Goten, Trunks and Marron's
Yokoso,minna! Hello! Welcome to our Voting Booths! Come inside, and vote for your fav Animes, characters and many more in different interesting categories! But remember! Only vote twice and NO CHEATING! Wokay? 

ADD ITEMS! NO MORE WAITING! Usually, when you add new items into our polls, you will have to wait for DAYS until the GTM Booth Modifier modify their booths...but NOT ANYMORE! Add new items and the booth will automatically edit for you instantly! 

Do you have any suggestions to create new categories? Don't be shy! E-mail us and we can talk about it! 

Your Fav J-POP Stars! NEW! 
YES!! Finally someone had suggested this category! I've been waiting for this! This category was suggested by Ai-chan! Ya know, the fanfic writer? =) So J-Pop fans, start voting now and tell us who is your fav J-Pop singers/groups or bands! Note: Only Japanese Stars! 

Your Fav non-JPOP Stars! NEW! 
Another suggestion by Ai-chan =). But this is a non-JPOP category which means you can vote/add your fav singers/groups/bands from any countries (USA/Hong Kong/Korea/etc....) 

Best Scene(s) In ANY Animes or DBZ/GT Fanfics NEW! 
This new category was suggested by Kiwi-chan ^_^. Share your thoughts of what is your fav scene(s) in any Anime episodes or DBZ/GT fanfics! Note: Only Fanfics from this website! 

Best Villian  
New Category (June,2000) created by Rukawa! Vote/add your fav villian(s) from any animes or fanfictions! You can add your personal enemies in real life too! hah! 

Best TV Shows  
From Sailormoon, to The Powerpuff Girls. From The X-Files to DRAGONBALLZ! Vote for your favourite TV Shows or Animes here. This category is new and it was suggested by Keith Kemp. And I think this is a GREAT Category. In case it didn't have your fav TV Shows on the list, just add them on the blank given below the poll.  

Best Tag Team  
Which is the better team? Gokou and Vegeta? Pan and Bra or StoneCold Steve Austin and MR.BEAN? It's your choice! You can add crossovers from any animes too, such as, Garfield with Sailormoon..uh, yea, something like that ^_^". Suggested by BIGDADDY (Author of Family Ties).  

Coolest Character  
Who do you think is the coolest character in the Anime World? Bra-chan? Vegeta? Sailormoon? You decide.  

Best Couple  
Vote for your fav couple(s) here. Fictional and original couples from any animes ^_^. Yaoi ::shudder:: too.  

Most Wanted Fanfic  
What type of fanfics that are needed in this page? You suggest by voting them. We will try to grand your wish ^_^;;;  

My Fav FanFic  
All Fanfics in this page are great. And Every each one of them is loved by everyone ^_^. But everything that you like there's always be the best....share your opinions with all the authors.  (WARNING: WRITERS CANNOT VOTE FOR THEIR OWN FANFICS!) 

Goten, Trunks and Marron?  
I just love modifying this booth if there's any new items ^_^. All funny... so don't be shy to add your answer to the followiing question: WHAT WILL YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE 2 GUYS AND A GIRL?  

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