Notes : Hello this is like my 3rd fanfic i wrote so please bear with me . This is about krillin and andriod 18 and them getting together as a couple after the cell games. This also has Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.She doesn't have a big part in this but I tried to make her parts hilarious. This has some of the charaters of dbz here and there but it foguses mostly about krillin and 18. oh yeah one more thing...This has a song from N sync also. I changed the words in it a little so as i said bear with me . It has a crumy Title.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the Dbz charaters or Ryoko From Tenchi Muyo. I also do not own the song 'God Must've Spent a little More Time on You' sung by nsync . I DO NOT get paid for this so don't sue me for this.

Krillin and 18's Romance Thing
by Demon of the night

It was about 2 years after the cell games were won by gohan but Krillin couldn't stop thinking of her. Her blonde hair, Ice blue eyes, Her cold face, she was a goddess in his head,Ryoko keeps saying he is obsessed. So every day for hours he would sit outside and wait for something, anything.
Krillin looked outside, it was a perfect day , the sun was warm and bright, the air was cool and misty , it was a perfect morning to him except he couldn't stop thinking of her. Krillin walked outside and sat by the shore of the ocean.<Will I ever see her again?> He heard noises from the attic. <Ryoko is awake.> He thought.Krillin looked at the sky. <I wonder where she could be.> A few minutes later Ryoko came out in her blue and yellow dress and sat down by Krillin.
"Still thinking about 18 , Huh?" Ryoko looked at the endless ocean.
"Yeah." Krillin tried to ignore her reactions.
"Well, I am going over bulma's , see ya later Krillin." Ryoko got up and flew into the clouds.
"Ah..I don't blame 18 for never keeping her sort of called promise, Why would she want to see me? I am a migit, formal cue ball , ugle, and galible. Maybe I am wasting my time." Krillin looked sad but then got up and yelled pretty loud . "Yeah I am !" Krillin then decided to go into town to take his mind off things.

AT Bulma's .........

Ryoko pushed the door bell . "ding dong " A few minutes later the door was answered by vegeta.
"What! You! What do you want!? " Vegeta looked pretty annoyed.
"Yeah , Yeah ...I wanted to talk to Bulma not you vegetable head." Vegeta sneered at that last comment Ryoko made. Just then they both heard Bulma calling out in the backround. "Vegeta let her in, will ya? " Vegeta growled and steped aside for Ryoko.
Ryoko made her way across the living room to Bulma. "Hey , Bulma ."
"Oh..Hey Ryoko , What's up?" Bulma motioned Ryoko to sit down.
"Nothing much , I wanted to ask you something." Bulma looked at Ryoko suspisous.
"Ok shoot." Bulma sat on the couch across from Ryoko.
"Well , Is there anyway you can make a device to find Android 18?" Ryoko looked at Bulma.
"Why , You can't be a lesbian are you. Do you have a thing for Android 18?" Bulma asked.
"What!?" Ryoko got up with a angry look , " No way! I am not a lesbian! " Ryoko tried to calm herself but was unable to .
"Ok , ok just kidding , so why do you want to find 18? " Bulma asked curiously.
"Because ", Started to say regaining her composure." It's Krillin, He's been really depressed latly and it's no doubt it's because he misses 18." Looked worried about him.
"You are worried about him aren't you?" Bulma got up to get some tea.
" Ah , yeah of course. " Ryoko looked at the floor, "He has been really out of it lately, Staying outside all day hoping she'll come flying in, Not eating well , all does most of the time is train, you know that girl is really getting to him." Ryoko looked at Bulma
, " So can you build a device to find her?" Ryoko looked at her waiting for a answer. Bulma took a sip of her tea , " Nope, See she has no bombs in her anymore and no power level so there is no physcal way to track her,It would be like finding a needle in a hay stack,sorry , I am at a loss ."
"So you are not kidding are you? Well I guess I'll have to find her my self."Ryoko turned away.
"And how are you going to do that?" Ryoko turned around.
"I am going to use my own special instant transmission to teleport myself to her location."
Bulma fell anime style. "You mean to tell me you couldv'e used that all along ? Why did you come to me ? You don't seem to need my help." Ryoko looked at her.
"Because the instant transmission I use takes up most of my energy." Ryoko closed her eyes and concetrated. Bulma kept silent. After a fewe minutes , Ryoko opened her eyes.
"Got her, See ya , Bulma." After that she teleported to Android 18's exact spot. "How do they do it ? " Bulma mummbled to herself.

Mean town.......

