Long Distance Dedication: 2
Bra's Dedication
By: Nikki-chan 

'Ring ring' I rolled over in my bed and watched as my telephone rang. I was dead tired and no one called at this time of night. I picked up the phone and put it to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked, I really wanted to know witch nut case called me this late.

"Is this Bra Brifes?" A man asked me

"Yes this is she." I yawned and turned on my tap light.

"Do you know a Son Goten and a Marron-chan?" He asked

"Yes I do." Where was this converstion going?

"I'm sorry to say but, Son Goten is dead and Marron-chan right now is in a coma." He explaned to me. I shot up in my bed.

"WHAT!!!!???!!" I yelled "You have to be kidding!!!"

"I'm sorry but I'm not, I'm doctor Clay." He was my docter also, I droped the phone and I hear the fant voice of the doctor 'Bra Bra are you there Bra?' I jumped out of bed and opend my door. I looked around the hall, my mother and father should still be awake. I ran down the hall and into the living room. Then into the kicthen.

"Mom! Dad!" I yelled as I ran in the kicthen Holding back what ever tears I knew were going to stram dowm my face. They both looked at me and smiled.

"Why are you up this late?" My mom asked

"Mom it's importan!" I yelled

"Bra dear, go back to sleep, you can tell us in the moring." My dad said as he took a drink of his coffie.

"I can't!!! Goten is dead and Marron's in a coma!" I yelled and my dad spit out his coffie.

"What!!!??!" They both yelled at me.

"There at the hospital, Docter Clay just called!" I yelled again and my mother stood up.

"Come on lets go then." My mom ran out of the kicten and I fallowed her. She ran to the coat rack and then handed me my jackit then she grabed one for herself. She grabed her car keys and then we went out to her car.

"How'd this happen?" she asked me

"I don't know they did not tell me." I told her as I bucked my seat belt.

"Oh shit…how could Goten be dead," She started up the car then we flew down the parking lot. "Mabye they got it backwards!"

"Then Marron would be dead!" I yelled at my mom, 'oh Marron…Goten' I put my hands on my head. What if they did get it wrong? Then my best friend would be dead! But if not the Goten would be dead my crush. I could eather wish for Goten's safty or Marrons. Because one of them was dead. Oh god! I sarted crying. This could not be happening! What had happened?
What had gone wrong!!?? I did not want eather on to be dead! As my mom came up to a stop light I looked up and almost sceamed. Sure enough there was police cars and police mean derating trafic. Then there was a smashed up sports car then, I turned my head away. There fliped over was the car I had given to Goten for his last birthday. They okayed my mom to go and we started up again. I looked at my mom and she to was know crying. She also recanized the car.

"SHIT!" My mother yelled and slamed her hand on the stering wheel and she looked back at the crash sight and saw that the drivers side was the side that got it the worse. She was breathing harder now. She said a few more swere words under her breath.

We pulled up to the hospital and my mom parked the car. We both jumped out of the car and ran into the hospital. We ran up to the counter and my mother slamed her hand down on the counter and we were greeter very soon.

"Yes m'am?" a lady ask

"Look miss I don't have time for this tell me where Son Goten and Marron are!" My mother yelled and the lady started to type at her coumpter like my mom was poiting a gun at her head.

"Room 300, but the…" she did not get to finsh because we ran off to the elavtors. I got there fist and started to push the button.

"Come on come on!" I said as I contuned to push the button untell it opened We got in and I pushed number three. Then the door close button. We started to go up.

"Dick heads…" My mother coutenued to swear "They were hit, the fucking basters hit them!"

"Mom…" I huged her and we both cried. When the elavator doors opend we walked out and it was not that hard to find room 300. My mother opened the door and we both walked in.

"Dr. Clay." My mother asked and I knew she tried not to yell at him.

"Yes, good evening Mrs. Brifes." Dr. Clay said and my mother shook his hand

"Where are they! Where is Goten and Marron?" She asked and he pointed over there.

