Part 2: Opportunity?!

Even though Marron was orphaned at a very young age she still considered herself to be living a normal life. Marron paused, *Normal, well as normal as could be under the circumstances* she thought with a smile. Marron was deep in thought when a figure began to creep closer from within the shadows. Marron didn’t notice it. The figure began to creep up behind her slowly and stopped right behind her. Marron, being fully immersed in thought, still didn’t notice the figure.

“Looks like your daydreaming again human...” Marron turned startled.

“Don’t look so surprised to see me, you know if you weren’t so caught up in that little daydream of yours you would have noticed me entering a long time ago but then again I am talking about you and with your week human senses you wouldn‘t be able to sense a person standing right in front of you” Replied the mysterious figure satisfied with having pissed her off.

“You know that would be true except in your case, I could smell you from a mile away. Tell me do all saiyans smell that bad or is it just you?” Marron replied as she turned to face her assailent.

“Why you flatter me Marron. We’ve now each other for how long now? And that’s the best you could come up with? Now, now don‘t tell me you‘re losing your touch.”

“Well excuse me for not being better prepared but I wasn‘t informed that someone of your great status would be coming otherwise I would have prepared. Next time you decide to show your arrogant face here give some notice so I’ll know not to be present Gohan!”

“Testy aren’t we Marron? But then if you do keep up that little attitude of yours I’ll be forced to teach you to respect your elders.” Gohan replied with a smirk.

“Oh I’m sooo scared, like you could ever hurt me!”

“As tempting as that sounds I don’t have to, you see, you’re supposed to be cleaning up the stables right now but I caught you daydreaming. You know I could just turn you in...”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Just try me. Now get back to work before I decide to change my mind. Consider yourself lucky that I don’t just turn you in.” Gohan said as he walked toward the front entrance of the stables

“Oh and by the way Marron” Gohan said as he stopped at the front entrance and turned back to see her

“I want my horse groomed extra well today the princess and I are going on a date.”

“The princess must be stupider than I thought if she’s willing to date a stupid monkey like you!” Marron shouted at Gohan as he resumed to walk from the stables. Gohan stopped dead in his tracks. Whipping around, Gohan fixed an evil glare on Marron.

“Have the horse ready by the time I return or you’ll have to answer to me!” with that said Gohan stomped off.

“Hah looks like I hit a soft spot. Who would have thought the great Gohan could get riled up by a little human like me? But then I’m no ordinary human” Marron thought out loud to herself. *Looks like life here has a few perks* Marron thought with a smirk. Just then a soldier walked by the stables, Marron ducked down in hopes that he wouldn’t see her. The soldier began to search around the stables. Marron crawled over to some sacks of grain in the corner and hid behind them. If anyone saw her not doing her job she’d be in trouble for sure. She sat there until the soldier left

*I better get back to work before someone notices me* Marron thought as she crawled out of her hiding place.

The sun was setting when Marron was almost done cleaning all she had left to do was get Gohan’s and the princess’ horses ready.

Marron wanted to get even with Gohan but couldn’t think up a good way to do it. The sun began to set and she still hadn’t come up with any ideas. Getting fusterated Marron looked up to the skies

“Dende send me a sign!”

Just then Goten walked into the stables

“I ask for a sign and you send me him.” Marron said looking up to the skies then turning to look over at Goten

“A sign’s a sign I guess” Marron said with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Very funny Marron. Anyway what‘d you do all day? It must have been hard for you to go on with your day knowing that I wasn‘t here with you huh?” Goten asked adding his famous cheesy smile.

“Don’t flatter yourself, I went on just fine without you thank you very much! The only damper on my day was your stuck up brother! Which reminds me, if you move” Marron said as she shoved Goten out of her way

“I’ll be able to get his horse ready for him and the princess and be on my merry way!”

“You want some help?” Goten asked cheerfully.

“You think you can handle it? I know how much you fighting types hate to get dirty besides” Marron added as a brilliant idea came to her mind

“We’re gonna play a little joke on your bother!” Marron exclaimed with an evil smile.

“I’ve seen that look before and it only means trouble! What are you planning on doing?”

“Oh Nothing really I just want to play a harmless little joke on him that’s all! One that’ll teach him a lesson he won’t soon be forgetting”

“Something tells me I’m not gonna like this, but what is it?” Goten groaned.

“Why it’s quite simple we’re gonna saddle up their horses but we’re not going to tighten the saddle on Gohan’s horse so when he starts to ride the saddle will unlatch and Gohan will be sent flying! He’ll be humiliated for sure!” with a wicked grin Goten nodded his agreement.

“Let’s get to work!” Goten shouted eagerly.

Marron began grooming the horses while Goten began to prepare the saddles. As Marron was finishing with the princess’ horse her brush broke

“Great now I’ll have to find another one. Goten you saddle up this one while I go find another brush”

“Sure thing Marron”

*Let’s see who’s horse is this? I think it’s my brother’s well I bette saddle him up* Goten thought with an evil smirk.

Half an hour later Gohan arrived with the princess at his side. She was wearing a suggestively low cut glittering purple riding habit as well as tall black lace up boots. Wearing her long blue hair tied back in a fashionable twist, she looked all the monarch. Gohan looked very regal in his silver armor and flowing blue cape. Spotting the couple Marron and Goten brought the horses out of the stables.

