Mortal Kombat  V.S.  DBZ-GT
By Cori Thomas a.k.a. Slimslyde

Summary: this story is about Mortal Kombat fighting against the Z-fighters.
It is put under comedy, action, and PG-13 for slight lemon/romance but no details at all. It ends with my favorite character of both of both areas in mortal combat. I might make a sequel. (he he he!)

On with the story!!!!!!!

“I blame you for this, Kakarot,” said Vegeta, slightly peeved. “The next time you try and put us all to try and win a tournament to save the earth I’ll set a Final Flash and blow Mount Everest to smithereens!” “Yeah!” shouted Gohan. “Seriously Dad I don’t think we should take part in Mortal Kombat,” agreed Goten. “Listen guys, as four humans, five Saiyans, a Namek, and the reincarnation of a all powerful alien, we have to do this. Besides which we aren’t the only ones I entered in the tournament. I also entered Bra, Marron, 18, ChiChi, Bulma, Videl, and Pan,” said Goku a little sheepishly as Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, Goten, Trunks, Uub powered slowly and looked very annoyed at Goku. “Well look at the competition,” said a dark voice slowly. The Z-fighters turned around and saw the Mortal Kombatants in front of the Z-fighters stood frozen till Vegeta finally uttered “ Who the devil are you?” Pardon my friends and me so I will name us,” spoke the one with the red ribbon around his head. “ I am Lui Kang, he’s Johnny Cage, those four Lin-quei ninja are Noob Saibot, Scorpion, Reptile, and Sub-Zero. The other three are Lin-quei cyborgs known as Cyrax, Sector, and Smoke. Our last two of the group are Rayden and Shang Tsung.” “Why should we care you red ribboned fool,” yelled Vegeta cruelly. “Because if you don’t defeat us in six or more matches out of eleven then not only do your girlfriends, daughters, and wives become our slaves but our friend Shang Tsung here will remove you of your souls. First you will see your precious women in a battle against ours. That’s Kitana, Melina, Sonya, Jade, Sheeva, Sindel, Rain. Let’s watch,” cackled Lui as the women of DBZ-GT and the women of Mortal Kombat battled fiercely in the ground, the air, the trees and to Yamcha’s happy surprise in the mud. Just then Yamcha flew up and Piccolo stopped him and asked plainly “ Where are you going?’ to noone’s surprise Yamcha said “To get popcorn.” As the Z-fighters looked on they saw surprisingly that their team of women were actually beating down the other team, but what scared and surprised everyone is when ChiChi launched a KameahameHa that blew the enemy to smithereens. Later there was a celebration and great party but it was cut short at what Trunks had to say. “Okay ladies good job. You whooped those ladies into a super high threshold of pain and hopefully when we go back home (they’re in outworld) I pray for all of us guys especially you Goku,” as Trunks looked nervously at ChiChi, the first woman to ever do a KameahameHa. “Alright getting to the point before we all let loose the mojo, I want every guy to ask either me, Goten, or Uub about who you’re facing and we’ll tell you what you’re in for. And now... go to your respected rooms and goodmojomakin’ everybody!” Hooed Trunks as every guy who had girl went to a room while Yamcha, Tien, and Ciaotzu played Rush Hour and Friday feeing very sad and Piccolo went clubbing then came back at 1am. The next day (after 23 cups of black coffee for anyone but Yamcha, Tien, and Ciaotzu) the Z-fighters looked on the battle list, which read in deep green letters:

Mortal Kombat v.s. DBZ combat list:

