Chapter 3, Lets Go On A Vacation!

The next week went alright, Trunks was determined to prove that he was going to be the Best Man. Goten was pretty buisy planning the wedding that was going to be in 6 months, its good to plan early.

Bra, Bulma, Vegeta and Trunks were all sitting in the living room reading or painting nails or grumbling best man.
"Vegeta will you stop that! You and Goku are tied!"
"Im The best man, woman!"
"And Trunks,quit painting your nails!" Trunks looked up from what he was doing.
"Mom, their easy to hammer into wood if the have a coat of paint on them." Bra was sitting reading her magazine, Then the phone rings and Trunks answers it.
"Briefs house."
"Best Woman"
"Damn You!!! Best Man!!!"
The rest of the family sat there staring at Trunks screaming at someone on the other line. Bra just sat there giggling until she saw a vacation add in her magazine and got an idea.
"Mom! Can we go on a vacation? Pleeeeeeaaaaaase?!"
"Well....I guess we could since we havent done anything for 2 years now." Bra threw her magazine to the side and hugged Bulma.
"I want to go to a tropical Island and have a room right by the beach."Bulma looked at Vegeta and smiled.
"And yes your going to." Growls were heard behind Bra as screams were heard behind Bulma. Bulma leaped up and grabbed the phone from Trunks."Oh hi Marron, are your parents there?"
"Yeah ill get them" Krillin picked up the phone after hearing his daughter screaching down the stairs for them to pick up the phone.
"Hi Krillin, its Bulma."
"Oh Hi, long time no see"
"Yeah, thats what I was going talk to you about. My daughter thought it would be nice to go on vacation and I wanted to invite your family and Goku's family since we havent seen each other for a few months."
"Thats a great idea! Ill tell everyone else."
"Ok, ill make arrangements."

2 weeks later...

"OK is everyone packed?" a wave of yes's were heard through the Capsule Corp. living area where the 3 families were all sitting.A phone rang and Paris picked it up. Goten got another disapointed look as Paris picked up her luggage and kissed his cheek taking off out the door.
"You'll have to have fun with out me, sorry" Bra scowled at Paris as she left then looked sympathetic towards Goten. Everyone got up and started loading onto the plane to go to an Island Owned by Capsule Corp.