Chapter 1

9 pm, Central Park

It's another rainy day, people in the street are running around to find shelter, but not Marron. She stood in the park, letting all of the cold rain drops hitting her. "I will not let him... not ever..." She whispered to particularily no one.

Not so long ago, her boyfriend wanted to make up with her, but she told him she's not ready...yet, for she is not experienced. But her boyfriend won't take listen, so she almost got raped.

"Marron! Marron, where are you?" She heard a familiar voice call out her name.Marron felt like being alone for a while to think things through, so she decided to go behind the tree so Goten won't see her.

"Marron, I know your here somewhere, everybody's been worry sick about you. You gotta come out. If your being bothered by that asshole boyfriend of yours and wanted to just being left alone to think, then you don't have to come out, but at least say something so I can report back to your parents."

Marron smiled a little smile, Goten just know her too well. Although Goten is extremely annoying, but he's still a great friend, and an understanding one too.

"Go tell my parents that I'm alive." Marron said coldly. Goten let out a wide, innocent strange big smile that somehow reminded her of Goku-san. They are so alike, probably be a family gene thing when the second child of the family always looks like their father. Marron chuckled at the thought.


"Marron's alive." Goten announced to Juuhachi-gou who doesn't look pleased with the report. "What? she said to tell you and Krillin-san that!"


Marron was walking down the streets with her heads down, thinking about what happened earlier and how to explain it to her okassan after she's home. Then, a strange figure appeared from the sky and knocked her unconcious and disappeared with her.....


"So should I retreat everyone from their search for Marron?" Goten asked a cold faced 18 that just came back from outside holding a note.

"Yes, and tell them to come here, we got another missin, read this." Juuhachi-gou hold up the note for Goten to see.

Your daughter Marron is alive....but not quite concious!

10 pm,Central Park

Goten immediately turned pale," Someone kidnapped her..."

"When exactly did you find Marron?" Juuhachi-gou questioned.

" 9 pm" was the answer.


Chapter 1 complete
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