Here We Go Again, the Epic
by Barrie Ann


Chapter One: What started it all..

It was morning and Bra had been awake for an hour staring at the roof blankly. She finally got up and walked down stairs to see trunks franticly trying to get dressed for work.
"hey bro! what do ya know?"
"Dont start that rhyming stuff right now im late, please?"
"oh wait, i gotta sneeze!"Bra fake sneezed and Trunks gave her an evil look.
"Bra, im going now so grow up i mean it."
"Anybody want a peanut?" Vegeta said from the couch with a smirk on his face holding a peanut jar. Bra giggled and trunks rubbed his forehead grumbling.
"I have to go."
"I hope it will snow!" Bra yelled as he walked out the door. She leaped down next to vegeta staring at the TV. "Daddy, when did you think you were inlove with mom?"
Vegeta looked a little shocked and choked on a peanut.Bra continued to wait for his answer. "Who says i love that woman?!" Bra eyed Vegeta suspiciously as he looked off trying not to pay attention.
"Well she loves you to daddy." Bra leaped up and kissed his cheek walking into the kitchen to Bulma.
"Momma, when did you first know you loved dad?" Bulma jumped at the question and dropped a dish.Bra crossed her arms and let out a sigh.
"Well.....i guess before our first kiss, he looked at me with those solid black eyes of his and i just knew."
"How could you tell?"
"Well, i kept on getting this twisted feeling in the pit of my stomach. He looked at me and i felt like i was lost, then he kissed me." Bra watched her mother going into another day dreaming fit and slowly inched out of the house. She pondered what her mother said and took off into the sky towards Marron's house.

Kami house......

Marron was  brushing her pigtails when she heard little taps at her window. She walked to her window,pulled back the curtain to see a huge face pushed up against it.
She screamed and scrambled out her door. She came back when she heard laughing.
"Damn you trunks!" She stomped over opening her window and chucked her brush at him, naturally hitting him in the head.
"Oh common pig tailed wonder! Take a joke!"
"You dont scare women who just woke up, thats just suicide."
"Your far from a woman marron, so common lets go!"
"Go where?"
" I skipped work so we could go and see Paris and Goten, he needs to see you and i for some reason."
"Alright!" Marron leaped back into her window and started getting ready. After 10 minutes Trunks got  bored of waiting and stuck his head in the window to see whats taking so long. He was then faced by her digging in her closet in her bra and underwear. He blushed furiously and pulled out of the window quickly only to hear.....
"Peeping Tom." Bra was floating behind him with a sly grin on her face.
"I was not peeping! i am just waiting for marron to get ready."
"Then why are you blushing?"Trunks put on a poker face.
"Its cold out here, and flying doesnt help."
"Its summer time, and why arent you at work?" Trunks went pale and got a pleading look with Bra.
"Dont tell mom and dad, please?!"
"On one condition, i get to go with you and marron today."
"Thats no problem, its not like were are doing anything special."Just then marron leaned out the window waiting for Trunks.
"Ok im ready, hi Bra! Your coming to?"
"Yep, i decided to tag along."
"Alright! I havent seen you for a few weeks, this will be fun."Trunks floated up and picked Marron up and they zoomed off, Marron had to be carried because she couldnt fly.

Satan City, at a nearby resturant.......

Paris and Goten were sitting at a table and Goten had a big grin on his face and Paris was admiring a ring on her finger when trunks,marron, and bra arrived.
"Hey Marron, Trunks, B-chan!" Goten grabbed Bra into a hug and got her into a head lock giving her a noogie.
"Goten! dont do that!" Bra whined and he laughed hugging her again. Paris looked at her jealously.
"So Goten, why did you want to see Marron and I?" Goten wrapped an arm around Paris's shoulder and grinned.
"Paris and I are getting married!"