Chapter 4 Island Paradise


Even though the island was owned by Capsule Corp., it had resorts right on the beach, and naturally they parked them selves in the fanciest one. This is how the rooming went.On the left side of the resort the parents rooms were situated, right side were the children. Partners were Goku & Chichi, Bulma & Vegeta, Krillin & Android18, Videl & Gohan. Kids, Bra & Marron, Trunks & Goten, Pan & Ubuu were stuck together because they thought nothing of it because they were sparring buddies.All the extras like Master Roshi,Oolong, Yamcha and Piccolo go there own rooms.

Marron's and Bra's room....

Bra and Marron were unpacking when the phone rang.
Marron picked it up.
"Best MAN!!!!"
"WOMAN!!!!" Marron slammed the phone down and Bra was rolling on the floor laughing. Then the phone rang again and marron answered.
"Oh my god! You've been hanging around Vegeta to long Marron." Bulma said with a laugh.
"oh.....sorry Bulma, I thought it was Trunks."
"Is there something he needs to tell me if your calling him woman?"
"No no, its just something that we have going on."
"Anyway, tell Bra we are going to a formal dance tonight because the resort is welcoming us. So dress formal."
"Alright, ill tell her."
"Ok, bye Marron"
"Bye" Marron hung up the phone and looked over to Bra.
"We have to go to a formal dance tonight, because of the resort." They both eyed each other then at the same time sprinted to the bathroom to get it first. Marron one because she tripped Bra, but who's paying attention anyway. >.>
Bra rummaged through her luggage and pulled out a white spaghetti strap full length evening gown,the straps looked like diamonds conected to each other.It had a slit up to the knee.
"Hm, always come prepared." She pulled up the thin strap up white heals and dropped them on the bed.She opened the door connecting to Trunks' and Goten's room.

Trunks' and Goten's Room....

Trunks and Goten were parading around in their boxers trying on different tuxedos.
"I think you looked better in the white one Trunks." After hearing Goten say that he hung the black one up for him to wear that night. Goten gave him a look.
"Well fine then, ill wear a black one too." Trunks picked up the white one and put it up instead of the black on to wear that night. Goten grinned and grabbed the black tux and hug it by the window just as Bra walked it.
"Hi B-chan!" Goten Waved and got his goofy grin as Bra covered her face.
"Peeping tom" Trunks ragged Bra.
"I was just coming over to see if you guys knew about the dance thingy."
"Yeah, we know."
"Good." Bra walked out of the room with her face as red as the devils behind.
"They were only shorts, thats all." she smacked her forehead feeling like a dolt.

Goten looked at Trunks who was smirking just like Vegeta.
"I think she likes you."
"What, B-chan!? Your out of your mind, shes to young.....wait she isnt is she? Shes not that much younger then me but I keep treating her like she was a sister."
"You better keep it that way or ill chase you down."
"Kinda like Marron did to you huh?" Goten laughed and ran around the room with Trunks behind his with a lamp.