"Moshi moshi!" Bra's high pitched voice answered. "Bra, this is Marron. Listen, I..."

"Oh. It's you. What do you want? To insult me again? To throw my hopes down again? To break my heart again? To make fun of me again? To-"

"BRAAAA!!! I called to apologize. Me and Pan are really sorry we didn't believe you right away. It just came as a bit of a shock. I would you feel if you found out Trunks was inlove with Pan??"

'Hey' Pan's voice sounded in the background. Bra giggled. "Ok, girls, I understand. I'm sorry I got so mad. So...wanna meet at the Satan shopping center to discuss my birthday?"

"Sure." Marron said as she ended the call. She headed out the door leaving a confused Pan who was saying, "If Trunks loved me that wouldn't be sooo bad."

Standing in front of the mirror, Bra stared at what she was going to wear. She looked soooo kawaii in it. She couldn't help but wish Goten would be there to see her in it. After making sure she looked ok for the millionth time, Bra rushed out the door heading toward the mall.

'Wow, after you fly a lot you get really thirsty.' Goten thought soaring over the city. 'Maybe I should stop somewhere for a drink...let's see...I know! I'll go to the Satan shopping center. It's on the way and they have the best juice in the whole city!' he thought landing near a bunch of trees so not to be seen flying. With that he ran about a block til he saw the mall. "Juice, here I come!" he said rushing inside. Unfortunately, he didn't look where he was going and bumped into someone.

"OUCH! Hey mister, maybe you should watch where you're going!" the blonde headed woman cried. Somehow she looked very familiar to him...much like...

"Marron! Is that you?!?! I'm so sorry." Goten bowed in apology. "I was just so thirsty and I decided to have a drink here..."

"Goten! it's all right. Where are you getting your drink?" Marron asked, half dreading the answer.

"Oh, the finest juice place in town! You know the 'Juice it' store? That's where. Are you with anyone?" Goten asked with a boyish grin. Marron didn't know what to do. Bra would be so embarrassed to see Goten right now. Unluckily, Pan and Bra went to that same juice stand to buy drinks a moment before Goten arrived. Maybe if she told him that Bra was here he'd get scared and might leave.

"Um...yes know the usual." she said with a fake smile on her face.

"Oh Pan? Figures. Where is she? You and Pan shopping? Isn't that a bit weird?" he said half jokingly.

"Um...Pan is at that same juice stand you were talking about...with Bra." she said chuckling nervously.

Goten looked like he saw a ghost. "B-chan? She's there? I've been looking for her all over...I wanted to ask her something very important..." he said, shaking violently.

"YOU'RE NOT GOING TO PROPOSE TO HER, ARE YOU?!?!" Marron practically screamed in his ear.

"NO! Sure, I'll admit, I have feelings for her...but I haven't been planning to marry her!!! Maybe someday...hey...wait. How did that get into your head anyway?"

"Well, me and Pan were sorta looking for you...and we saw you walk in a jewelry store...and you were carrying a black box and..."

"You were there?!?!?! Oh no. Well, what did Pan say? I was just buying her that ring to pro-"

"Her birthday. I know. Gosh I feel so stupid." Marron said chuckling.

Goten looked stunned once again. 'When is her birthday? Is that what kasaan was talking about? The party at Bulma's? Oh my gosh!' he thought.

"Yeah...hehe...her birthday...when is the party...exactly?" he said, trying to sound like he wasn't surprised. Unfortunately it didn't fool Marron. They were bestfriends for so long. That must have been the most pathetic try-to-be-normal voice she ever heard.

"Goten, you forgot her birthday, didn't you?" she said.

" tell you the truth...I wasn't ever told."

" said you have feelings for her...maybe you should've made an effort to find out, at least. WELL, it is expected of YOU. What can I say?"

"Ouch, Marron, ouch. That was really cold."

"Haha! That's funny. But I have one last question...are you really serious with Bra-chan? Do you really love her?" she asked, seriousness drowning in her eyes.

Goten looked down at the ground. Then up at the sky. She just didn't know how much B-chan meant to him. He loved her with all his heart. But he just figured it would take generations to make her fall in love with a guy much older than her.

"Well?" Marron said, nervousness again filling her statement. 'If he isn't going to be serious with Bra...he can't start anything. He can't break her heart.' she thought.

"Yes. I love her so much...words can't even describe my compassion for her." he said, sincerity flooding in his voice.

"Well...just don't hurt her...oh and Goten?"

"Yes, Marron?"

"That was TOTALLY disgusting!!! What cook book did you get that out of? 'Words can't describe my compassion'? YUCK! Gross me out!" she said, giggling like crazy.

"I'll make sure to throw that cook book away. Although I had many more. Like 'early buds of May welcome my due love that glistens as the sun shines upon thy beautiful face.'" he said through held back laughter.

Both stood there, laughing like little children, not noticing the two teenagers watching them from a table. One was very tense, squeezing her juice drink tightly before it broke, spilling the sweetness all over her hands and clothes.

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