Chapter 2: Baby Sitting Bra 


"I HATE THAT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Marron roared. She stompped her feet and threw her school bag aimlessly on the couch. Her pony tails were in mess. She stepped in to the kitchen to get a glass of water or preferably drowned herself in the kitchen sink. Her mother, Juhachi-gou, was there preparing some food.

"So, you don't like your new school, huh?"

"Obviously, NO!" she slammed the refregerator door.

"Uh huh...just as I thought." Juhachigou sat down on the dinning table facing her daughter. "But Marron, your otosan doesn't want you to mix around with boys.." she said thoughtfully.

"But WHY, okaasan?" she stood up. "WHY? Is it so dangerouse to have an-opposite sex friends?? I'm 16 for crying out loud!!"

"You WILL be 16..."

"What's the difference?! Look okaasan, I'm just tired otosan treating me like a little girl! Which is I'm NOT!!!" she lowered her head. " Gomene..I need to go to my room." and she left.

Juhachi-gou sighed. Not always she could see her daughter in a cranky mood. But she's a teenager, of course she'll be cranky in most of her time. Juhachi gou was about to continue her work when Kurilin stepped in with a guilty look on his face.

"She just yelled at me..." he said.

His wife just smiled and walked towards him, looking down. " She have grown, Kurilin..."

Thats all what she have to say.


   In the room, Marron was staring herself in  the mirror. She looked at her eyes,...and she looked nose, her mouth, her hair and even her ears! "I'm not UGLY!" she thought angrily. "How could they say I'm ugly?! At least I don't use cheap make up!".

"And I love my pony tails...."

  The telephone rang in her room. "Hello." she answered with an anoyed voice.

  "..hello...?" a tiny voice replied. "Marron!"



  " Are you okey?! You sound pretty sad.."

  At first she just heard Bra was whinning," I am...Marron, can you come over? I'm bored..."

"But ... "  Bra whined again. Marron sighed.

"Oh, alright. I'll be there in a minute..but wheres your mom?!"

"Okasan gone working.."

"You dad? How about Trunks?"

"Otosan, oniichan and Goten-oniichan are in that big heavy room..."

Marron thought. Heavy room? oh, she must meant by the Gravity Room. "Okey, Bra. I'll be there soon. Just hold on okey?"

"Honto?? Ureshiiiiiii..." cheered Bra. "Bye bye!!"

"..uh, Bra! wait!" she'd already hung up. Again, Marron sighed. Now, she got to borrow her father's car.


"Otosan, I need your car."

" Where are you going?"

"Bra's house."

"Nani? what for?"

"I dunno. She just need my company there..thats all."

Kurilin thought for a while. " Oh, okey. Here. " he took the key out from his pocket and handed to her. "Drive safely."

"Oh, c'mon otosan, it's not like I've never done this before." she kissed his forehead. "By the way, sorry I've yelled at you earlier...bye!!!"

"Bye.." he said followed by a light sigh.


  Marron now was in Bra's room. She was playing doll house with her. Bra seems to be happy ever since Marron was there keeping her company. For the past few hours, they were only laughing,telling jokes and watch some cartoons. Of course Marron wouldn't mind, sometimes she could be so childish herself.

 "Well well well...look who's here..." a voice came out interupting their play.
 "Trunks!" Marron called out.

Trunks was leaning againts the door frame. Just then Goten popped out from behind. "Marron! Nice seeing you here!" he stepped in with a towel around his neck. Obviously, they have just finished trainning with Vegeta. "Wow, B-chan, what are you playing?"

"Playing dolls with Marron-onechan! Wanna join?"

"W..well,..WHY NOT?" he sat on the floor. " So! How do you girls play this game anyway?"

"Urm, Goten-kun, its not like a GAME..but, ..ya dolls! Act something like if it was real!" Marron  told him.


"Hey,..this looks like fun!! Can I join?" Trunks walked in and sat beside Goten. " I wanna be the constructer worker so I could blow down your house!. " he said.

"Theres no such thing as a constructer worker." Marron rolled her eyes.

"Well, we can make one can't we? Just use one of my old toys!"

"I KNOW!!!!!!" Bra exclaimed, standing up. "Let's make it more interesting, since we're all here!!!!"

"What do you have in mind, Bra?" asked Marron.

"Okey, I'll be a mother, and Goten onichan will be my husband." she said happily. " Marron-onechan, you can be our daughter! And'll be...the....urm......our doggie."


Goten laughed his heart out, rolling on the floor. Marron was about to burst out too. " I CAN'T BE A DOG?!?!?! HOW COULD YOU MAKE YOUR OWN HANDSOME BROTHER A DOG??!!?!?!?! I SHOULD BE MORE BETTER THAN THAT!!! WHY DON'T YOU..." Trunks stopped when he heard a sob coming out from Bra. If she cried, he knows he's going to die, and Vegeta will be there to kill him first. His father hates to hear Bra's crying. So do him.

