“Oh, hello, Bra-chan.  Goten, where have you been all day?” ChiChi asked as they walked in.
 “Out,” Goten said vaguely. “Where’s Tousan?”
 “Out.” ChiChi mimicked her son’s tone and inflection perfectly.
 Goten grinned and swung his mother up in a hug. “I love you, Kaasan.”
 “I’m glad to hear it.  To prove it, why don’t you go get your father?  Bra-chan, are you staying for dinner?”
 “May I?”
 “Of course.  Could you set the table for me?”
 “Yes, ChiChi-san.” Bra got out the plates.
 “Goten, why aren’t you gone yet?”
 “But I am, Kaasan.  You’re seeing and hearing things.” With a wink at Bra, he hurried out the door.
 “Oh, that boy,” ChiChi sighed. “He’s such a child sometimes.”
 “Well, that’s okay.”
 “You don’t live with him.”
 Bra grinned and didn’t respond.
 Goku and Goten soon appeared at the door. “This smells really good, ChiChi,” Goku said.
 “Thank you,” ChiChi said. “Sit down, it’s ready.”
 “Oh, hi, Bra-chan.  How are you?” Goku asked as they sat.
 “Oh, I’m good, thanks.” Bra couldn’t resist waving her hand a little bit as she spoke.
 “I’m glad to hear it.”
 Bra shot Goten looks all through dinner.  Finally, as dessert was being served, she set her fork down. “Okay, Goten.  I said I wouldn’t tell them, and I won’t, but if you don’t say something soon, they’re gonna find out from someone else and I don’t think that you want that.”
 “Goten, what aren’t you telling us?” ChiChi demanded.
 Goten shot Bra one of his worst poison-dart look.  She responded with a sugary smile. “Well, Kaasan, um, well,” he stammered.
 Goku looked at his son. “Whatever it is, go ahead and just say it,” he encouraged.
 “Well…Bra-chan and I…” Goten took her left hand and lifted it up. “Well, we’re getting married.”

 Goku just blinked and ChiChi stared at them. “Married?” ChiChi repeated.
 Goten shrugged helplessly. “Well, yeah.”
 ChiChi settled a bit. “When?” she asked, standing up and clearing the table.
 Bra jumped up. “Let me do that,” she offered.
 ChiChi smiled at her and sat back down. “If you want.  So, what’s the date?” she asked again.
 “That hasn’t been settled yet,” Bra said. “We want to it be soon, so there’s not a huge media boom, but we don’t know when yet.”
 Goku jumped up. “That’s great!” he declared.
 Everyone turned and stared at him.
 “Isn’t it?” he asked.
 Bra grinned. “You don’t know how glad I am to hear you say that!” she exclaimed. “I was afraid you might not approve for some reason.”
 Now ChiChi got into the act. “Of course we do.” A sudden thought occurred to her. “What does Vegeta think?”
 “Oh, Tousan’s fine with it,” Bra said airily. “Or if he’s not, he’s not sharing any of his doubts.”
 ChiChi hugged her. “This is great,” she said. “We were beginning to fear that Goten would never ask you.”
 “Well,” Bra started with a mischievous glance at Goten.  He was begging her with his eyes not to tell the whole story.  She winked at him. “Consider your fear allayed.” She looked at her watch. “I really need to get home now.”
 “Oh.” Goten nodded. “Um, I’ll walk you to the door.” He stood up and escorted her to the door. “Will I see you tomorrow?”
 She went up on tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “I think so.  Kaasan wants all the details about our wedding, so come by Capsule Corp around two, okay?”
 He gave her a quick hug. “Okay.  See you then.”
 “’Bye.” Bra squeezed his hand and flew home.


