Dad, Daddy and Pappy
By KrilinMGG
Author's Note: Yeah, yeah, it's me. Nothing big, JUST THE NEXT FIC I CAME UP WITH!!!!!!!!!! (Oh! And Krilin DOES have hair in my fic!) 


Vegeta and Piccolo were at Kame House, cause everyone else were at Papaya Island, on vacation. They didn't want to go. So after a few hours of discussion, they stayed there, so they couldn't kill or scare anybody, it had been four years since Gohan defeated Cell, and peace was ruling the world. Anyway, they were very bored, but they didn't even imagine that it was going to be an unforgettable experience

Vegeta was eating everything, while Piccolo just sat in Krilin's room. Suddenly, a crying baby made them stop everything they were doing, and run to the front door. Both men stared at the baby, who had NO nose

"Whoa! What do we do?" Piccolo asked. Vegeta turned around and went inside.
"Leave it there! It'll go away!" He said.
"BABIES DON'T GO AWAY BY THEMSELVES!!!" Piccolo yelled, and grabbed the baby carefully.
"Oh, no! We WON'T take care of it! Maybe its mom will come!" Vegeta grunted.
"Maybe not.Look" Piccolo said, as he examined the letter that was on the baby's bag.
"What does it say?"

"It says: 'Krilin, take care of your daughter'?!" Piccolo almost yelled. "And it says a name at the end #18?!"
Piccolo stared at Vegeta, puzzled.
"What's 'sex'?" Piccolo asked.
"I'll explain later NOW, we have to call that runt!" Vegeta said. Piccolo nodded, and they took the baby with them.

"Krilin! Phone for you! It's Vegeta, he said that it was something VERY important!" Bulma said. Krilin took the phone, and the conversation
went like this:
VEGETA: LOOK YOU LITTLE SICK SUCKER(then he put the baby on the phone, and the baby was crying) YOU HEAR THAT??? WELL COME BACK HERE AT THIS INSTANT NOW!!!!!!!
PICCOLO: (he took the phone away from Vegeta) Krilin? Come here, don't tell ANYONE about this conversation, just say that you're sick! Just
GET MOVING!!!!! (and he hung up the phone)

"Huh? Ok...guess I better got Krilin said to himself. He lied to Bulma and the others, and went to Kame House to see what was happening.

Meanwhile, Piccolo and Vegeta were trying to make the baby stop crying. Piccolo made funny faces that scared even more the poor infant. And
Vegeta was holding it, and laughing of Piccolo's faces. Until Krilin came, and stared at the couple of guys. He chucked when he saw them with the baby.
"Hey! What's tha?" He asked.
"A BABY!" Both said.
"No! I know, but I mean Who's tha?" He asked again.
Krilin opened his eyes wider, and walked towards his 'friends'. He took carefully the baby from Vegeta's arms, and it stopped crying. Piccolo and Vegeta sighed.
"Here you have The letter, the bag, and the money Bulma gave me.We're going to my house. Bye!" Vegeta said quickly, and was almost tacking off with Piccolo, when his 'father instincts' returned.
And Krilin stared at him. "So?" He asked.
"We're staying" Piccolo and Vegeta said.

"Well,The baby is Marron, it's a girl, and it'st#18's daughter?!" Krilin spoke as he stared at the letter. He smiled, a Gokou-grin. Piccolo and Vegeta were heating up the milk and messing up everything at the same time.

It was late, it had been eight hours since the baby came, and everybody was sleeping. They were ALL sleeping on the couches, Krilin with the baby in his arms, Piccolo at his side, and Vegeta at his other side. Then, since it was time to eat for Marron and Vegeta, both woke up. Marron cried, and Vegeta walked like a zombie. Then Krilin and Piccolo woke up, and fed the saiyan's and human's appetite.

Days passed, fifteen days in fact, and they got used to everything. The rest of the Z gang still had one month of vacation. Krilin was an excellent and protective father, and Piccolo and Vegeta were two funny and weird daddies. Everything that had to be with the baby was under control, but the house was all messed up. Boxers, clothes and food containers were everywhere.

One day, the month was over, and the Z gang wanted to see how they'd been, since they found #18, and she told them everything. When they opened the front door, they saw Krilin and Vegeta sleeping on the couches, with Marron. It could have been nice, if it wasn't for all the mess, and that Krilin and Vegeta were sleeping in boxers, socks and?nothing else. Piccolo was dressed in a purple dress, and came walking to the living room with a bottle full of milk, for Marron. He didn't notice the Z gang, WITH #18. As he looked up, from Vegeta to the front door, he saw everyone.
"H-h-h-hi!" He saw and blushed, because he was wearing a DRESS.

