°»Krillian.°… 18 whispered.  °»Krillian, get up.°…  It was one in the morning and everyone was asleep, except 18.

        °»What?°… He asked, kind of annoyed.

        °»Look.°… She said, her voice was a little nervous, so Krillian sat up.  The windows were open, and the curtains were all over the room.

        °»What?°… He asked again, not seeing anything.  He heard footsteps, and then a knife was up to 18°«s throat!  She yelped.

        °»What?!  Get the hell?°»

        °»Don°«t move.  Don°«t make a sound.°… A deep voice said. 18°«s eyes were wide; the knife kept getting closer and closer to cutting her throat.

        Marron woke up; she had had a bad dream.  She sat up, and looked around her room.  It was so dark, and scary.  She grabbed her pillow, and decided to go into her parent°«s room.  She walked silently down hallway; she was so light her footsteps didn°«t make a sound.  She reached the room, and opened the door quietly, incase they were asleep.  She looked in, and she almost screamed.

      There was a huge man, putting a knife up to her mom°«s throat!  Marron didn°«t know what to do!  They said at school to call 911, but when she did that before, they didn°«t do anything, except get killed!   Well, call someone you nitwit!  She said to herself.
     She ran to the phone in the hall. She left the door open, so she could see what happened, and pressed °∆redial°« hoping that she didn°«t get a pizza place.

        It ringed once, twice, three times.  °»Hurry up.°… She said, then heard her dad yell.

        °»No!°… He yelled, she looked in, and saw her okaasan°«s neck split, and her blood all over the room!  She yelped, and ran back to the phone, and someone had answered.

        °»Moshi moshi?°… They were asking.

        °»Ineedhelp.°… She whispered quickly in panic.


        °»I need help!°…
        °»Um . . . hold on.°…

        °»Iie!°… She said, but the person had already left.

        °»Yamcha, Yamcha wake up!°… Puar said, shaking him.

        °»Wha?what°«s wrong Puar?°… He asked, not opening his eyes.

        °»The phone°«s for you, and she sound really upset, I can°«t understand her!°… Puar said, handing him the phone.

        °»Hello?°… Yamcha asked, tired.

        °»Yamcha?  ThisisMarronsomeonejustattackedourhouseandweneedhelp!°… A voice said, in a whisper.


        °»Someone just attacked our house!  Okaasan and otusan are upstairs and he said that if either of them moved,
then he would slit okaasan°«s throat!  Oh, oh god!  He just did!  We need some help!°… She cried.

        °»Who is this?°… Yamcha asked, sitting up.

        °»It°«s Marron!°… She said.  °»Oh god!  Okaasan!°… She cried.

        °»Marron?°… Yamcha asked.  °»Marron are you there?°… Just a dial tone.  °»Puar, go get all the Z fighters, tell them to go to Krillian°«s house.°… He said, grabbing a shirt and jumping out his window, wondering why she had called him.  Why hadn°«t she called Goku?  He was stronger.  But Yamcha was there within a matter of seconds.

°»Oh.  I didn°«t know you had a little girl.°… The attacker said, grabbing Marron by her neck.  °»How nice.°… Then he threw her against the wall.  Her head hit the corner of the table, and blood started to flow.

       °»You bastard!°… Krillian said, jumping up and running towards him, but he knocked Krillian down the stairs, and he grabbed Krillian°«s wrist and sliced it with his knife when he landed.  Blood was all over the hallway.
Krillian yelled and grabbed his wrist, trying to stop the bleeding.  He attacked the strange guy again, when 18 came and kicked the stranger in the back of the head.

°»Oh.  That hurt.°… He said sarcastically, grabbing her leg and twisting it.  She screamed in pain, and Krillian punched the man in the gut. He grabbed Krillian°«s arm and threw him against the wall, but Krillian bounced against it, and kicked the
man across the face.  He didn°«t seem affected, and that°«s when the door opened.

        °»Yamcha get out!°… Krillian yelped, but the °∆get out°« was stopped by a kick to the gut.

Yamcha landed in the front yard, it was a nice night out, but you could tell something was wrong.  He heard a scream inside and ran in.  The lights were off and it took him a few seconds for his eyes to adjust, but he was kicked in the face before they could.

°»Yamcha!°… Krillian yelled.  Yamcha looked up.  The hallway was covered in blood.  Marron was crouched in the corner; her blond hair was stained red with blood.

 There was blood going down 18°«s neck, she was turning pale, and Krillian°«s arms were covered in blood, and he was crouched over, holding his stomach.  It made Yamcha want to throw up.  But he couldn°«t see the opponent anywhere, until he got hit with a blast that blew off the roof. Yamcha felt getting picked up by his arm and thrown out the backdoor.  The man followed him, and so did Krillian and 18. Krillian shot him with a KAMEHAMEHA, but he easily blocked it.

°»Wha?what are you?°… Krillian asked.

°»I am ANi24.  I was sent here to kill all of the Z force.°…  ANi24 said.  °»Now, prepare to die!°…  He shot a huge °∆chi°« blast towards Krillian.  It was so powerful; Krillian couldn°«t block it.