"Uh oh, really done it this time..."

"OKEY OKEY! I'll be your!!!" he said out loud. " Now let's get started and get on with it!!"

Bra's eyes brightened and back to her cheerfull self. She nodded excitedly.


"Honey, I'm home~~~!!" Goten tried to sound a little bit more like Fred Flinstones.

"Oh good. I need you to go to the store." Bra replied.

"NANI? But I thought I just got BACK from the store!"

"Okey, but I forgot something. This time bring the dog with you.!"

Trunks snorted. He sat beside Marron who was doing nothing at all. " I never been so pityfull in my life.." he said softly but angrily. " Oh, Trunks.." she whispered back. "Just make your sister happy, will you?"

"Yea yea yea...whatever." he stood up. " Okey! Now what should I do, as-the-DOG?"

"Oh, you're going to the store with your master,Butter." ordered Bra.


"Yes. Thats your name."

"What kind of dog am I anyway?? And where did you get that BUTTER name?!!"

 Marron looked up at him angrily. Her eye-signals telling him that he should do it or he'll die soon. PRETTY soon. Goten gave him a warning look as well.

"Alright. Butter will go to the store or whatever it is with his master. Now bye bye." Trunks walked up on Goten than dragged him by his collar, bringing him to the other corner of the room. "Listen hear, MAS-TER! Why do you put up on me in here the first place?! I HATE THIS"

"Well, it's not MY FAULT you joined the girls!! And don't say it too loud or B-chan might hear you!" warned Goten. Trunks took a deep breath. "Fuh~okey..okey. I'm cool. Real Cool." he stared on the ceiling. "I just don't believe a 20 year old guy like me is actually playing PLAY-HOUSE with his SISTER!!"

"Once in a life time Trunks.." Goten put his hand on Trunks shoulder. "Okey now, Butter....." he took a long pencil on the table. "..fetch this." he teased and ran off before Trunks could chase him. Running around the room, yelling at each other.

"BUTTER!! Stop chasing your master!!!" Bra yelled.

After a few more hours playing, finnaly the room was filled with silence. Bra was on her bed, sleeping soundly. Marron and the guys gathered around her bed. Watching her.

"She must be tired, huh..." Goten asked.

"Yea... and what a relief!!" Trunks said. "I don't believe she actually made me a DOG!"

"shh...." Marron hushed. "You're going to wake her up..." she touched her cheeck lightly.

"So,..Goten." Trunks looked up at him.


"Are you going to tell your girlfriend about this?"

"About what?"

" That you married my sister and had a daughter named, Marron?"

"GOD, NO!! SHE's GONNA KILL ME IF SHE FINDS OUT!!" he whispered loudly, laughing.

Just then, Bra's lips twiched and formed a smile for a second, then she turned her head over to the other side, facing Marron. "Poor Bra..." she said softly. " She must be lonely here..."

"Yea.. and I feel sorry for her  having a brother like Trunks."

Trunks looked at him sulkly. "What do you mean?"


"Well guys,.." Marron stood up. " I should be going. It's already 5:30 and I might kill myself before I go back to that awful school tomorrow!"

"Oh yea,! Today is your first day in high-school right?"


"Cool. Which school were you in?" Goten asked.

"Um..Ao-Tsuki High School..."

"Ao-Tsuki? Hey, my girlfriend is studying there too!!"

"Oh. Wow. " Marron rolled her eyes, as if she cared. "But, hey, I really gotta go."

"Me too." Goten stood up. "Hey Marron, how about giving me a ride home?" he chukled.

"Yea, right, you're truly a gentleman, Goten ." she said, sighing. "But what the heck, sure, why not..."


Trunks looked at Goten curiously. Then he snapped. " Um..I'll lead you guys to the door."


"We'll spar some more tomorrow, okey?"

"No. Nope. I can't. I got a date tomorrow."

"Oh, yea right. With who is it this time? Cindy Crowford?"

"Nope.." Goten lowered his head and stepped into the little hover car. "Julia Roberts" he continued, laughing.

"Hah! And I'll be going out with Marron tomorrow!!" Trunks joked.

Marron poked out her head  from the window. "And should I be laughing at that?"


Marron started the engine and ready to take off. " See ya around , Trunks. bye bye!" she waved. "Yeah, see ya 'round BUTTER!!"

Trunks  wanted to shot the car with his Qi, but he just remembered that Marron was inside. He grumbled and slowly, turned around and walked back into the house, sighing. This have been a VERY tiring day.

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