Suddenly, Krilin and Vegeta woke up, and saw them too. They looked up to Piccolo and saw what he was wearing, and laughed. That made Piccolo even more purple. They stopped when they looked again to the front door, and this time Krilin gave Marron to Piccolo, nodded at Vegeta, and both ran upstairs. Everybody now stared at Piccolo, with Marron in his arms.
"Piccolo? What are you doing dressed like that?" Gohan asked him.
Piccolo was too embarrassed to speak, so he moved his lips, but no sound came out. Chichi stared at Piccolo and yelled. "That's MY dress!!!" Then, Krilin and Vegeta came out, dressed (the Kame uniform, and the saiyan uniform) and helped Piccolo. Vegeta grabbed Marron, and Piccolo ran upstairs. Krilin looked at everybody, then, he saw #18. He blushed, and didn't smile. Then Vegeta saw her too, and ran towards her.

"YOU STUPID! WHY ARE YOU HERE?" Yelled Vegeta. #18 stared at Krilin, then at Vegeta,
then at Piccolo (he came back from upstairs), and spoke.
"I'm taking Marron with me." And she took Marron from a shocked Vegeta, who couldn't move.
"ByeAnd sorry for the problems" And she took off, with the bag, with Marron, and the little toy that Krilin gave her. Vegeta, Krilin and Piccolo lowered their heads, sadly. They couldn't say 'NO' cause it was Krilin's or #18's responsibility. So the Z gang still didn't know what feeling did they have.
Krilin's bond with his daughter.
Vegeta's bond with her 'niece'.
Piccolo's bond with the baby girl.

A few days later, Gohan, Goten, Chichi, Yamcha, Bulma, Trunks, Dende and Mr. Poppo were talking about what happened. Krilin, Vegeta and Piccolo were more friends than ever, remembering Marron's giggles, cries, grins, everything. Vegeta even spend time playing with Trunks! Piccolo talked to Gohan! And Krilin took care of Goten, but it wasn't the same. Marron was a baby girl, not a little rich boy, nor a young man, or even a best friend's son. So they decided that they would be friends.

Marron cried, and #18 didn't know how to stop her. She tried everything, and still couldn't make her stop. So she went to Kame House, to see if Krilin could help her. On the way, Marron still was crying.

Krilin was at Kame House with Vegeta and Piccolo. They were trying their best to forget about Marron. Krilin was in his boxers, socks, had sunglasses, had a broom for guitar, and was dancing. And the music was so loud that Marron's cries couldn't be heard. So #18 just wondered why the music was so high. Just then, when she entered, she saw Krilin (he couldn't see her, because he was giving his back), Vegeta and Piccolo were siting (looking at the front door) staring up at her. Just then, Krilin stopped dancing, turned around, and blushed. #18 stared at him, from head to toe. Then, as the music stopped, she could hear Marron giggling. Vegeta and Piccolo smiled.
"Uh I? Krilin started.
"Well, I saw younaked before, so stop running away to get dressed" Krilin blushed, but smiled.
"W-w-why are you here?" Vegeta asked.
"Oh! Marron couldn't stop crying, so all I knew, it was that I had to come here? She said. Soon, the Z gang came again, but this time, Piccolo and Vegeta went upstairs. And when they came back, Vegeta was wearing the same things that Krilin, and Piccolo, the purple dress.
"Ok! We'll show you how the professionals made sleep little Marron, while you were on vacation!" Vegeta said
proudly, and added. "When Trunks was a baby, I did it too!" Piccolo and Krilin looked at each other and sighed.
"Ready?!" Vegeta said.
"Ready!" Krilin and Piccolo said. Vegeta turned on a rap melody, and the three started singing 'It's Gotta Be You' (BSB). Krilin and Vegeta used brooms, and Piccolo danced. The three were jumping on the larger couch, and they had sunglasses. So when they finished the song, everybody clapped.

A few hours later, after a huge party, everyone was tired, so they slept in Kame House. Outside, #18 and Krilin were talking, Marron was with Piccolo. "So You're saying Yes?" Krilin asked her.
"Because I love you, I love Marron, and I wanna marry you!" And she hugged him, he hugged her back. And they kissed, under the full moon.

Six years later, in Marron's school, it was her first day, at 1st grade. The teacher told everyone to draw their family, and they already had finished. Marron had a cute painting, and she showed it to the teacher. "Look teacher! It's my family!" She said proudly. The teacher inspected the drawing, and seriously asked.
"Who are them?"
"That's my biological dad, my daddy uncle, and that's my pappy  She pointed to a little peach spot, then at a darker and bigger peach spot, then at a green huge spot.
"..and This is my mom, that's my auntie, and my other auntie!" She finished, pointing at a yellow spot, aside the little peach spot; then at the blue one aside the darker bigger peach spot; and a black spot aside the green one. Of course, it was: Krilin, #18, Vegeta, Bulma, Piccolo and Chichi. And of course, the teacher called her 'parents', which means the mentioned people.
But after all, she will always have her: Dad, Daddy and Pappy.

The end!!! 

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