"Come I'll show you the boy frist." He said as I took my mothers hand. We walked over to a table and there was Goten. "I wont take the towel off his forhead because it's not a pritty sight to see, but his face was undamed and neather was his body, only his two arms were brocken… it was just that..."

"I know I just you rather not say it infront of my daughter." My mom sanped at him. I let go of my mothers hand and walked over to Goten. I put my hands on the table and looked at him. There was blood running down his face. I moved one of the white sheets and took his hand. They were Ice cold.

"Come bulma I'll show you where the girl is."

"Come on Bra." My mother said now really with tears running down her face.

"I want to stay hear for a few mintues." I said

"Okay…" My mother and Dr. Clay walked off. I looked again at the blood.

"Oh Goten…why'd this have to happen to you!? I loved you, even thought we were never meant to be…I still loved you. But your love for marron was so stong and I liked that. Hopeing that one day I would love someone as much as you to shared love. 2 years after your father dies and there is no more dargon balls you decied to go out a die. I'll miss you…I know even if I was older…you'd still would have loved marron. I just wish I could turn back time and been a better friend to Marron. I now relize that every thing I tried was for nothing, if I loved some one as much as Marron loved you I would not want any one to interfer with me. I relize it now!!!!!! I know what I did wrong!!! Please Goten open your eyes!!! What will happen when Marrons wakes up!! She needs you!! Don't do it for me!! Do it for her! Goten….." I cryed as I layed my head on his ches half expating to hear a heart beat. I waited and waited but it never came he was gone for good. I looked over at his face and now the blood had diped on the table. Then something fell on the floor. It was a little black box. The one I saw early today and he told me it had glass in it. I let go of his had and picked it up. I opened it and smiled alitte. It was a ring with a ruby and dimond hart on it. I took the ring out and looked at it. Then I spoted something carved on the inside of the ring. It was a G then a heart the an M. I new he was going to proposed to her. I put the ring back in the box.

I let out a sigh then layed down on the floor and started to cry really heard. I heald onto the box and closed my eyes. Then I imaged the crash sight then Goten dead. Then another image of the red car hitting Gotens blue one. It fliped over and Goten shiled Marron. He had died for her. The Back of his head was smashed in and his arms were brocken. He did not care about his out come all her cared about was Marron. I layed on the floor still crying my eyes out. Now Goten did not seam to matter to me as much now as he did before I got the call. Yes I was still going to cry a few nights that he died, but He did not take so much space in my brain anymore. I stood up still holding the box and looked over at his face. I nealt over and kissed his cheek.

"Good bye…Son Goten." I placed the towel over his face and I walked away from him. I walked over to the doc and my mother. I walked over and she huged me.

"Marron was a lucky girl, we just don't know when she will come out of her coma." The Doc said then I looked down at marron. She had all this life souport crap on her.

"Please Marron…" I cryed "Please come out okay." My mother huged me tighter.

***the next day***

My mom made me go to school witch was not one of the best things in the world to do. They had a moring thing going on and I had to go. Everyone that knew eather Marron and Goten were there crying and talking about how great the two were. I just sat in the back by myself and cryed. After the day of nothing but moring I walked over to the hospital and went to see Marron. That went on four two mouths. Once I hit a kid in the face and started yelleing at him. They I dicthed school and ran to the hospital. When I went home that night, my mother got a call from my school saying if I did not shape up then I would not gauate from high school. I told my mother I did not care and the whole school could blow up and I would not care. I did not go to school the next day I went strate to the hospital. And that day everyone was there. All marrons close friends. Chichi was there crying and so was Gohan.

"Hi Jazee, Trunks." I said as I pased them.

"Oh Bra!" Jazee cryed as she huged me. Trunks huged me also. I walked way from them leaveing them hug eath other. I went and sat next to marron. I never knew how much she meant to me tell I saw her like this. And over the time I started wishing I was a better friend. I sighed…what was I to do now?