 “Oh my gosh!  You’re engaged!” Pan squealed about two weeks later. “To whom?”
 Bra stared at her. “Goten, of course,” she replied.
 Pan’s mouth dropped. “That’s so great!” she exclaimed. “So, did he ask you or did you have to ask him?”
 Bra thought back.  Did she really want to explain it?  Might as well. “Well, he—he didn’t really ask me, he just kinda…kinda introduced me to one of his friends as his fiancée.”
 Pan rolled her eyes. “That is so like him!” she exclaimed. “Sometimes I wonder if he really does have a brain.”
 “I think he must…he functions, doesn’t he?”
 “But only barely!” Pan laughed. “Well, I can’t believe this!  Everyone’s paired up but me!”
 Bra thought about it. “I guess so.  Well, there’s a guy in your future, don’t worry about it.”
 “Oh, I don’t.  Tousan told me that…” Pan stopped. “Never mind what Tousan told me.”
 “What?  What was it?” Bra asked curiously.
 “Well…when Mirai Azami and Mirai Mikka came, he talked to them and found out a little bit about the future.  I had a family, at least in their future I did.”
 Bra grinned. “I’m glad to hear it.  Mikka was your kid?”
 Pan didn’t respond at first. “Well…no,” she finally said. “She was actually my…cousin.”
 “Your cousin?” Bra went pale. “Oh my,” she said. Then, “Oh my.”
 “Hey, don’t worry about it.  We’ve already changed the future, you know.  I mean, this isn’t set in stone, you know?”
 Bra sat down. “I…I can’t believe this.  We had a daughter?”
 “I shouldn’t have said anything.” Pan sat down next to her. “That was a totally different Bra,” she said. “That isn’t you.  It’s someone totally different.  Come on, you should understand that best…you fell for Mirai Trunks, didn’t you?”
 Bra shot her a glance that would’ve made Vegeta proud.

 “Okay, okay, point taken.” Pan grinned at her. “So, have you made any other decisions yet?”
 Bra shook her head. “Kaasan kinda took over in that department, and I kinda let her.  She can plan a better wedding than I can right now.  The wedding is in two weeks, though, I can tell you that.”

 Pan nodded sagely. “Yeah, I understand.  Wow.  I can’t believe this.  You’re getting married.  To my uncle.  Though I don’t know why I’m at all surprised…you’re the same age now…year older than me…” she grumbled.
 Bra grinned. “That was a definite perk to the whole situation,” she admitted. “I wish Trunks and Marron got turned into little kids so we could make them be our flower girl and ring bearer.”

 Pan laughed. “That would be pretty funny, but not very nice.”
 Bra grinned. “Oh, I know, I know.  Anyways, I was wondering if you be my maid of honor.”
 Pan sighed. “Always a maid of honor, never a bride.  Just joking, of course.  I’d love to, thanks.”
 Bra nodded. “Great.  Well, that’s another thing Kaasan can scratch off her list.”
 Pan grinned. “And is it an extensive list?”
 “You have no idea.”
 Pan grinned again. “Well, I’ve got to be going, unfortunately.  I guess Kaasan and Tousan know about it?”
 “Well, you guys were out of town, or we would have told you right away.  I guess Goten’s told them by now.”
 “Yeah, probably.  Well, I’ll see you later, okay?”
 “’Bye Pan.”
 Pan waved and walked out the door.

 Trunks appeared a few minutes later. “Hey, Imoto?”
 Bra’s head snapped up. “Yes?”
 “Can I talk to you?”
 “Of course!” Trunks hadn’t taken the news very well and he’d been avoiding Bra ever since Goten had told him. “What’s up, Niichan?”
 Trunks sat down on the edge of her bed. “So…two weeks, huh?”
 Bra grinned at him. “Yep.  Two weeks, and I’ll be married.” She looked over at him. “Are you mad about it?”
 “Mad?” Trunks looked surprised. “No, I’m not mad.  More…shocked.  I mean, you’re my little sister and he’s…he’s my best friend!  He was ten years older than you were, for Dende’s sake!  I know he’s not anymore, but it’s hard for me to readjust my thinking, you know?”

 Bra rested her head on his shoulder. “You know what my first memory of you is?” she asked softly.
 Trunks looked down at her. “No, what is it?”
 “I was about three, I think.  Kaasan and Tousan were out of town and you had to baby-sit me.  I was sick and I was throwing up.”
 Trunks thought back. “I don’t remember that,” he said.
 “Well, I know it happened.  I was throwing up, but it was the middle of the night and I didn’t want to get you because I knew you hated to be bothered while you were sleeping.”

 Trunks’ eyes widened. “Oh, I remember now!  I heard you, I came in to see what was wrong…”
 “You picked me up and held me until I felt better, then you tucked me in.  I don’t think we ever told Kaasan or Tousan about that.  But that is my first memory of you.” She hugged him. “You’re such a good big brother to me.”
 Trunks hugged her back. “Well, you’re not so bad for a little sister yourself, you know.”
 “Thanks,” Bra said dryly. She got up. “I’ve gotta go…Kaasan wants me to pick out flowers.”
 Trunks grinned at her. “Now you know how I felt,” he said.

 She shook her head. “Nope.  The bride’s mother is much easier to deal with than the groom’s mother is.” She shook her head again as her brother started to say something. “Don’t think about that too hard or it might start to make sense.  I’ll see you when I get home.”