Part 3: More Than a Job?

“The newest employee of the palace? Where I don’t see her?!” Goten asked very confused.

“Me, who else would I be talking about?!” Marron said getting frustrated with her clueless friend.

“Umm hello! Earth to Marron! what’s wrong with you?”

“Wrong with me? What are you talking about?”

“You know what goes on in the palace and why everyone quits! Why would you apply for a job like that? Besides, I know you! You wouldn’t last one minute in a job like that!”

“See Goten that’s where you’re wrong! I mean I can’t stay in the stables forever and besides I’ve probably already been fired so it’s not like I have many choices. Anyway I can handle the prince, I mean I’ve got you in check, so I’ll be just fine.”

“If you say so, and no you do not have me in check! So there!” Goten pouted as he stuck his tongue out a Marron.

“Aww I’m hurt, really I am! Can you ever forgive me?”

“Fine. But just this once” Goten said with an impish grin.

“Good! Now I’ll need you to help me out, cuz tomorrow’s gonna be a
long day”

Together Marron and Goten thought up a plan to get her hired in the palace and one step closer to their freedom.

“Turn around one last time” Goten told Marron as they put the finishing touches on her suit. Since she didn’t own any clothes good enough for an interview with the king Goten borrowed one of his mom’s old gowns. Looking Marron over Goten decided that the yellow silk day gown suited her well. The dress’ simplistic style and low cut front gave Marron an air of sophistication yet flaunted her teasing nature.

“Since your not saying anything I assume it’ll do?”

“It’s perfect Marron, with that dress on no one will be able to say no to you!”

“Perfect” Marron said as she slammed her fan close on her wrist. In no time at all they would finally be free of this hell hole forever. With a satisfied smile Marron walked out the door to start her journey to freedom.

“Your majesty we have a late arrival” announced the butler as he entered the room.

*Great another wench coming to try to get her grubby hands on my money* the king thought with a sigh.

“Send her away! Interviews are over tell her she should have arrived sooner”

“ I’ve tried your majesty, but the girl insists on seeing you”

“If you cannot reason with her then have her escorted off the palace grounds!”

Just then the girl broke into the room.

“Excuse me your majesty” the girl said as she pushed past the butler “I’ve been waiting in line for hours only to be told that you no longer want to receive any more applicants. Well listen hear I’ve been waiting all day and am not going to be denied the right to an interview! All I need is a moment of your time all you’ll see that I am more than qualified for the position you seek to fill!” The blonde girl stated as she stood in front of the shocked king.

*Who the hell does this girl think she is addressing me like that?! I should have her head for her impertinence, but then again not just anyone will break past security for a meeting with me* the king thought with a smirk

“Fine have your say” the king commanded the girl as he pointed a chair out to her.

“Zuchin leave” the king ordered the quickly forgotten butler.

As the butler commenced to leave the king returned his attention to the girl

“Ok first things first your name?”

“Marron Kullin” Marron offered.

*Kullin haven’t I heard that name before* the king pondered. *It seems very familiar but I can’t quite place my finger on it*

“Why do you feel you are so qualified for this job?”


“I’m soooo bored! There’s nothing to do in this stupid palace! I mean seriously what can I do? Hmmmm” the annoyed young man stated as he started to ponder his situation “Well I could always go visit Camile, oh wait she quit. Great now what‘ll I do?” The prince thought out loud as he began to pace around his room.

“Wait!” the prince exclaimed as he suddenly stopped “I remember hearing something about hiring a new maid. Hmmmm this could be fun!” he said with a smile. The Prince walked from his room toward his father’s office. When he reached the office he found his father in a rather lively conversation with a very spirited blonde. *Hmmm maybe I should just watch*

“Like I said I am very good at cleaning, I am good at cooking, I am very organized and work at a rapid pace.”

“Yes, I can see that but what makes you different from everyone else?”

“I already told you!”

“Yes, and I told you that does not show me much! Every woman can clean what makes you so special as you claimed earlier? Hmmm?”

“Well... ummmm let me see... I ah, I... I”

Seeing the young woman struggling the Prince entered the room

“Well father, if the rumors are true then she is quite a determined girl, and” the prince paused as he looked her up and down, with a smile he continued “she seems dedicated and loyal, and she is quite lovely. Good traits if you ask me”

*Who is this guy? I’ve never seen him before*

“Hmmmmm... Good points indeed” the king agreed as he pondered his son’s comments. He then turned to face Marron

“I believe we have found the perfect girl for the job”

Marron’s face lighted up

“Thank you, thank you! You won’t regret it!”