I sat and sat their, just looking at Marron, and everytime I glimps at her face I saw Goten, I don't know why but I saw him and it was sad. 'God please!!! Let Marron open her eyes!! Please!!!' I was about to just give up all hope when I closed my eyes. An Image came threw my head, it was Goten. He smiled at me, I smiled back. "Please B-chan, please watch after Marron for me…please B-chan please." Then he disaperd I opened my eyes. He'd asked me. I know I did not just image it because I mostly would have imaged something eles. Then she opend her eyes.

"Marron!!!!" I yelled as louad as I could and then huged her, "You guys!! Marron's awake!!!"

"Oh Marron hunny!!!" 18 yelled as she ran over and also huged her daughter. Then she started crying and saying she was sorry.

"How…How long…was I out?" She asked

"Long enough, about 2 mouths Marron, you where in a coma." My mother said "Bra came in every day to see you Marron, we all came in a cheeked up on you every free chance we got." My mom was crying and anyone could tell.

Chichi went over to say something to marron but the only thing she got out was her name. Then I took her hand ans squzeed it.

"Where's Goten?" She asked and chichi ran over to Gohan and huged him. Then Kurllin walked over to Marron and but the ring box on her lap that I had given him. The one I found that night, I told him what I also had discovered.

"Marron…" Oh just great my brother just had to be the one to tell her. "Goten died, he died instaly when he arrived at the hospital, and he wanted to give that to you." Her pointed to the box.

"He was going to perposes to you that night." I started to cry again as I put her had to my face. I looked at her face and tears were comeing from her face.

"NO!! You guys! He's a sayin!! HE can't die!" The poor girl, I could not stand this, but I had to stay with her! I opend the box and put the ring on her finger. He loved her so……..a love I hope to feel one day but now was the time to mead a brocken heart and help my best friend. I huged her again.

The next day I came to pick her up from the hospital. When I did she said nothing. She got in my car and played with her ring.

"Marron…were going to your house…I'm going to stay there with you untell your better okay? And they are also going to have the laying of goten before the creamate him." She looked at me as tears formed in her eyes.

"Yes I would like to see him once more before he goes…I'm going to miss him so…it's all my fault!" She started balling and I put my hand on her shoulder.

"Marron…it's not your fault…you did not make that dip shit hit your car." I sighed trying to hold on to every thing I had. We had to make it threw this!

"But I knew something bad was going to happen I did!!" she yelled and I desided to drop it unless I wanted her to go and kill herself. I started the car up and I drove to her house. I taped on the sterring wheel the hole time. I turned on the raido on the way there and the song was, "lean on me." I felt tears form in my eyes but Marron seamed to stop crying when she heard the song.

"Lean on me…when your not strong, and I'll be your friend" I sang "Lean on me…." I knew she was smiling somewhere in her body she was smily and some part of her she was alittle happy.

When we got to her house I helped her insided then I went to get my bags. I walked in then house and I saw Marron walk into the pool room. It was a pritty nifty room. She walked and sat on the diving board. I was going to have to put my things away fast just so I could watch her. But the hole time I did she never did do anything stupid. The only thing that was strange was that she started on of my fav songs.

I would like to vist you for a while
Get away and out of this city
Maby I shouldn't have called but someone had to be the frist to break
We can go sit on your porch
Talk about anything
It don't matter
I'll be Courageous if you can pretend that you've forgiven me

Because I don't know you anymore
I don't recognize this place
The picture frams have chaged abd so has your name
We don't talk much anymore
We keep running from the pain
But what I wouldn't give to see your face again

Springtime in the City
Always such relief from the winter freeze
The snow was more lonely then cold if you know what I mean
Everyon's got an agenda
Don't stop keep that chin up you'll be alright
Can you believe what a years it's been
Are you still the same?
Has your opinion changed?

Because I don't know you anymore
I don't recognize this place
The picture frams have chaged abd so has your name
We don't talk much anymore
We keep running from the pain
But what I wouldn't give to see your face again

I know I let you down
Again and Again
I know I never really treated you right
I've paid the price
I'm still paying for it every day

So maby I shouldn't have called
Was it to soon to tell?
Oh what the hell
It doesn't really matter
How do you redefine something that never really had a name?
Has your opinion chaned?

