~I Will Find Love~
 By: Jessie-chan

  She sighed as she sat in the small, dimly lit restaurant.

  'This is such a romantic place... too bad there is no one to share the romance with.' She thought. She picked at her chipping nail polish. 'If only Goten cared about me...ever since I moved I have been thinking about him more and more. I know it's love, I never felt this way about anyone else.'She took a sip of her now cold coffee. 'Damn, should I order another one? Nah, I'll just sit for another few minutes.' She looked out of the window she was next to. Little white flurries of snow were falling from the dark gray sky. "Why am I so lonely?" she asked herself softly.
  "Maybe because you are sitting alone." A deep soft voice replied. She jumped in surprise when a man with dark unruly hair sat beside her.
  "Goten?" She asked.
  "The one and only." Goten said with his trademark lopsided grin plastered to his face. His grin faded as he stared into the young woman's saffhire blue eyes. He ran his finger through her light blue hair. "Bra, I've missed you." He said softly.
  "I've missed you and just about everyone else." Bra admitted. She stared into Goten's ebony eyes.
  "Your brother Trunks said he hadn't talked to you in over three months. I think he is upset because you moved." Goten said staring into Bra's eyes.
  "Well, you know, I've just been busy. I can't live with my parents forever." Bra said.
  "Bra everyone has missed you. Pan, Marron, Trunks, and me especially." Goten said sadly.
  "How are Marron and Trunks coming along?" Bra asked trying to change the subject.
  "Well, Trunks and Marron are expecting a baby now. I have never seen Trunks so protective about anyone before." Goten said.
  "Whoa, I'm going to be an aunt! When is the baby going to be born?!" Bra asked,excitement   rising in her voice. Goten smiled.
  "Six more months. Trunks has made me the God father. He told me to tell you that you are the God mother." Goten said.
  "That's nice of him, I'll visit them tomorrow." Bra said, taking a sip of coffee, forgetting that it was cold. "Yuck, cold coffee." Bra muttered.
  "I'll buy us some more." Goten said. He called a waitress to come over. "Excuse me ma'am we would like two cups of coffee. Add milk to mine and add cream and sugar to hers please." Goten said.
  "Yes sir." The waitress replied. She hurried off to get their order ready.
  "Thank you Goten." Bra said. She gave him one of her rare warm smiles. She sighed. "Goten, isn't it hard to believe that Trunks and Marron have been married for three years now?" Bra asked.
  "Its about time that they are going to have a baby. Took them long enough." Goten joked.
  "They just needed some time to themselves first." Bra said.
  "So how about you?" Goten asked.
  "Me what?" Bra asked.
  "Is there a someone special in your life?" Goten asked. Bra sighed.
  "No, I like this one guy but he is like a brother to me and doesn't think of me like that." Bra said.
  "Do I know him?" Goten asked with a hint of jealousy in his voice.
  "Better than you could ever dream of." Bra said softly. She looked at him carefully. Confusion was written on his face. "So, is there a special girl in your life?" Bra asked.
  "Well, she doesn't know that I love her, but I'll tell her one day." Goten said sadly.
  "Who is it?" Bra asked. Goten looked at Bra with a sad look on his face. There was loneliness and hunger in Goten's dark eyes, Bra was sure her eyes reflected the same feeling.
  "Well Bra, she has these beautiful blue eyes, long, soft, beautiful blue hair, and she is my best friends sister. It's you I love Bra." Goten said.