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Welcome to Haruko's Collections Gallery. The only place where you can see Haruko's DBZ/GT fanarts (unless she's going to put her SlamDunk fanarts too, I dunno.). From free-hand drawing to computer softwares... you can see the differences. Oh, some ofher arts are rediculously funny too, believe me, it's ugly (you know you can hit me later Haruko, don't worry.). Anyway, Enjoy!
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Haruko's arts has been categorized into 4 different categories (see above).
Goten, Trunks and Marron's Arts
When Goten broke up with another gf...
Digi-GTM --I was suppose to draw Matt(Digimon) but it turned out to be someone else ^_~ (Trunks) NEW!
GTM from above --this is actually one of my favs ^_^ NEW!
Merry Christmas! -Goten as Santa, Trunks-Reinderr and Marron as an elf!
Kawaii Marron with 2 Little Goten and Trunks peeping.
Poetic Goten ---Trunks and Marron looked at him weirdly. 
GTM as Every Little thing? --This pic was inspired by a famouse Japanese band,"Every Little Thing". 
GTM -- was a main pic ^_^. Goten said something to Trunks that made him surprised. 
GTM -- Colorized by me. 
GTM;Manga style -- my first Black and White pic. 
GTM Welcoming 
Ureshii na! -- Meaning 'So Happy!' GTM as cute little happy mermaids ^_^ 
Shopping for Key-chains -- Marron is choosing some keychains ^_^. 
Friends -- an old pic ^_^" GTM lying on the grass. 
The Couples Arts
Goten and Bra [PG-13] 
Trunks and Marron - The best! NEW!
Goten and Marron - They TOO deserve some spot lights don't you think? ^_^ NEW!
Lips lock - Trunks and Marron NEW!
Trunks and Marron staring at each other! MUST SEE! 
Trunks and Marron looking at each other. 
Trunks and Marron [PG-13] 
Trunks and Marron -Trunks looks like Matt from "Digimon" while Marron is looking cute giving a 'peace' sign! 
Just Friends? --Goten gave Marron a peck on the cheeck. 
Goten and Marron --one of my fav ^_^. 
Trunks and Pan 
Goten and Bra --Goten giving Bra a piggy-back ride. 
Goten and Bra --Current "Just A Feeling" pic. 
Trunks and Marron -- my first pic of T&M. NOT a very good one ^_^" 
Friendly Kiss -- A cute pic of Marron giving Trunks a peck on the cheeck. 
A Kiss for Mr. President 
Spring Season --- Marron just caught something or someone special in the net ^_^;. 
Winter Season -- Goten and Marron in snowcaps. ((*_*)) 
Groups and Pairs
Bad Boys - Trunks and Goten 
Two human babes!- Marron and Paris NEW!
Mimi and Marron - Mimi(Digimon) and Marron(DBGT) switched costumes! And both look cute in pink! 
Marron and Bra 
HEH?? - They're talking, looking happy, and BLUSHING! Can anyone of you guess what are they talking about? 
Goten VS Trunks 
Vegeta Family--- Vegeta carriying sleepy B-chan and followed by his family^_^. 
The foursome --- My first pic of GTM and Bra. 
The 4some. -- Another pic of GTMB. BUT BETTER ^_^; 
B-chan and Marron -- Poor B-chan have to wait a bus in the time like this. 
Trunks and Bra -- A pic showing how loving this pair of sibs are ^_^... 
The Next Gen-z group. 
Autumn Season --- Trunks and Goten (he was hanging by the tree,okey?) 
Son Goten - I like his hair here.. 
Son Goten in the fall season NEW!
Trunks...look kinda weird ^_~; NEW!
Marron Sitting --hm, guess I drew her kinda..sexy ^_~; 
Kawaii Marron -- a pic I drew while listening to some ZARD's song^_^. The lyrics were very inspiring. 
Welcome -- Teenage Marron presenting GTM's FanFics Page. 
Marron-chan? B-chan? --Marron wearing B-chan's gothic costume. 
Marron In Snowcap 
Marron-chan --staring. 
Marron -- Black and white pic. 
Marron in brown dress. 
Teenage Marron --in high school uniform. 
Teenage Marron -- yes another pic in high school uniform ^_^;; 
Marron in Bikini --- Requested by a visitor. 
Cool B-chan! --- one of my fav. 
B-chan reading Manga. 
Goten -- Crying? broke up with another GF maybe ^_^" 
Trunks -- fell asleep in his office. 
Marron --Laughing while watching some bubbles..(??) ((@_@)) 
Haruko is drawing a Digimon:Mimato(Mimi/Matt)  fanarts too! See her own gallery made by mimi4matt of "Mimi and Matt's Shrine"
GTM has collect 67 arts by Haruko and still waiting for more! 
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