by Evee Da Fox

“Ok, ok! Come on we’ve gotta think up a plan that’ll get us outta this hell hole! We’ve been living like this way too long and I’m sick of it! Gohan is getting crazier and crazier every day, I don’t think we’ll last any longer in the house of we don’t do something Goten!” Marron exclaimed to her best friend.

“I know, I know it’s been like this for a while now but you gotta understand he’s my brother, and besides I can’t just desert the troops he’d have me killed!”

“I know, your right! I don’t know what I was thinking it’s just... Oh, I’ll just have to think up some other way to get us outta here!”

“Well it’s getting late and if I don’t go to training both my dad and my brother will have my head! You know how angry they can get!”

“Do I ever, and besides...when isn’t your brother mad anyway?” Marron answered with a smile.

“Your right about that, I’ll try to be home early and maybe we can go do something tonight if I’m off! Ok?”

“Sure, see ya then!” With that Goten turned and started for the door, but before he left the room he turned back, smiled at Marron, gave her a little wink and left.

Marron smiled at Goten’s little flirtation, they had know each other forever and Goten always knew how to get a smile outta her. That had come in handy when she had first become an orphan. Marron shuddered at the thought, she still had trouble getting over the death of her parents. She had only been 5 but it still seemed like yesterday.

She was visiting Goten, back when the kingdom was still a fun and happy place to live in, when her parents were summoned before the king. They appeared before the king when the king gave them an ultimatum,

“Either you pay me what’s mine or you leave my planet! You should be greatful I’m letting you live!” King Vegeta smirked and felt great pleasure in his new found power over the inhabitants of earth. When he had first come to the earth he had little resistance from the inhabitants but getting Kakarrot to bend to his will had proved to be more difficult then he had first thought. In the end Kakarrot bent to his will and was appointed Commander in chief of the Royal Saiyan Forces. If the planet Vegeta couldn’t be brought back, then this planet would do and all of these simple earthlings would serve their king or pay the price. He would start with these two insubordinate earthlings and use them as an example for the rest he thought with a grin.

“Letting us live?! Well excuse me if I don’t sound excited but under the circumstances your giving us I’d prefer death!” replied a very agitated C-18 to Vegeta snapping him out of his train of thought.

“Oh, really now? Well that can be arranged” Vegeta threatened with a menacing glare. Before C-18 could continue Krillin spoke up

“Um, I’m sorry your majesty please forgive my wife, she overly exaggerates our conditions. If you just give us a little more time we’ll have your money for you. Our funds from our recent trades have not arrived yet, but should be coming in soon. If you could only give us a few more months we will have well over what you ask of us.”

“Really, well I’d like to wait but you see I’ve waited enough already! I’ve been a patient man...” Vegeta turns to General Kakarrot “haven’t I?”

“Yes sir” replied Goku in an impassive manner.

“That’s what I thought” Vegeta replied smugly “and as I have said before, I want my money now if you cannot pay your dues then you will face death! Kakarrot dispose of these two immediately they are becoming a nuisance to me!”

“But King Vegeta if I terminate them...” Goku said as he looked over at his best friend “Then the people of earth will not take you seriously.” Even though Goku went along with most of Vegeta’s laws without much resistance he could not kill his own best friend, he hoped he could trick Vegeta into doing it himself.

“If I finish them...” Vegeta began

“Then the people of earth will know you mean business” Goku finished for him.

Vegeta rose from his seat and a small glowing energy began to form in his hand. Just as Vegeta was about to blast the couple Krillin looked over at his best friend and with his eyes told him to take care of her. Goku understood and bid his friend farewell. Krillin looked over at C-18 and before she could say anything the blast hit them full on and in a matter of seconds they were gone.

“well that took care of that” Vegeta said satisfied.

Goku went home that night and had to face his toughest challenge of all, facing his best friends daughter.

Marron stopped then she didn’t want to remember, but she couldn’t forget either. Her and Goten were playing keep away from Gohan gain, one of their favorite childhood games, when Goku walked in. They had both rushed at him and attacked him with hugs.

“Uncle Goku, Uncle Goku where’s my parents? I thought they would have picked me up by now!” Goku put Goten down and looked over at Marron.

“Um they’re still talking to the king honey. Don’t worry they’ll be home soon” Goku said trying to put on his best smile for the clueless child.

The family sat down for dinner, but Marron persisted “Uncle Goku, I miss my mommy and daddy can’t the king let them go home yet? I mean what’s so important anyway?” Goku continued to dodge her questions but she just persisted.

Goku couldn’t take it anymore and pulled Marron to the side.

“Well honey, your parents aren’t coming back...” Goku started.

“What do you mean they’re not coming back, they have to come back silly” Marron replied.

“Well honey you see your parents never made to see the king, um, um...” Goku stalled as he tried to figure out what to tell the confused child.

“Well before they got there their air car was destroyed. I got there too late and couldn’t help. They’re dead honey and they’ll never be able to come back”

“What?! NO, no your lying! They’re not dead you just watch they’ll come through that door to pick me up any minute now any minute!”

“No honey their not I’m sorry”

“Yes, they are!” Marron screamed before she broke down and began to cry.

Opening her eyes Marron looked out at the stables, she had cried and cried for the longest time after that Marron thought, but thankfully she wasn’t left alone to rot in the streets. Goku had been there for her and had even taken her in as one of his own. He always made her feel as if she was just that, Marron recalled. Slowly over time she had overcome her grief and began to lead a normal life once again. The pain and agony she had once felt had become no more than a faded memory, but one thing Marron was never able to forget or forgive was the king’s summoning had he not summoned her parents forth they would still be with her today.