The Recovery
by Marron

She was pronounced dead at 9:43 that cold September night. She had been deathly ill and he knew that she was in a better place
but he cant think of living his life without her in it.

"Trunks, would you please come here." Bulma called from her lab.

Slowly he stumbled out of his office and got to her.

"Honey, I know you miss her and loved her...."

"I still love her." he gruffly interrupted.

"And you miss her but she is in a better place. Both you and I know that. And now if anyone else gets what she had their family
won't have to go through the pain that you and all of us are going through."

He shot his head up, "There's a cure?! Where, we can save her."

"No Trunks, we don't want to change the past, something's happen for a certain reason. I'm sure
that's what happened here."

"What?! You are always saying that you want her back, this can bring her back."

"Trunks, honey, I do miss her, but you have to understand....."

He left the building without listening to another word that she said. Tears were streaming down his face. She didn't know
how hard it is to lose someone you really love.

"Trunks?.......Trunks?" Bra was outside his house knocking on the door.

He opened the it and hugged her.

"I just got through talking to mom. It’s a great idea but.......I have to agree with her."

"Bra you don't understand, I miss her so much. I don't feel like I can go on living without her. I am being eaten
away by sadness. I want to kill my self."

She looked up into his sad blue eyes. "But you have to understand that if you died what would Emily and Jordan do? They
understand that their mom is gone and she's not coming back. They see that your living with it so they are living with it."

They sat in silence for a while.

"Well I have to go. Think about it. Goten's waiting for me." She kissed his cheek and left.

After sitting there alone for a while, he go to his children's room. They look so much like their mother.

He left and went to his room. "Alright, I'll stay here with them till my time comes. I won't force it nor will I fight
it." he vowed to his dead wife.

He changed into his pj's and climbed into bed. The room was cold but suddenly it got warmer. He felt that she was there.
He sat there in silence, then snuck out to do one more thing. He didn't care what anyone thought, he had to do something to
help his sadness and his aching heart.

The next morning he rolled over and kissed his wife then went to cook breakfast for himself, his children, and Marron. When he
left for work that morning, Bulma asked how Marron was from recovering for that illness that he some how found the cure for. He
just smiled and walked into his office. He knew that they would never know what he knew about her recovery or how he found it.

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