Vegeta watched Bulma sleep.  He often did.  In fact, he knew she never woke up but he was already awake.
She fell asleep so much sooner—and needed so much more—than he.
        She sighed and turned towards him.  He knew it was only a blind reaction, she was turning towards his
heat; nevertheless, he felt a surge of pride.  Bulma needed him, loved him.
        He traced her jaw with one finger. He privately admitted he loved this strange human woman and wished
he could tell her so.  But to vocalize the words was impossible—thinking them was hard enough.  Even now,
he could barely keep himself from powering up.
        It was amazing, he reflected.  He loved her.  He had thought love was beyond him.  After all, hadn’t his
love been the killer of those he cared about?  So he’d repressed feelings—all feelings but hate.  And now he
was on Chikyuu, next to the queen of his heart.
        Vegeta went up on one elbow and kissed Bulma’s forehead, then lay on his back and stared at the
ceiling.  He wasn’t really tired…his memories were keeping him awake.  Finally, he closed his eyes and
went to sleep.
        But still, he remembered…