Krillin walked for while checking out store windows. <Man that dress reminds me of what 18 would wear...oh, there I go again, I can't stop thinking about her!>Krillin sighed and went on walking. After a few hours of walking down streets and cussing himself for thinking about 18 so much, he decided to get some lunch.

At the other end of the world..........

Ryoko was transported to a forest , possible in Africa. "Now this is where she is?" Ryoko asked herself in wonder. Her statement turned serious when she caught glimsp of 18 a few meters away.
"So there you are." 18 did't move a inch from her position.
"And what do you want?" Her voice cold as ice.
"I wanted to talk with you of course. " Ryoko kept her stance still as hers.
"Alright , fine , talk!" 18 still didn't move, her arms were folded by her chest and her gaze was still with no statement.
"Why haven't you seen Krillin yet?" Ryoko sat on a rock near 18.
"Why is it any of your buisness? " She asked coldly.
"Relax , I only want to talk , this isn't ask then kill , I just want to have a friendly talk." Ryoko sounded like she was a old friend of 18 which made 18 very confuessed.
"Because I have been busy."
"Well, If you sound like that I guess you don't care how Krillin is doing ..I better go. " Ryoko stood up to leave.
"Wait ! How is Krillin doing ? " Android 18 asked in the nick of time.
"Not good , see he's really depressed , he really wants to see you , but you probally have better things to do so bye. "
"Wait!" 18 turned around to see she was too late. Ryoko had teleported away.
"Man! " 18 sighed then went back to her gazing. <Why does that little man care so much?> 18 decided it was time to pay a visit to Krillin. She flew up into the sky and searched for his ki. When she finally found it she followed it. The ki let her to the city that Krillin was in.  She flew to the ground and started to walk down the street still following his ki.She got down about a half a block when she spotted him . <Whoa he's got hair ?> Said to herself a little confuessed. Krillin walked out of the store without his cap on, The sun beated down in his eyes. Lifting the cap high and pulling his dark sliky black hair he placed the cap on. This for some reason made 18 blush.
<Wow ...Wait what the hell am I thinking!>18 stopped at Krillin's statement.
<He's sad....>
Then she heard Krillin talk to himself.
"Why can't I stop thinking about her!? I am going to kill my self." Krillin let out a sigh. "She thinks I am a old man , She will never be interested in me. " Krillin started to walk down the street. 18 took this seriously . <Why the hell did I call him that?!>
"See what I mean."
18 gasped and turned around to see Ryoko smiling.
"R-Ryoko..?" 18 wasn't as cold as before.
"Listen I won't run your life or anything , but I know by exsperience that , you should get the man you love , before anyone else does. " Ryoko turned and flew away. 18 looked at Krillin once again. She couldn't control herself , she walked up to him.
"Stupid ,stupid,stupid!" Krillin kept cussing himself when he turned around and saw 18 for the first time in over 2 years. "Uh...." His voice was stuck in his throat , he had a not in his stomach, and he began to sweat like a pig.
"Hey what's up." Android 18 asked sounding as if they seen each other just yesturday.
"Uh....this isn't my imagination is it? You are really here." Krillin said
like a doof.
"Uh, I think so." 18 looked confuessed.
"Uh..hey I was on my way home , wanna come? " Krillin asked trying not to get
his hopes up.
"Ok , why not beats living in the woods." Krillin smiled and they both
walked down the road
to a safe place to take flight.
They both kept silent on the way to the Kame house.

A couple minutes later at the Kame house....

"Uh...Master Roshi ? You here? " Krillin walked into the living room toke off his coat and cap and saw Ryoko on the couch snoring away. (How does she get to one place to another so fast)
"Ok I guess it's just us , aside for Ryoko ..Who probally won't get up till later tonight." 18 raised a eyebrow. <Weird.....> Krillin let 18 into the kitchen.
"So....." Krillin had no idea what to talk about.
"Why did you do all those things for me ? " 18 asked, " Like help me out with the bombs , destroy the controler, and save me from Cell?" Krillin tried to think of a answer.
"I don't really know ....we all help people for no good reason, Goku,Gohan,me and even Vegeta."
18 thought that was a reasonable answer."Ok." <That has to be a lie.> She thought.
Just then the door bell rang. "Hold on I'll get it ,ok?" Krillin ran out of the kitchen.
<I sense it , it's the one they call Yamcha and Gohan and some other people>. 18 thought.

At the door......

