Bra poked her head into Trunks room, and, to her relief, there were two bodies in the room.  She walked over to make sure it was Trunks.  She lifted the blanket up and saw her brother's face jammed into the pillow.
        She was about to leave, when she saw Goten's face barely out of his sleeping bag.  She walked over to him and looked own.
        Damn he's cute! She thought, bending down to get a closer look.  His head was tilted slightly to his left, and he was breathing slowly.  She looked at him and wondered if he'd ever share the same feeling that she had for him for her.  She sighed and walked out.

        Little did she know that Goten had been awake . . .

        She was walking past Marron's room, when her door opened. "Oh, hey Bra."  She said, yawning. "Hey Marron."  Bra said.   "So, what'd you and Trunks do?"

 "Oh . . . nothing really."  She said, blushing.  They walked to the kitchen.

 "Oh yeah right."  She said.   "Goten and I had to run circles to keep you two from getting caught!  Now I really want to know!"

 "Fine.  Trunks took me to some really . . . amazing place.  There was a huge waterfall and a field with trees surrounding it.  It was great."   She said.   "We climbed up one of the trees, and watched the sun set."

 "Really?  My brother Trunks?"  Bra asked eyebrows up in surprise while she got some cereal box down.

 "Nope, his clone in the other room, what do ya think?"  She said, rolling her eyes playfully.

 "Wow, he's never done anything like that before . . ."

 "I guess I should be flattered."  Marron said.

 "I guess."  Bra said, looking at her cereal bowl, and thinking about her crush.  Trunks and Marron just clicked.  They were doing great together, and it looked like they were really in love.

 "What's wrong?"  Marron asked.

 "Oh, nothing."

 "Come on.  I can tell when something's bothering someone.  Come on; tell me.  I would never tell anyone."  Marron said.

 "Well, see it's about Goten . . ."

 "Trunks.  Get up."  Goten said, shaking him awake.

" What?"

" I wanna know what you two did yesterday."  Goten said.

 "We did stuff."  Trunks said into his pillow.

 "Come on!"  Goten said, yanking off his blanket.

 "Fine, but I want to get breakfast first."  Trunks said, yawning and climbing out of bed.   "And Goten?"


 "Thanks for doing all that yesterday.  But if you ever take my blanket off of me again, I will kill you."

 "Sorry,"  he said with a shrug, and they went off to the kitchen.  They were about to walk in, when Trunks stopped him and put his hand over Goten's mouth.

  ". . .Goten.  I've had a crush on him ever since I was about ten."  Bra was saying.

 "Wow.  Does he know?"  Marron asked.

 "No."  Bra said.   "At least, I hope not."   Trunks looked over at Goten, whose face was a deep shade of scarlet.

         "Do you think he might like you, too?"  Marron asked.

He blushed even more.

         "Probably not.  To him, I'm just his best friend's little sister."  Bra sighed.

         "Maybe, maybe not.  You might want to try."  Marron said.

         "Did you have a crush on Trunks?"  Bra asked.

         "Well, actually . . . I never really knew him.  But now that I do, I think he's really cool.  He's so great.  He never says anything mean to me, and he always helping me with something."

        Trunks looked down at the ground, blushing.  But Goten didn't say anything.  He was thinking about what Bra had said.  She liked him?  No way.  He had likedher for about three years, but from what she had said, it sounded like she had a crush on him for a lot longer.

         "Let's go in now."  Goten whispered.  Trunks shook his head 'no', and pushed him to the end of the hall.

         "Now start talking loudly."  He said in his normal voice.

         "So then, they put on their magical underpants and flew to the universe of happiness and lived happily ever after!"  Goten said loudly.
        " Nice story."  Trunks said, sarcastically, raising his eyebrow.

         "I thought so,"  Goten said, as they walked into the kitchen.  He froze when he saw Bra staring at him.  She smiled at him and he returned the smile.

        Marron mouthed 'I told you,' and walked over to the huge sink, and put her bowl inside.   "So, Trunks are we going to do something today?"

        " I thought we would."  Trunks said.

         "Cool."  Marron said,  "I'm going to go put on my weighted clothing."

         "No, you won't be needing those today."

         "I won't?"  She asked.

         "Nope.  Your power level is at 430."

         "You meano"

        "'Today I'm gonna teach you how to fly.  Weight clothing would make it harder."

         "Yes!"  Marron said.   "Thank you!"  She said, then kissed him on the cheek.   "Let's go."

         "Hold up!"  He said.   "I wanna get some breakfast first!"

         "Okay, but hurry up!"  She said excitedly, sitting down beside him.

         "I will. " He said with a laugh, then had some pancakes.

         "I hope you two aren't going back to that place you were at before!"  Goten said.

         "I was planning on it."  Trunks said, through his cereal.

         "Not again!  Just go to the beach or something!"  Bra said.   "It'll be way to hard to distract mom and dad again! "

         "Okay.  Fine."  Trunks said with a shrug.

         "Hey, you two want to come, too?"  Marron said.  She was really trying to get them together.

         "Okay."  Bra said.

         "Yeah, okay".  Goten said.  Both of them were blushing darkly.

         "Let's go get ready Marron."  Bra said, standing up.

         "Okay."  Marron said, and Bra practically dragged her out of the room.

         "What are you trying to do?"  Bra asked her as they walked to her room.

         "I'm trying to get you two together.  The beach worked for me and Trunks!"  Marron pointed out.  " Hey, can I borrow the swimsuit again?"

         "Okay, hold on, I'll go get it."  Bra sighed.  She walked in the room, and yanked it out from the bottom of a clothes pile.   "Here ya go."  She said, and tossed it to her.

         "Thanks."  Marron said, then went to her room, and put the suit on, but she also put on a pair of jean shorts.  She walked out into the hallway at the same time as Bra.  She was wearing a light yellow bikini, which, Marron thought went well.  They went into the kitchen, and no one was there.

        " Hmm, they're probably getting dressed."  Marron said.

         "Let's go get em."  Bra said, and they walked down the hall to Trunks's room.

         "So, do you like my sister?"  Trunks asked Goten in his room, digging around in his swimsuit drawer, looking for a pair that would fit Goten.

         "Why?"  Goten asked.

         "Oh, ya do."  Trunks said, tossing Goten a pair of dark blue ones.

         "What?  Why do you say that?"

         "Because I'm not an idiot, and when I started to like Marron, I didn't just come out and admit it."  Trunks said, grabbing a pair for himself.

        Then they heard some giggling from outside of his door . . .

         "No way."  Bra giggled.  " Uh oh."  They stopped talking, "I think they heard us."

         "Let's go."  Marron giggled, and they ran down the hall, and into the kitchen.   "Quick, look like you're doing something."  Bra grabbed a cup of milk, and dumped it on the table.

        " What?"  Marron asked.  But then Bra got a towel to start wiping it up.

         "So it look like I was in and there's over 50 songs on it!"  Bra said.  The boys had walked in, in the middle of her sentence.

         "Really?"  I'll have to borrow it sometime.  Marron said.   "So, are we going now?"

         "Yeah, let's go."  Trunks said, giving Bra and Goten a wink.   Bra sent him a poisonous look, and then they walked
outside, and took off.

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