What She Said
a poem by Jennie

I babysat a little girl several months ago,
when I said, "Marron, stop!" she'd always responded "NO!"
She broke her mother's vases, glass paintings, and rosewood chairs,
and once blamed me for losing her little bear!

We ate and played and ate somemore,
until we had enough and took a snore,
I would always carry her to bed,
and watch her sleep,
her cheeks all red.

Then one day she was diagnosed
with the horrible disease of them most!
I found out that she had cancer
gotten from a visit with our chancellor.
He would be recovering, too,
but poor old Marron
got more than the flu!

The medicines were to strong to work for her,
and thats why rid never the cancer.
I visited her everyday,
and will remember what we say.

Til one day
she took a turn for the worse
it was liked she was being cursed!
The cancer got worse day after day,
and how I wish it would go away.

Finally on a gloomy day,
my little Marron passed away.
Tears of sadness wetted her bed
as I remembered what she said.

"It's okay Trunks, don't be afraid,"
"Cause we'll be together anyway."


A/N: Was that a little sad? Sorry if it was!
HaRUko^: *sniffles* WAH!!!!!!

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