Project started on 26th April 2000
We WANT to Promote Your Site!
GTM wants to make something good to all new and growing websites out there! You want to get some publicity by adding your site to hundreds of search engines, we can help you too! BUT How do you want to get us promoting your site? 
  • Website(s) must DBZ/GT related
  • Non-hentai/ecchi/lemon contents
  • Must have a banner ^_^
  • You must add your Website(s) and URL to our Links section.
  • You must have GTM linked back to your site
  • Your site must be new (not more than 7 months)
Easy huh? If your site is chosen, we'll be happy to promote your site to ours! Below are how we're gonna do during your site's promotion ^_^: 
  • We choose a banner from your site
  • We'll advertise your site using the chosen banner on GTM main page, Fanfics Entrance, "By Author" section & FanArts and FanManga sections.
  • Your website will be promoted for 7 days, then another new site will be promoted ^_^.
Come ON! Don't Be shy! Start promoting!! 
"We Served!"
(no..we're not part of the Leo Club..*LOL*)
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