Bra's Sure Signs your Obsessed with Her

I'm not obsessed with myself...... I'm just showing off.


Hey! I'm Bra. You know............. Trunks' little sis..........Well, anyways................ This is dedicated to me. I know for a fact
that almost everyone knows my brother Trunks, but very few people seem to know who I even am. I guess that's
why I did this. I also did one on the incredibly handsome Goten. I had my friends help me write some of these so I
hope you enjoy it. I didn't bother with stars on this one, because only one or two of them don't aply to me.

You're obsessed if....

            You get pissed off at Trunks a lot.

            You search the internet for every pic of Bra you can find.

            You have a crush on Goten.

            You dye your hair blue.

            You get a red outfit just like hers.

            You know me.

            People call you Bra.

            You write fan-fics about her.

            You love to watch Vegeta spar.

            You think you can go super saiya-jin, form 2.

            You love to say, " It will only take me less than a second to kill you. You might as well stop right now."

            You change your birthday to Nov. 12

            You suddenly get cravings for soups, salads, Tea cakes, and Green tea.

            You start to hate math.

            You claim to be half saiya-jin.

            You try out the Chi-no-ha or the Rising blitz and it actually works.

            You try to publish anything you can about Bra on the internet.

            You call your best friends Pan and Marron.

            You get mad at Goten for smudging your lipstick.( This is a reoccurring pun on a picture I drew.)

            You live at Capsule Corp.

            You think you can hear Trunks snoring in the middle of the night from his room.

            You call your brother Oniisan or Trunks.

            You call you brother's best friend Goten.

            You have a really big crush on your brother's best friend who you not only call Goten, but he looks like
            Goten as well.

            You are always being teased by Trunks.

            You can actually turn super saiya-jin.

            You wish you could turn super saiya-jin.

            Your friends sometimes/ most of the time say you look like Bra.

            You try to spar with your friend who you call Pan.

            You can prove that you are saiya-jin.

            You know how to melt Vegeta's heart.

            You try to get your teachers to call you bura-bura or Ulma.

            You love food and cute guys.

            You ask your parents to let you dye your hair blue if it's not already blue.

            You are able to get your older brother to spar with you.

            You don't like to fight that much, but you love to watch people sparring.

            You try to act just like me.

            Your friend who you call Pan wants to hook up with your brother who you call Trunks.

            You want to steal a sword from a museum that looks like Trunks' sword for a birthday present for
            him, but you don't 'cause who would want to give a gift to such a jerk.

            You try to change your birth record so your name will really be Bra......... That's until your real mother
            stops you.

            All of your mail is adressed to Bra Briefs Vegeta.

            All of the kids at school other than your friends think that your strange.

            You love Anime.

            You call your mother Okaasan and your father Otoosan while your friends call them Bulma and

            You are the only one who thinks Trunks is a jerk.

            Your homework is signed Bra Briefs Vegeta.

            You get your family to call you Bra.

            You have read a lot of fan-fics which include Bra. These Fan-fics include: Devil Hunter Bra, A day in
            the life of Bra, The Ballad of Goten and Bra, and Vegeta.... Baby Gaurd.

            You have written a whole lot of fan-fics about her.

            You visit Bra's Dragonball Homepage every time you get on the internet, mainly to see if there are
            very many new changes or just to see it.

            You answer every time somebody was talking about Bra.

            Your friends write their notes to you " To Bra"

            You sign your notes with Bra.

            You got into softball and couldn't catch the ball until you pictured yourself as Bra.

            You try to get your waist as small as hers.

            You start to exercise regularly so you can be more like Bra.

            You try to spar with anyone, just trying to impress your Otoosan.

            Everyone thinks you should be dating Goten.

            You have an atitude like Bra's.

            You get a tatoo of her.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed what I have so far. Just remember, always eat your wheaties, brush and floss regularly,
and never play with unfamiliar ducks.

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