think."

 "You think?"  Marron asked.

 "It's a pretty big house, ya know."  Bra said.

" I guess."   Marron said, walking in.  " Wow, this is a big room."

 "Yeah, I guess."   Bra said.  Neither of them said anything for a while.  Finally Bra asked,  "Do you wanna stay in here all day?"

 "No!"   Marron said.

 "Let's go outside, maybe we can find Trunks and Goten." Bra said, running towards the door. "Okay."   And they ran out the door.


 "My dad is going to kill us."  Trunks said miserably.

 "I know.  Maybe we can run away."  Goten said nervously.

 "Nah, he'd track us down, and then we'd be in even more trouble."  Trunks said. " I don.t see what the big deal is.  They were just some mechanicals."   Goten said.  They were on top of the capsule corp. building, thinking about how dead
they were.

 "It was just some mechanicals?!  Are you kidding?  My mom was saving that for guests, and we wetted them!  So now there's no mechanicals in the whole building!"

 "We could just . . . go to the store and buy some! " Goten said.

 "Yeah!  Then no one would even notice."  Trunks said.  "Except Bra probably already told on us.  She's such a little tattle-tail."

 "Well, if there's mechanicals, then there no one will believe her!"  Goten said.

 "Okay, let.s get going."  Trunks said.

 "Hey, is that Vegeta flying this way?"  Marron asked, pointing up. "Yeah, it is!"   Bra said. "Are you going to tell him about the mechanicals?"  Marron asked.

 "Nah.  I should probably let mom.  He won't get as mad then."  Bra said.

 "So, where do you think Trunks and Goten went?"   Marron asked.

 "I don.t know.  Last time they thought they could run away to the beach."   Bra said.

 "Really?"  Marron asked.   "They thought that they could live on the beach?"

 "I think so.  But dad tracked their chi and dragged them back by their ears."   Bra said, giggling at the memory.

 " Let's go there then. "  She said.  " It must be great to have a brother."

 "I guess it is . . . but it gets really annoying when all of your stuff gets torn apart in one of his battles.."   She said.

 "He did that?"   Marron asked, eyes wide.

 "Yeah.  Him and Goten got into this really big fight, it had something to do with cookies and mayonnaise I think, so anyway . . .

Trunks looked down.   "Hey, there's Bra and Marron. She's here already?"

 "I guess so."  Goten said.  " Well, we'd better hurry, they could look up at any second, and see?Trunks, Hey
Trunks what ya looking at?"

 "Uh?  Oh, nothing. "  Trunks said, blushing.

 "You were looking at Marron!  Ha ha!  You like Marron!" Goten teased.

 "No!  I do not!"   Trunks said, blushing even more.

 "Trunks and Marron sitting in a tree K-I-S-S--?"

 "Shut up!"   Trunks roared grabbing Goten's throat.  Then he realized what he did.   "Sorry.  I was just . . . sorry."

 "It's okay.  Goten said, then added,  They do say love makes you do stupid things!"   And he shot off, with Trunks not far behind. But it was only a few moments before Trunks grabbed Goten by his shoe, and pulled him back, then he turned
him around, and yanked so that Goten was about an inch away from Trunks. face.   "Don't.  Tell.  ANYONE!!!"  Trunks yelled in his face.

 "Yes sir."  Goten said.

 "You can't even tell Goku.  Got it?"   Trunks said.

 "Yeah.  Besides, my dad isn't even here, and he wouldn't care."  Goten said.

 "No, he wouldn't, but he'd probably tell Chi-chi, and she would think it was .so cute,. and tell mom, who'd probably go psycho, or think it was really cute too, either way, she'd tell dad, and? "

 "I get it."   Goten said.  "I won't tell anyone."

 "Good.  Now let's go get some mechanicals."   Trunks said.

 "Hey, Trunks?"


 "Is that Vegeta?"  He asked, almost screaming.

 "It is!"

But Vegeta flew by with out even a word. "Uh . . . hi dad."  Trunks mumbled.   He must not have heard yet. Then let's hurry.  Goten said, shooting off.

 "Hey, is that Trunks?"

 "Yeah, let's hurry!"  Bra said, running.

 "Um, Bra?"   Marron asked.
 "Why are we looking for them again?"   Marron asked. "So we can tell them how much trouble they'll be in." Bra giggled.

 " As long as you realized that."  Marron sighed, and they ran after them.

 "Why do they have to fly?"  Bra gasped, leaning against the wall of the store that Trunks and Goten had lead
them to. "Don't know.  Let's go in there.  We can by some pop." Marron said.

 "Yeah."  They walked inside, and into the dairy section, where they kept the sodas.   "Hey, there they are!"   Brawhispered. "I'm getting tired of doing this.  I'm just going to go over there and buy a soda."  She said.

 "Don't!  Bra said, but Marron was already walking over there.  " Wait for me!"

 "Uh oh, here comes Marron."   Goten said in a sing song voice.

 "Shut up."  Trunks mumbled.  Obviously, they thought Marron couldn't hear them, and a normal person wouldn't be able to, but Marron had better hearing then most, probably because her mom was an android, and her dad was the strongest human in the world.  Marron walked over to the soda section, and grabbed a Mountain Dew, pondering what they had said.  "Why had Goten acted like that?  Did he hate her of something?" Marron tried to shrug it off, and went to go pay for
her soda.
"$1.25."  The cashier said.  Marron gulped, around her house, the pops were around 50 cents.   "Um . . ."  She started digging around in her pockets.

 "Here."  Someone said, putting two bucks on the cash register.  Marron looked up and met Trunks bright blue
eyes. She couldn't say anything.  His eyes captivated her.  Say something you Baka!  Marron thought.   "Um . . .Thanks."   Marron said.  Yeah.  Real classic.  You sounded like a Baka!   "The pop at home usually costs. 50."  She explained.

 "It's okay."  He said.   "So, um . . . what are you doing here."  Trunks asked, as his stuff got rung up. "Well, we were . . . um, on our way to the beach, and we got thirsty, so we decided to get some pop."  She said, nervously playing with her hair that was in a tight ponytail.  She had stopped wearing it in pigtails about two years ago. Pretty soon they were in deep conversation, and they didn't notice Goten and Bra laughing at them off to the side.

 "That's an unlikely couple!"   Bra said.

 "Yeah, I know.  Who woulda thought?  The son of Vegeta and the daughter of Krillian!"  Goten said.

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