“Your horses” said Marron with a smirk.

“They are ready I assume” Gohan answered rather haughtily.

“They look ready don’t they?” Marron returned sarcastically. Gohan and Marron began to argue even over the readiness of the horses and what type of job had been done on them. While this was going on the princess noticed a young man standing next to the enraged blonde. He was tall and very handsome, but he seemed to be a bit anxious. She noticed he was very fidgety and found him to be elbowing the vicious blonde in the ribs, probably in hopes of shutting her up.

After giving up on Marron Goten looked to the side and noticed the princess looking at him. A slow smile crept up her face as she began to smile flirtatiously at him as well as batting her long eyelashes at him. Goten blushed. Both flattered and confused he wondered why his brother’s fiance was smiling and even more flirting with him.

“Shall we go my dear” Gohan said turning on the princess bringing her out of her trance. There was something about that young man that intrigued her, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. *That will soon change though* she thought with a smirk.

Together Gohan and the princess walked up to their horses Gohan mounted his leaving the princess to climb up her own. She seemed to be having some difficulty getting up but Gohan didn’t seem to notice or care so Goten walked up to her and offered to help her.

“Need a little help? Mounting these things can be difficult” Goten offered with a smile.

“Why thank you” the princess replied with a smile of her own.

Goten helped her on to the horse and with a curtious bow returned to Marron’s side.

*Why is he always near her? What is she to him and what does he see in her anyway?* the princess thought to herself as she analyzed Marron who was having a difficult time containing herself.

“My dear the night will soon be upon us we should go” Gohan said. The blonde was acting a bit strange even for her. What was going on? He decided he better keep an eye on her in case she tried anything suspicious.

They both commenced to ride first at a slow gallop and gradually their speed increased. They got faster and faster and Gohan was riding fine, nothing was happening.

“What’s going on why hasn’t he fallen? Goten you did do what I told you didn’t you?”

“Yes! I left it loose just like you said maybe it’ll take a little longer just watch” Goten said as he returned to watching his brother ride. They continued to watch until all of a sudden the princess’ saddle unlatched and sent her flying back.

Gohan, Marron, and Goten all saw the saddle unlatch and send her flying they could only watch in horror. All of a sudden Goten shot out in an attempt to catch her.

The princess was riding when all of a sudden she was sent flying back in to the air. She couldn’t think or see clearly. One minute she was on the horse and the next she’s falling to the ground hard and fast. Why wasn’t anyone helping her? Why was Gohan just watching? Maybe it was too late and she was already dead! She shut her eyes tight and when she opened them found herself in the arms of the cute guy that was with the blonde. *It must be my lucky day* she thought. She gracefully dropped out of his arms and placed a kiss on his cheek.

Gohan enraged walked over to his brother. *Who does he think he is? She’s mine and he better not even try to think otherwise or I’ll have his head!*

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“What does it look like I just saved your fiance” Goten said annoyed that his brother would be that ungrateful about the deed he had just preformed.

“Whatever Just get away from her. Let’s leave I don’t feel like riding anymore!” Gohan said as he dragged the princess away.

“What crawled up his ass and died?” Marron asked “Any way was that just not soo funny?! I mean so it wasn’t Gohan but did you see the look on his face when she was falling?! It was classic”

“That’s not very funny Marron she could have gotten hurt and it would have been all my fault!”

“But she didn’t so get over it! Common smile just a lil’ please for me?!” Marron said in a very childish tone. Goten couldn’t help but smile.

“Now that’s better you look much cuter when you smile!”

“Ok, ok I get the picture! You wanna go out to eat tonight since Gohan’s mad it would be better we eat out than go home”

“Good idea! Your treat since you offered!” Marron said as she flew outta the stables toward town.

“Hey no far you got a head start!” Goten shouted as he shot off after her.

While they were eating Goten remembered some news he had overheard while training today.

“Guess what!”

“ finally got yourself a girl” Marron teased.

“Very funny, and no another maid quite at the palace today”

“That makes what nine this month?”

“No it’s more like ten” Goten corrected.

“Looks like the prince has been busy this month, not much to do around the palace I see” Marron said disgusted.

“Looks like that to me”

“You figure he would do something better than that...” Marron trailed off as a thought popped into her mind.

“So you mean that she quit and they’re looking for a new maid, right?!”

“Yeah, I guess... I mean that’s what they always do”

“And anyone can apply right? There are no qualifications?”

“I guess anyone can apply as long as they know how to clean”

“Goten” Marron said as she got up “Your looking at the newest employee of the palace!”

Well that’s chapter 2 you guys hope you enjoy it! Let me just say I know that Gohan is not an ass hole in any way and is totally the sweetest guy but this is an alter universe and I needed a bad guy so he got elected. 4 all you Gohan lovers out there I’m totally sorry and I totally adore him and I promise I’ll write a story about him too! I’ll have a new chapt out sometime but I can’t make any promises and I wanna say supp to my chics Bulma, Sailor Leo, Ashley, Mirai Trunks Lover, Animako and Lex! Happy late b-day Lex sorry I didn’t tell you sooner! Luv ya all! And please review. Oh ya and shout out to Veggeta‘s lil‘ Princess aka Bra!