°»Otusan!°… Marron called quietly from inside.  She felt sick!  Everything was wrong!  This wasn°«t supposed to happen!  She sat there, thinking about how unfair it was . . . how it shouldn°«t be happening.  She was shivering with anger; then she looked back outside.  Everyone was down!  They were going to die!

°»No!°… She called.  °»You?°»

°»It hard to express your anger when you don°«t know any cuss words, isn°«t it?°… ANi24 laughed.

Krillian looked up.  °»Marron!  Marron, you°«ve got to get out of here!°…

Marron acted like she couldn°«t here him.  °»You°«ll pay!°… She screamed.  Her °∆chi°« was swarming around her; it looked like lightening. She threw her hands forward, and screamed.  A huge °∆chi°« blast escaped her fingers.  There was smoke everywhere, no one could see anything.

Holy shit!  Yamcha thought.  She did it!  Great Yamcha!  Now you°«re weaker then an eight-year old human girl! The smoke settled and there he was, laughing.  °»That°«s pretty good for a two year old.°…

°»I°«m nine.°… Marron said threw clinched teeth.

°»It doesn°«t matter.°…  ANi24 said, walking up to her.

He put his hand on her head, then smacked her across the yard.  She slammed into a tree, and was out cold.  This gave her parents a huge boost of energy.  They attacked with full force, but they were still losing .
. .

°»Goku!°… A small voice called.

°»What?°… Goku asked, rubbing his eyes.

°»Goku, hurry!  There°«s something happening at Krillian°«s house!°… Puar said, shaking him awake.

°»Marron called, she said someone was there with a knife?°» Goku was gone before Puar could say anymore. Puar flew into the next room, and found Goten. °»Goten!°… Puar said, shaking him.

Goku flew at full speed to Krillian°«s house.  °»Be okay.  Please be okay.°… He said quietly.  Krillian was his best friend from as far as Goku could remember! He felt sick, and sped up.  He got there in less then a second.  When he got to the house, it didn°«t look like a house anymore.  There was some walls left, and they were all stained with blood.  There were three
bloody bodies on the ground, and he looked around for where the attacker was.

°»Where are you?!°… Goku cried.

°»I°«m right here.°… A deep voice said, then Goku was knocked down on his face.

°»Hey, leave him alone!°… A small voice said.  There was Goten, Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta standing there.

°»Oh.  I°«m scared.°… He said.

°»You should be.°… Goku said, standing up. Then they attacked.  People from all sides.  Arms and legs everywhere, but somehow, he managed to block them all.  All of them were getting exhausted, while the stranger was still awake as ever.

°»Who are you?°… Vegeta asked, panting, and powering up to SSJ 3.

°»I am a android, sent here to kill all of you.°… He said.  °»I am ANi24.°…

°»Well, ANi24, get ready to die!°… Vegeta roared.  They attacked again.  Five SSJ 3°«s, and they managed to get some good punches in, but no one could get him with a blast!   He was way to fast. They were all panting, and tired.  Goku realized their problem: There were no surprise attacks!  He knew where everyone was, and he would watch them, so he could always block the attacks!  He sighed, knowing that there was very little hope.

Krillian felt lightheaded.  His whole body hurt, and his wrists were both slit, so blood was pouring out of them.  He knew he was going to die.  Krillian looked over and saw all of his friends, all of them getting hurt by this . . . thing.  Krillian knew that if he shot the thing from behind . . . but he didn°«t have enough energy, if he shot it, he wouldn°«t be able to live.  He sighed and struggled to stand up.  Quietly, he started the prayer.

°»The land, the sea, the sky, and all living things on this planet.  It is I, your humble servant Krillian.  Please, give me some of your energy, so I may rid the world of this evil!°… He said.  He felt the large amount of energy coming from the moon, the sea, even the warriors.  Goku noticed what he was doing, and tried to distract ANi24.

°»ANi!°…  He yelled. °»Eat this!°… Then shot a KAMEHAMEHA.
The energy was gathering.  Everyone had noticed it by now, and they were all trying to distract ANi24, he was constantly blocking, and dodging, so he didn°«t notice the energy. Soon all the energy was gathered.  It was amazing!  All the energy!  Krillian could°«ve done anything while he was holding on to that?but he had to give it up.

°»Now go!°… He whispered. The energy blasted towards ANi24 at an amazing speed.  All the energy that Krillian had in him left with the ball, but Krillian stood until the blast hit.  There was a bright light, and ANi24 was on the ground, pieces of metal everywhere.  Krillian sighed, knowing that his wife and daughter were now safe, and collapsed.  Gohan ran over and checked his pulse.

°»We need to get them to a hospital.°… He yelled.  Goku ran over, picked up Krillian and 18, and flew to them to the Capsule Corp. hospital, Gohan was right behind him with Marron and Yamcha.


Editor's Note: Ya know what guys, the first time I read this fic, I gave my most sympathy to Marron. Poor lil gal. ~_~. I didnt know her life would turned out this way!! But keep on reading, you'll see the other side of Marron!! Sugoi,neh? ^_^ 
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