Updates June 29, 2001:
  Whoops, I am SO sorry for taking so long to update! I've been very busy lately with lotsa craps. Especially these past few months really suck at work! You know what's really pissing me off? Is when you worked your butt off (well, not really, I only worked for a few hours a day o.o;... BUT STILL!) but you NEVER EVER get PAID! That is...THAT IS SO UNFAIR! And when I asked my boss for MY pay-check, he said, 'Oh don't worry, you know I can give you ANYtime, HONEY." Argh! Honey my @$$. But thank GOD I'm not working at that place any longer. Take a note people: 'Never, EVER work with your own DAD!' So, DADDY, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, YOU BETTER GIVE ME MY 3 MONTHS SALARY RIGHT NOW OR..OR I'LL TAKE BACK YOUR FATHERS DAY GIFT!!!.. oh wait.. he doesn't know about my website... 
  ANYWAY! That was something about my sorry little life. Now on with the updates!
  7 New Fanfics posted on the Fics Section. And as usual, they're all good ^_^. Oh for you T&M fans out there, you should read Bikoneko's fic 'Casts Away In The Shadows'. Now THATS an awesome fic ^_^. What else..oh yeah, new FanArts. There are beautiful fanarts posted on the Arts section and you guys just havta check it out. You know, it's such a wondeful feeling when someone from your own high school contributed their works to you ^_^. Ava and Annette, terima kasih! Keep up the good work, and please, send more! Jangan lupa ye! ^_^
  Next we have the Q&A Session. Yeap, more new entries posted. Also more new Links! I changed the lay out's in the Links section a bit though. From now on it'll be alphabetical order ^_^. I hope that'll help some people to find their fav web pages. 
  Speaking of Lay-outs, I changed the lay outs on HERE too! Like it? No? :(.. oh well, that's okay. I know grey is really a gloomy color, well.. I guess the color really reflects on how am I feeling while I was working on this page. Either that, or I'm just being tired with wittle pweety colorful thingies.. need some changes sometime a bit, you know? ^_^

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Pic Of The Week!

Oh look! Goten and Pan are showing us how to have some family fun!!

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