Chapter 5, Watch Out For Your Toes, Dancer's Nightmare

Marron came out of the bath room and her hair was
already dried and curled for the dance that night.Bra
ran into the bathroom trying to hurry up and get
ready.Marron Pulled out a lilac dress to put on. She
put it on and looked at herself in the mirror and
smiled at the way she looked with out her normal
"Best woman" She posed and smirked.
A few minutes later Bra came out with her hair in a
loose french twist and ringlets beside her ears, she
put on her dress and her earrings and hopped around
putting on her shoes while she watched Marron pose in
the mirror.
"Do you think my brother is cute?" Marron smiled to
her self, she had a secret thing for Trunks ever since
watched him fight Goten when they were little kids at
the tourniment.
"I guess so, why do you ask?"
"Well, I think that you two should get together, your
adorable when you chase eachother around like that
threatening each other. Thats the sign of a good
relationship." Bra giggled and looked at her self in
the mirror next to Marron. Marron was off in her own
little world day dreaming.

That Night...

Everyone started gathering at the Dance except for
Goten and Trunks, they were locked on their balcony
for a few hours while in their boxers until Ubuu
finally showed up to let them in.They could have got
in just by breaking the door, but their men, what do
you expect?They were in their tuxedo's running down
the hall to the ball room as soon as they were able.
Bra was dancing with Vegeta, after much whining he
finally gave in and said one dance. Just then Trunks
and Goten came sliding into the ball room breathing
hard from all the running.
"Finally made it I see." Marron walked around the
corner and Trunks and Goten fell over in suprise.
"Marron!? Is that you!?" They said staring at her.
"Ofcorse its me, now get in there and dance around
before they notice you weren't there to begin with."
Trunks stayed behind with Marron as Goten walked
around to "mingle". Goten was tackled by Pan."Goten
dance with me! pleeeeeaaaase?!" Pan had her hair in a
bun and was wearing a dark blue strapless evening
"Why do you want to dance with me?"
"Cause if Ubuu see's me dancing he might wanna cut in
and dance with me and then I dont need ya anymore."
Goten got a confused look but was drug onto the dance
floor anyway and started dancing with his neice. After
a few minutes of twirling around Ubuu, he finally
asked to cut in and Pan gleamed.Goten smiled at them
and stood back watching them. Bra looked at Goten and
couldnt help but smile. He looked great in a tuxedo so
she inched over to him and tapped his shoulder. Goten
turned around and got wide eyed at Bra. He could never
believe that Bra could look so beautiful.
"Want to dance?"
"Uh....yeah, sure!"Goten walked onto the dance floor
and began dancing with Bra. As they twirled they heard
little whispers of...
"best man"
"best woman"
"best man"
Marron stomped on Trunks foot and got a sweet smile on
her face while dancing with Trunks. She said through
her teeth and then smiled sweetly.
"Best Woman..." Trunks limped around dancing with her
and Goten Stared at them while dancing.
"I think they make a good couple."
"So do I, if they can get over the wedding thing" Bra
remembered Goten was going to get married in the next
few months and got a disapointed look.Goten looked
down at Bra and saw her face, then she looked at him
and she paused.She felt like her stomach was in knots
looking at those black eyes of his. She stumbled a
little while in mid turn and broke away from Goten.
"I need some fresh air, Ill be back after a little
bit."With that she walked out onto the balcony and sat
on the railing.A few minutes later Goten walked out
onto the balcony and looked at Bra.
"B-chan...?" She turned around and looked at Goten who
had a worried look on his face.
"Yeah Goten?"
"You ok?"
"Yeah, I just am having jetlag. Nothing big." Goten
walked up beside her and looked at the view of the
"Beautiful Place.."
"Yeah, I like it here." Bra sighed looking down a
"Common B-chan, cheer up! You look so gloomy." Goten
grabbed her sides making her squirm and fall back.
Goten caught her and looked at her and she looked
"B-chan, I need to ask you something...."