1.Vegeta v.s. Johnny Cage

2.Goku v.s. Lui Kang

3.Piccolo v.s. Reptile

4.Gohan v.s. Scorpion

5.Goten v.s. Noob Saibot

6.Trunks v.s. Rayden

7.Uub v.s. Shang Tsung

8.Tien v.s. Sector

9.Yamcha v.s. Smoke

10.Ciaotzu v.s. Cyrax

11. Krillin v.s. Sub- Zero

“Johnny's information is that his feet are the first and last things you see. Long ago he defeated to four-armed dragon men by punching them in the dragonballs. Their names were Goro and Kintaro. His moves are Shadow Uppercut, Shadow Kick, Green Flame and Nutcracker. Be careful Dad,” warned Trunks to his dad. “Don’t worry brat I’ll show him,” laughed Vegeta cruelly as the match went under way. Vegeta showed no compassion and elbowed Cage right into a tree. He jumped back and came at full force with a highspeed tackle and drove Cage through five more trees. “Why don’t you take a hit,” said Vegeta in a kind voice, which unnerved the Z-fighters. “Take this,” thundered Cage as instantaneously rammed his fist right square in crotch, but somehow instead of hurting Vegeta he hurt himself and broke his fingers while Vegeta threw him high in the air then at the top of his lungs, thundered “Final Flash!!!” and annihilated Cage. “Great Dad next up is Goku,” said Trunks happily as Gohan explained Lui to his dad. “Watch out for his Bicycle Kick and Fireball and you’ll win dad.” Goku walked to Lui Kang and simply said “ Let’s do it.” Goku jumped high as anything and gave Lui a boot to the face so hard it killed him instantly, giving Goku the match. “Damn Kakarot! ”thundered Vegeta in a sort of fearful way. “Alright Piccolo, I guess you’re up,” said Gohan to his old mentor. “Don’t worry kid just give me room,” said Piccolo gruffly as he walked to Reptile. Reptile spat a green mist at Piccolo, blinding him from seeing. “KKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” roared the masked lizard as he dashed to knock down Piccolo. Piccolo, having other heightened senses flew high, but was grounded by Reptile’s forceball, then Reptile evaporated in a cloud of crimson smoke, then in the most inhumane and disturbing way, impaled Piccolo with his tongue while the other Z-fighters said “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!” With that Piccolo was dead and gone much to the sorrow of the Z-fighters until somehow to everyone’s delight, Piccolo reappeared, looking somehow in 100% health. “Piccolo aren’t you dead?” Asked Goku, slightly confused at how his Namek friend was still alive. “Before we left, I got the dragonballs and wished that if we were to get killed by the hands of the other combatants, we would return after a few seconds,” spoke Piccolo as he overlooked his body. “So that’s two wins and one lose,” said Ciaotzu. “Gohan is fighting Scorpion and I’m battling Noob Saibot, so then I and Gohan should team battle,” said Goten as he thought it through.

“Why not,” said Scorpion and Noob Saibot as Gohan put on the vest and parachute pants Piccolo once gave him and Goten put on his orange gi. Gohan then whispered something to Goten and Goten yelled to Trunks and Uub “Join us and your opponents will join ours!” Trunks and Uub nodded solemnly and joined Gohan and Goten while ChiChi bawled in tears “My little boys and their two best friends,” just as 18 raised her eyebrow. Goten jumped and launched a ki blast at Noob, but he just shook it off and gave a stupendous roundhouse kick, knocking Goten back. Uub was already bleeding profusely in Pan’s arms and looked as he would die too soon. Pan felt tears in her eyes, but Uub wiped them away and said “I’ll be back,” then with that he disappeared and reappeared as Pan wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. Uub turned his attention to Shang, who felt very scared, and blew him away. Uub knew that he didn’t win but he thought to himself ‘Hey that still felt good,’ as he felt Pan hugging him from behind. Rayden first did his superman, then grabbed Trunks and pumped him full of so much voltage that he exploded like a 4th of July firerocket but then returned looking very, very tired. Gohan launched a Masenko-Ha at Scorpion, but was captured with Scorpion famous “Get over here!” and uppercut so hard that he collided in the air with Goten as they both blew up, thanks to Scorpion and Noob’s cruel plan. Soon enough Goten and Gohan were between the arms of Bra and Videl, as Yamcha, Ciaotzu, and Tien were going in a triple team match, which they had gotten the idea from the previous failed quad team. “You guys know what to do,” whispered Tien so only the other Z-fighters could hear. “What are you up to Tien?” asked Vegeta, feeling uncharacteristicly sad for the enemies. “Look in the air and you’ll see,” Yamcha laughed as the three went to battle the cyborgs. Cyrax, Sector, and Smoke went to attack but they couldn’t see Tien, Yamcha, and Ciaotzu so they looked up and were obliterated by Yamcha, Tien, and Ciaotzu, who were in a triangle shape in the sky, launching three tri-beams.

“Hooraw,” said Vegeta sarcastically. ”We have five wins each and it’s up to Krillin to defeat Sub-Zero. If he does he will win we will be free of this retched world forever.” “Krillin, do you remember how to work the Spirit Bomb and K.O. Ken that King Ki taught you when I brought him to you?” “Remember?!” yelled Krillin, somehow louder than Vegeta could be. “I could never forget it!”

Krillin thought of the pain he had suffered at King Ki and Goku’s hands, but that is another story. “Sub-Zero’s Icy power can keep him protected and he will want to freeze you so watch out alright,” said Trunks. “Please come back Krillin,” spoke 18 softly as she kissed him on the cheek. Vegeta and Piccolo came up to Krillin and in usion said, “You can do it!” Then Krillin smiled and behind his back Vegeta whispered to Piccolo “poor fool ain’t got a damn chance.” Krillin and Sub-Zero jumped a each other and struck each other down. Sub-Zero launched a blizzard and froze Krillin in an ice mold but Krillin broke the mold he was in and axe kicked Sub-Zero, Which would have killed him if he hadn’t done a slide. Sub-Zero then focused his energy and created giant sphere of ice power around him. Krillin tried to touch the field around Sub-Zero but when he touched it his hand almost froze. “This is just like the first Mortal Kombat movie,” Said Trunks in awe. “Except for the fact that Krillin has no water,” said Goten. Krillin looked at the force field then raised his hand and thundered ”DESTRUCTO DISC!!!” Krillin threw the disc and even though it froze it still cut off Sub-Zero’s head. In three seconds everyone was on Capsule Corp. ground and the guys went by their guys and kissed them, embraced them, and just showed their affection. Soon Yarjirobe showed up and said his usual “I would have but,” routine and then the Z-fighters jumped him and beat the living daylights out of him. Then everyone went home got their mojo going.