Bra's Sure Signs that you're Obsessesed with Goten

Me?......... Obsessed?............. You have to be kidding.

Hey! I'm Bra. You know............. Trunks' little sis..........Well, anyways................ This is dedicated to the forever dreamy
Goten, Trunks' best friend. I find him very cute so this is why I wrote this. Just don't tell him. I would be very
embarrased. Think about it. Trunks' 14 year old sister in love with such a dreamy hunk. Oh well. I know that I will
never get a chance to date him although I have written several fan-fics.... None of which include his girlfriend,
Perisu. She's a bitch. What else can I say? Just remember that all of the following with stars by them aply to me.

You are obsessed if...

            You call your little brother Goten.

            You call your younger son Goten.

            You have your boyfriend call you Perisu.

            Your best friend dyed their hair purple so he could be Trunks.

            You call your best friend's little sister Bra.

            *You have every picture of him off the internet.

            *You blush every time you hear his name, let alone see a picture of him.

            *You are anything like me.

            You call yourself Goten.

            You claim to be the real Goten.

            *You dream of him.

            *Every time you see somebody who looks like him, you go up to them and start to talk in Japanese,
            only to realize it's not Goten.

            *You save and watch mini-movies of him off the internet over and over and over.........

            *Your friends make up dreamy fan-fics about you and Goten together.

            *You hear his voice in you head.

            *You're mad at your X best friend for calling Goten a loser.

            *You wish Goten would talk to you like a girl and not a little sister.

            You make your boyfriend change his hair and clothes to look like Goten.

            *You wait for the perfect guy. You know.... The one that looks, acts, sounds, and calls himself Goten.

            Every letter you get in the mail is adressed to Goten.

            *You visit every Dragonball website that is dedicated to Goten.

            *You imagine the people in music videos to be you and Goten.

            *You learn Japanese so you can write a letter to Japan to Goten and hope it gets there.

            *You wish he was your guy.

            *You draw him with you or by himself, just as long as he is drawn.

            *You forget you are in school and daydream about him.

            *You can't go one day without atleast saying his name let alone starting a whole conversation or
            writing a fan-fic about him.

            *Your friends can't stand it when you won't shut up about him.

            *You check every computer in the computer room for pics of Goten.

            *You live in Capsule Corp. and listen through the wall when Goten spends the night, trying to tell the
            difference between Goten and Trunks' snoring.

            **You think Trunks is a morron.

            *You mention Goten's name in every school report you do

            You loved the school newspaper which nobody except for you bought because you were the editor
            and would only let stories of Goten in it.

            *You stare at pictures of Goten when you are alone and can't think of homework.

            *You wish he would be your boyfriend.

            *You try not to stutter when you talk to him or somebody who looks like him.

            *You notice the very small scar he has and wonder what it's from.

            *You listen to any story your parents tell you that include Goten.

            *You save any fan-fic which has him in it, even if his name is only mentioned once.

            *You try not to mention anything about his body build for fear your friends might laugh, but then again
            you might not care what your friends think.

            You have a T-shirt for every day of the week with a different picture of Goten on it.

            *You have a friend called Marron who doesn't want to date Goten, but still thinks he's a hunk.

            *You pass out or come close every time you hear somebody talking about how you two would make
            the perfect couple.

            You act like him.

            You train like him.

            You try to fuse with your friend who looks like Trunks very unsuccessfully.

            *You write several fan-fics about him.

            You have the wrong eye color to be Goten so you either have them surgically changed or get

            You dumped your girlfriend, Perisu 'cause you have a crush on Bra. ( Hope, hope)

            You call your parents Goku, Chichi, Okaasan, or Otoosan.

            You try to get to his exact weight level and stay there.

            *He comes to your house.

            *You wish he would come to your house.

            The last time you checked on it, your friend had lost a permenant tooth while sparring.

            *You have sparred with Goten, and liked it.

            You could tell me every word Goten ever said.

            You have a notebook dedicated to him.

            *You wish you had a notebook dedicated to him.

            *You want to find out if he's a good kisser or not.

            *You are gonna kill Marron for writing a fan-fic that went a little too far.

            I'm gonna kill you for smudging my lipstick and yes I would.

            I came to your house asking for Goten.

            You got a letter from me adressed to Goten.

            I came to your house and slapped you for smudging my lipstick.

            *You spent the night at Capsule Corp. ( Duh! I live here.)

            *You think I have an attitude problem, but think it's not my fault.

            *You went looking for Dragonballs and think/ know you already have one so now you have to find the
            other 6 to make a wish. ( If only mom would let me borrow the Dragon-radar.)

            I call you Goten-niichan.

            Every guy you look at looks like Goten.

            Whenever you fill out paper work, you use Goten's info instead of your own.

            You treat me better than Trunks would.

            You got embarrased when you took Perisu for her first icecream.

            You want to E-mail me.

            You have a tatoo of Goten or his name.

            You got some blond, wash-out dye so you could say you went super saiya-jin.

            *You use the phone as much as Goten. (More)

            You almost got killed when I broke a nail and the only thing that kept me from killing you was my
            father, Goku, Trunks, and the fact that my mother fixed it.

            You got a Japanese dictionary just to find out what Goten meant in Japanese.

            You know me.

            My friends know you as Goten.

            *You have seen my binder.

            *You go through all of my computer files.

            I said you were obsessed.

I'm sorry if that had an attitude, but I can't stand to think of Goten as belonging to anybody else. He is just so sweet. I
really wish he would notice me. Also, before I start to get too upset and cry, I just want to tell you all that................
that.................. if Goten ever hears of this, there will be hell to pay. Goten has seen a really pissed super saiya-jin
girl, namely me, and you wouldn't want to. I can assure you. I am just so sorry if this has an attitude, but I am so
afraid that Goten-niichan will see this. Please don't let him.

Note to anyone who has a Goten webpage: Please pardon the way I express myself about Goten, but............

........but............................. he is so cute. I just wish Goten would notice me..........but I also want my idiot brother to
disapear and that's not about to happen any time soon.

Another note: If my idiot brother Trunks is out there, I just want to tell him that if he tells Goten about this or shows it
to him.................. Well, let's just put it this way. I will tell everyone what happened between you and Pan, Oniisan!

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