Krillin opened the door and saw , Bulma , Gohan, Chibi Trunks, Vegeta, Yamcha and Dende.
"Uh..Hey guys , what brings you here?" Bulma answered that one pretty quick.
"To see you , we haven't seen each other in 2 years, I thought we were friends."
"Krillin Hey." Gohan said in his cheerful voice.
"Hey Gohan.Come on in guys." They walked into the living room where they saw Ryoko snoring.
" This is pathidic, She is suppose to be one of the strongest fighters in the world.." Vegeta sneered.
Ryoko woke up . "Well if it isn't Mr. Eco . " Ryoko snapped.
"Errrrrr....that girl gets on my nerves.
"Hey Ryoko ." Said Yamcha.
"Hey guys , what's up." Ryoko sat up letting her friends sit down.
"Nothin much just thought we all just stop by and see how you were doing." Gohan answered. Krillin walked into the kitchen to get 18 while the others talked away.
"Hey 18 .." Krillin whispered."You wanna come into the living room."
18 looked at Krillin coldfully. " Why not, It would be fun to see them again."
Krillin had a sweatdrop roll down his head," Sure ok come on." He let her out into the living room. Everyone stopped talking when they saw 18 (who was very nervious).
"Errr what the hell is she doing here!? " Vegeta asked in a roar which scared Chibi Trunks.
"Oh shut up , Vegetable Head." Ryoko shouted.
"Do want to fight me !?" Vegeta yelled turning his attention to Ryoko.
"No , a battle with you would be fruitless." Ryoko snapped back.
" WEll too bad you got one.Let's take this out side." Vegeta sneered as he walked outside.
"FINE!" Ryoko yelled teleporting out side in a outfit just like Goku's.
Every had a Sweat drop beating down the back of their head.
"Bulma shouldn't you try to stop them?" Krillin asked.
"No way, It's time Vegeta got a good spanking anyway." Bulma said cheerfully. Krillin looked at 18 confuessed.

Outside on the battle grounds....
"This will be your last fight ,Ryoko Hakubi." Vegeta said proudfully.
"Sure right, whatever you say." Ryoko and Vegeta got into fighting stance. Every sat or stood on the porch watching the battle. Vegeta started it off with a punch toward Ryoko face. Ryoko dodged it and layed a kick right through Vegeta's stomach.
"Ughhhhhh..." He yelled in pain.
Vegeta fell to the ground. "Ahhhhhhhh...." Bulma got up with Trunks in her arms and went over to Vegeta. "Come on you lug head ." She picked him up by the shirt collor and draged him the air car. "See ya guys , say good bye little Trunks." Trunks obeys his mother and says . "Bye bye ."
Krillin and 18 have a sweat drop rolling down the back of their heads.Ryoko walks up to them.
"You know that guy needs a chill pill." Krillin looks at Ryoko.
The all walked in . Yamcha decided to change the subject.
"Hey Krillin you want to go to the beach later tonight around 8:00  for a little karaoke bar?"
"Did you say karaoke ? " Ryoko interupted.
"I'm there." Ryoko said leaving the room for someo sake.
"So how about it Krillin ? "
"Uh...Sure , why not , heck !" Krillin said sitting down on the couch.
"Ok come on Gohan let's go." Yamcha said motioning Gohan to follow.
"Ok bye Krillin , See ya Ryoko, 18."
"Well, that was about the shortest visit I have ever seen." Ryoko said . 18 and Krillin agreed with her.

Later that night the beach......

"Wow this place is packed." Bulma said. Vegeta , Ryoko , Krillin, Yamcha and Krillin walked down the beach in a group sort of toward the Karaoke bar.
"Yeah, it's the grand opening here.They got good food, And preformances from the audience." Yamcha replied.
"Oh, Who would've guessed that." Ryoko said.Yamcha looked at Ryoko.
"Why do you say that?" Ryoko pointed to a sign at the enterance. It read.

                       Grand Opening
          Good food and live music from the audience
                     8:00 pm - 1:00 am

