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Hello! Welcome everyone! This is Haruko your lady,uh, girl in charge ((^_^))! This page is highly dedicated to Son Goten, Trunks and Marron. The only characters I devoted to after their fathers; heroes of the Z-warriors.  I brought you a lot of cool stuffs here! Fanfics, FanArts, FanManga and more. Sadly theres not much of general informations and original pictures here because you can get those from many other pages. Just go to the Links page and you'll see what I mean ^_^. SO! Just look around and please, enjoy your stay. Oh yea, and DON'T forget to sign the guestbook!

Until then! Just e-mail me if you have any problems.


*A letter for those who've been whinning and forcing me to update this site*
!!!!Bad News!!!!
Actually, this page was HAVE to be updated BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! But wanna know what happened???
Well first, I got sick. Really sick (I don't care if you believe me or not). I stuck on my bed for days, almost weeks, and do NOTHING! I was worried about a lot of things that time! About my health, my family, my page and especially my net friends. THEY're the one who I suppose to be with for most of the time. Maybe they thought I'm dead or something right now ((-_-)). So sorry for not e-mailling you guys! Oh yea, I'd lost my voice too for a couple of days(it was cool) and --nah, you don't care about it anyway.
Now I'm healthy,(well, I've been healthy since a few days ago.) BUT I STILL CAN'T UPDATE MY PAGE BECAUSE MY COMPUTER IS BUSTED! KA-POOT! GONE! DEAD! and who gets the blame? ME!! BUT I'M BLAMING MY BROTHER!!! MY ONIICHAN been abusing MY PCU and he carried to anywhere he wanted to then he--he--HE--EVEN D/L a HENTAI GAME then--ARGH!!!!!!!!! Guess you can imagine how frustrated I am right now,huh? So, that means I have to fix my pcu. Which will take a couple of weeks...or months...or..((-_-))
(For your information, I'm NOT using my own pcu so I can't update anything)
Yeap,well, while waitting my beloved pcu to be fixed, I'm finishing some pics for my coming pages. Yeap, new ones. Its not gonna be that big. Just some arts and infos and bleh and bleh. Its at least I can do,hm? I'm just doing this for fun, hhehehe.
Well, at first I heard about this, Its really a good news for me ^_^. REALLY! FInally! There is a TRUNKS&MARRON YAHOO FANCLUB!
Fans, you have to join this club. Its the only place we could all be together in one place and have a great time posting messages, chatting, sharing links, photos and meet new friends! I just joined that club today ^_^. I was invited by Marron on 29th Dec '99 from my guestbook and sorry I haven't send any replies due to some problems. But anywas,  I would like to say THANKS for inviting me and of course I'll try to drop by from time to time ^_^. I'm depending on miracles right now =P.

Okey now. Ready?

So I guess I gotta right now. Perhaps I should say this place will be down for a couple of weeks. But keep on coming because who knows? I always love to make surprises ^_^.


*Happy Y2K!*

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