Because I don't know you anymore
I don't recognize this place
The picture frams have chaged abd so has your name
We don't talk much anymore
We keep running from the pain
But what I wouldn't give to see your face again

I see your face
I see your face

It was strang to hear her sing. The next day at the laying Marron just stayed by Goten the whole time. They had wraped bandages around his head. I heard that they had saved him bald. I went in there and looked at him for a few mintes then left. But marron stayed untell they came and took him away. Chichi and Gohan were the only ones that went to his cremation. I went to the furnal but marron wanted to stay home so I let her. When I came home she was in another room of the house singing that song. At first I did not think nothing of it. But as the weeks pasted I noticed something. If she was not laying in the living roon by that huge picture of her and Goten she was in a room singing that song. It was like she was a witch putting a spell on everyroom. Then fanily a year later she went outside. I was so happy to see her out of the house in the grass and flowers.

Trunks also bought her a two sitter bike so we both could go riding. She did not like cars anymore and so I took my car back home and promiesed her I would only uses it when I really needed to. I think over these past days I spent with her I felt like we both had gotten strong like we both grew a thired arm or some thing that helped us so much. But I still felt like I was a true friend.

As I look out my windo this very moment I see her playing with the kitten I bought her for her birthday. We both named him "Goten". I thought it would make her sad to have a cat named that but she seamed more then happy he was named that and that I bought it for her. She samed whole again. But I knew she would never be whole again. The kitten had black ears and a tan little face with a little pink nose. His body was white but his back legs were brown. He was a funny stupid little thing but I knew he'd do just fine. But the only thing I worried about was when he was going to pass away. But I did not want to think about that right now. I just smield as Marron came back in the house.

"Hey Bra!" She waved to me and I waved back.

"Yeah?" I asked

"Lets go for a ride!" She smiled.

"Okay." I said as I got off the stool.

"Can goten come?" She asked me

"Sure just…don't let him jump out of the baskit!" I laughed

"Don't worry this poor cat it afired of hights! I don't think he'll jump out!" She laughed as she went to the refigorator and took out a soda. "No Goten you can't drink this!"

I laughted as Marron tried to open her pespi with out Goten messying with it. Then I almost cryed, The human/sayin Goten would always mess with Marron when she tried to drink pespi. He would always take mine also and I'd have to case him down to get it back. I watched as the kitty patted the can of pespi as Marron laughted.

"Okay!" I said as I grabed a can myself, Marron then picked up Goten and we ran outside to our bike.

"Can I drive this time?" She asked and I noded my head yes.

"So where are we going?" I asked

"You just petal and I'll show you!" She laughed and we started off.

We road around all day with that chicken of a cat hiding in the baskit.

I was so happy that day, that was the first day she wanted to drive the bike! So kacy I would like to ask you if you'd please play "Crash and Burn" for Marron because I want to let her know I'll always be there for her and when ever sje needs a friend I'll be there for her!

"That was our long distance deadaction from Bra in Japan, to her best friend Marron. Now Bra hear is your long distance deadaction."

When you feel all alone
And the world has turned it's back on you
Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart
I know you feel like the wall are cloesing in on you
It's hard to find relife and people can be so cold
When the darkness is upon your door and you feel like you can't take

Ley me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apeart
 I can mend a brocken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
Your not alone

When you feel all alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head
When hopes and dreams are far away and
You feel like you can't take the day

Ley me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apeart
 I can mend a brocken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
Your not alone

Because there has always been hartache and pain
And when it's over you'll breath again
You'll breath again

When you feel all alone
And the world has turned it's back on you
Give me a moment please
To tame your wild wild heart

Ley me be the one you call
If you jump I'll break your fall
Lift you up and fly away with you into the night
If you need to fall apeart
 I can mend a brocken heart
If you need to crash then crash and burn
Your not alone

By: Savage Garden

"And that was Savage Garden with Crash and Burn, the long distance deadaction from Bra, and now back to the top 40 comeing in at……."

~!~THE END~!~ 

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