Yamcha sighed."Oh...right." The rest of the gang (except Vegeta and 18 ) laughed. The gang walked inside the karaoke bar. Inside it looked like a regular bar. There was a stage over in the far corner, A bar stand at the left side and regular tables through out the bar. There was a pool table at one end of the karaoke bar which big muscular guys were talking and playing around.
"Wow ...." Krillin said in great wonder. 18 walked off to the bar stand and ordered some champane for her self. Krillin followed Ryoko to the karaoke section and Yamcha , Bulma and Vegeta head off to seat them selves at a table.
"Ryoko ...." Krillin sat on the stage.
"Yes , I know you lied to 18 ,Krillin."
"How ...? " Ryoko took a deep breath.
"I have ears don't I , I wasn't asleep anyway just resting my eyes."
"Ohh......" Krillin looked away from Ryoko to 18 who had her back turned from him.
"So, why didn't you tell her that you did all those things because you loved
her?!"Ryoko said in
a whisper. At that moment a old lady came by their side. "Awe...Love such a beautiful thing." the old lady said with a smile. Ryoko looked up and saw the old hag and said ," Beat it ." The old lady got mad and said ," He's too small for you , hons." Ryoko now got pissed.
"You listen to me ...He is not my boyfriend! Go back to satan you weirdo." Krillin knew it as fruitless and try to calm Ryoko down so he kept quiet.
"Oh come on Ryoko forget about the weirdo." Ryoko sat down ignoring all the looks she was getting .
"You're why didn't you tell her the truth?" Ryoko asked curiously.
"Because I was scared ......I don't know the right words to say ......or anything." Krillin said. Ryoko sat there for a while thinking of a way to get him to tell her. While she thought to herself somebody was already singing a song called 'Natural' by S club 7. Ryoko got suspious then got the most coolest idea. "How about a song?"Krillin looked up at her.
"A song ? " He didn't like the idea of going up on stage and singing.
"Yeah , I heard humans express their emotions mostly by songs or poetry." Ryoko looked at the stage. "So how about it ? " Krillin thought for a minute. <She has got to be crazy. of course she is . She's Ryoko.What do I got to lose.It can't get any worse than this.> "Ok , I can do it ....If I fight against evil villains I can do this."
Ryoko had a smile on her face. "Come on . Follow me . " Ryoko let him back stage.

Back stage..........

"So pick a song." Ryoko said pointing to a juke box in the corner.
"You have done this before haven't you?" Krillin walked up to the juke box.
"Maybe ....." Ryoko said in a playful voice.
"I like this one , But I want to change a word in it through." Krillin pointed to the song he wanted. It was 'God must have spent a little more time on you' by Nsync.
"Ah....good choice...I'll get Vegeta and Yamcha to be back up singers.I'll be one too if you want." Ryoko said antiously.
"Hmm...Ok. " Krillin walked over to the director and told him he wanted to sing and which song he wanted.

Mean while ......

Ryoko ran up to the table Yamcha ,Vegeta and Bulma were sitting."Yamcha , Vegeta could you lend me and Krillin a hand?" Yamcha looked up.
"Ok I will help you guys but I don't know about Vegeta." Bulma , Ryoko, and Yamcha turned their attention to Vegeta who had a bizzare look on his face.
"No! What ever it is ,No! " He refused.
"Awe...come on Vegeta ." Ryoko pleaded.Vegeta shook his head.Bulma got up,
(about to make a scene)"Now listen here Mister Ungratful! You help them out for what ever they may need!"
Vegeta had a surpised look on his face then said, " Fine . What is it !?" He asked annoyed and defeated. Bulma had a pleasured look on her face. "Yeah!" She shouted. Ryoko answered that breifly," See , I kinda convinced Krillin to do a song to express his true feelings to 18, But he needs at least two more back up singers.So you comin?" Ryoko turned away and headed for the stage.Yamcha immeditly got up to join her. <this is a good way to get some ladies attention. Yes!> Bulma shooed Vegeta toward them. "Go on , You may surpised yourself and may actually have Fun." she said. Vegeta mummbled to himself and walked toward the stage.

Krillin was already ready to go. "Ok guys thanks for helping me out. "
"No prob, Krillin." Yamcha said. <No Prob for me either.>
The lights flickered off and the spot ligt went on to the stage . Krillin walked out to the where the microphone was and spoke,"Uh...Ladies and gentleman , Hi, I am doing this song tonght , because well, see I am not good expressing my feeling to well any body so I hope this song could do more than that to a very special Woman out there. Here I go." 18 turned around to see Krillin on stage about to sing.<What's he doing? Who's he talking about?> The music started and Krillin started to sing....

"Yeah ...
Oh Yes ...
Can this be true?
Tell me can this be real?
How can I put into word what I feel?
My life was complete ...
I though I was whole
How can it be that I'm losing control?
I never thought love could feel like this ..
When you changed my world with just one kiss ..
How can it be that  right here with me
There was a angel?
It's a miracle...

       (The lights go on and Yamcha, Ryoko and Vegeta come out to sing the chorus)

You love is like a river
Peaceful and deep
Your soul is like a secret
That I could never keep
When I look into your eyes
I know that it is true
Dr. Gero must of spent a little more time ..
on you

18 gasps when she realizes that last phrase..<He's talking about me .>

    ( Yamcha goes out in front and says ) A Little more time , Yes he did baby...

    ( Ryoko comes out and sings the next verse)

In all of creation
All things great and small
You are the one who surpasses them all
More presious than
Any Diamond or Pearl
They broke the mold
When you came in this world

  Krillin comes out again and and sings while Ryoko goes back into her position)

And I am trying hard to figure out
Just how I ever did without
The warmth of your smile
The heart of a child
That's deep inside
Leaves me purified

    ( Yamcha , Vegeta and Ryoko again come furthur out the stage)

Your love is like a river
Peaceful and deep             (Yamcha says in a low voice ) and deep
Your soul is like a like a secret
That I could never keep
When I look into your eyes
I know that it is true
Dr. Gero  must of spent a littler more time
On you.....

    ( Yamcha again in a low voice sings )
On you , on you , on you , you.....on you, on you , on you , you

   ( while krillin goes toward the end )

    ( Yamcha repeats )
On you , on you , one you , you.....on you, on you , on you , you

   ( krilin goes)
Never thought that love could feel like this
And you changed my world with just one kiss
How can it be that right here with me
There's an angel
It's a miracle......

     ( The whole group)

Your love is like a River
Peaceful and deep                 (Yamcha says in a low voice) Peaceful and
Your soul is like a secret
That I could never keep
When I look into your eyes
I know that it is true
Dr. Gero must of spent a little more time
On you.....          (Yamcha again says in a low voice)  on you, on you, on
you, you...

 (Krillin goes solo on this one )

Dr. Gero must of spent a little more time
on you.......          (Yamcha again ah you get the picture) On you, on you ohh..yeah

     (Krillin again folks)

A little more time
On you....ohhhh

( Music ends ) Krillin,Ryoko, Yamcha , And Vegeta take a bow and leave the stage.

A few minutes later the music gang comes out to greet Bulma.
"That was great guys.Awesome." Bulma congradulated them on their proformance.
While she was several girls gathered around Yamcha.
"Well see ya guys ...I got work to do..." Yamcha said leaving the karaoke bar.
"Ah I had so much fun , I want to do it agian."
"So why don't you?" Krillin asked .
"Too drained ....need sake ...." Ryoko colapsed onto the floor and dragged her self to the bar.
A sweat drop rolled down Bulma and Krillin's heads. Bulma let out a Yawn."Ah. What do you say we get outta here Vegeta?"
"Sounds good to me ." Vegeta said in agreement.
They left the Bar and headed home .
Krillin let out a sigh. He walked to the bar but was stopped when someone tugged him back.
"18..!? " Krillin gulped. <Maybe singing that song wasn't a good plan>
"Why ?" She asked him holding back her anger.
"Huh? Why what?" Krillin looked scared.
"Why did you lie to me ? " She asked. " You said you did all those things because it is your job but now I see it was something more wasn't it ?"
Krillin was scared , more scared than facing Frieza.<What do I say?> "Y-yes" Krillin looked a bit sad.
"Why ? Why couldn't you just say it ?!" 18 couldn't hold her anger any longer releashing it in her voice.
"Because...we were kinda getting closer, I thought telling you that we would be pushed furthur apart." Krillin sounded scincer."I-I you." 18 was threw off by this,"Well it's a waste of time...Androids can't love."
"We could try , if you are willing least stay at the kame house , so I can see you." Krillin said getting his hopes up.
"Very well, if you insist on that."
Krillin wanted to shout hurray so loud it'll crash the entire building , but he held it in.(Well at least tryed to)
"Cool we'll clear a room for you tommarrow , In the mean time you can sleep in Ryoko's room." Krillin looked up at her."If that is all right with you."
"Sure ok fine by me ." She said insistingly.
They walked up to Ryoko (Who was already through with 5 bottles of sake).
"Hey Ryoko want to get going ?" Ryoko turned around.
"Yeah , Let's go." The three walked outside.
"Wow what a beautiful night..." Ryoko said in awe.
"Yeah ...." Krillin said agreeing with her.
The three flew high up in the air.Ryoko started to think of someone special to her.
<Tenchi ...I will find you>
The three scoared throught the air.It took about two minutes to reach the Kame house. (Gee don't you like how fast they get from one place to another?)

Krillin opened the door and entered.The three went into the living room and found Master Roshi sleeping on the couch with a play boy covering his face.
"You know I really got to burn those some day." Ryoko reminded herself outloud. Krillin smiled . "I'm off to bed .Ryoko show 18 to your room and give her one of your night Gowns.Will ya?"
Ryoko looked at Krillin surpised."But I sleep nude..."
Krillin fell anime style .
"But I won't tonight , Promise."Ryoko replied while 18 gave a little laugh.
Ryoko led 18 to her room .

About 2 hours later.......

18 couldn't sleep. She kept thinking of what Krillin said.
She let out a sigh .
"18 you are still awake?" Ryoko asked from her bed.
"Yeah , Can't sleep ." 18 said thoughtfully.
"Why not? Don't tell me androids don't sleep either." Ryoko asked.
"No we sleep, Just I don't feel sleepy that is all." 18 answered.
"Oh...boy , must be thinking of Krillin aren't you?" Ryoko asked.
"Sort of . Tell Ryoko is it? How can Krillin love me even through androids can't feel love?"
"Well, Anybody can love, from the evilest being to the simplest person, even androids can love."
"No we can't and how would you know ? " 18 asked coldly.
"I am just saying if Vegeta  could fall in love with someone , a android can fall in love."
"Vegeta , Do you really think he is in love?"
"How would you explain Trunks?" Ryoko pointed out.
"...." The android went into deep thought.There was silence for about 15 minutes.
"Do you love to fight ?" Ryoko asked braking the silence.
"Yes , I suppose I do." she answered.
"There you go," Ryoko said.18 looked at Ryoko in the dark confuessed.
"Why do you say that?"
"Cause...If you can love some thing like fighting how hard can it be to love some person?"
"I see your point.Thank you, I'll go talk to Krillin later." 18 said.
"Why not now? He's on the roof, Probally still awake." Ryoko said throug the dark.
"'re right...why not now." 18 got up and left the room. Ryoko had a wicked smile. "Wow, amazing.Hahaha." Ryoko laughed herself to sleep.

On the roof............
18 got onto the roof to see Ryoko was right.<Good he's awake , now 18 act casual>
"Uh..Hey Kril."18 said greeting Krillin trying her best to act Casual.
"Hey 18, You are still up?" Krillin said facing her.
"Yeah, What are you doing up here?" 18 asked.
"Nothing much , just looking for birds."Krillin said looking our into the sea.
"Krillin it's night, They aren't going to be out, Now come on tell me what you are up to." 18 said insisting him to tell her.
"Ok,ok the truth , I was looking at the sky...waiting for a comet or something."Krillin said.
"You are not lying ..good..that is cool Kril.Can I join you?" 18 asked nerviously.
"Sure if you want." Krillin sat on the edge of the roof and layed down.
"Wow.....This is so beautiful."commented 18 looking at the velvet sky . The moon was full and glowing bright as ever. (So someone wished it back.)
"Yeah, it is , as a child I would come out side at night alot and try to wish for things that normally I didn't have."18 gasped .
"Hey look..." Krillin looked where 18 was pointing out.
"A ...comet. Quick 18 make a wish." Krillin said.
"Ok." <I wish I could find a way to tell Krillin I loved him.>
Krillin closed his eyes.<I wish....For 18 to open up to me.>
"If we wanted a wish to come true why don't we go to the dragon balls?" asked 18.
"Cause this is more fun , You don't know if this will come true or not..It's more exciting if you ask me ." Krillin answered.
"Oh..." 18 looked at Krillin. " Well I know a way to make mine come true with out using a star or the dragon balls..." 18 searched for Krillin's face.
"What do you mean?" Krillin looked into 18's eyes which seemed to sparkle her cold statement had fated for the first time since they met.After a moment when thier eyes met 18 bend down and kissed Krillin on the lips."I wished for a way to tell you I loved you..." Krillin smiled .
"Hey, you aren't suppose to tell anyone your wish." Krillin said teasfully.
"Oh shut up Kril." 18 pulled Krillin down and gave him a long passionful kiss on the lips. When the kiss ended Krillin pulled 18 close to her ."I love you..."
"I know , I love you too, Krillin."
And with that Krillin pulled 18 's face toward his and Kissed her passionately ......


Author: What did you think , this is my longest fanfic I have written so far, I hope you liked it.
HaRUko^: Great fic^_^! And WATCH OUT N'SYNC!!

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Disclaimer : I DO NOT own any of the dbz or any other anime charaters from this Fanfic. I DO NOT GET paid for this , I merely do this for fun and cause I like to write , nothing please don't sue me .

Demon of the night

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