“Oh, I know we won’t” the Prince stated as he looked her up and down again. Marron started to blush.

“Ummm, when can I start?” Marron asked nervously as the prince continued to eye her.

“Right now, don’t you think father?” the prince said as he shifted his gaze from the new maid to his father.

“Anything to get that god-awful woman off my back!” the king replied as he suppressed a groan.

“I have business to attend to so you give her a room. Anywhere in the ouse except your sister’s wing will suffice” the king ordered the Prince.

“Why I would be most delighted” the Prince replied with a smirk as he turned to Marron and offered her his arm

“Shall we?”

Marron accepted his arm and with a bow to the king left.

“Thank you for your help!” Marron stated as they left the room.

“Why your very welcome.”

“I owe you, I mean if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have gotten the job!”

“Well I’ll keep that in mind” the prince smirked.

He looked the girl over and had found a pair of curious clear blue eyes studying him. Her eyes had to be the color of the sea he decided as he stared into them.

“So, what did you say your name was?”

“Umm I didn’t”

“Oh well in that case what is it?”

“Ummm Marron, Marron Kullin”

“Marron huh? What a lovely name” the prince stated as they started walking up the stairs.

“Why thank you ummm, your majesty”

“I don’t like to be called your majesty it’s so formal, please call me Trunks instead it’s so much more...” the prince paused “personal” he slowly whispered in her ear

“Ummm ok Trunks?” Marron gulped feeling a little un easy

“Ah much better” Trunks replied with a self satisfied smirk.

They continued walking in silence for some time occasionally glancing over at each other. Passing wing after wing Marron could only stare in awe at the intricate carvings adorning the walls and each and every door frame. They passed a long row of portraits each of a previous monarch in the illusive Vegeta line. After walking down the same hall for what seemed an hour the prince stopped and smiled at her

“We’re almost there, just around this corner...” Trunks trailed off as he rounded the corner

“Finally I thought we’d never get there!” Marron exclaimed as she tore off after him. Marron rounded the corner and couldn’t find Trunks anywhere.

“Great now I’m lost!” Marron turned back ready to look for Trunks when she hit something. She looked up and found herself face to face with a broad chest. She continued lifting her face till she found herself looking into a pair of crystal blue eyes.

“Um, um” Marron stuttered.

“Well there you are, for a minute there I thought I lost you” Trunks smiled down at Marron. “Follow me and I’ll show you to your room”

“Um can I ask you a question? Where am I? We’ve been walking for so long that I can’t tell right from left anymore!”

“Oh, that’s easy” Trunks started as he lead her to a door “we’re in my wing” he finished as he entered the room. Startled Marron went in behind him.

“But shouldn’t I be umm...with the servants?”

“Well my father said to place you anywhere so long as it’s away from my sister and so it is. Besides I’m the only one occupying a room here so you can be assured privacy and the accommodations here are much better suited. Anyway this will be your room I’m sure you find everything to your liking?”

The room was enormous. It made the small room she had lived in her entire life seem like a closet.

“It’s so big!”

“I take it you’re pleased” Marron was so stunned she could only nod in agreement.

“Good, I could give you a tour of the room if you like”

“Sure, this room’s so big I think I’d get lost trying to find the bathroom.”

“No prob, this is the main chamber, over there is you’re bath, you’re dresser is right there and over here is your closet.”

“Now why don’t I give you a little tour of the bedroom”

“Ok...” Marron replied nervously

“It’s your standard bed room, your nightstand is right there, your mirror there, and here” Trunks paused right if front of the bed “is you’re bed. Why don’t we see if it works?”

“Excuse me? I’m sure it works just fine thank you!” Marron exclaimed infuriated.

*I can’t believe he has the gall to even try and assume that I’ll just throw myself at him like that!* Marron thought angrily.

“Are you sure?” Trunks asked with a smirk “I’m sure there’s a few things I can show you”

“NO thank you! I appreciate your help, but am feeling tired and would like to retire for the night!” Marron shouted and looked over at Trunks who was smiling even broader than before “Alone I might add now good day to you!”

“I don’t think I want to leave” Trunks said as he layed across the bed.

“Well I don’t care! This is my room and I don’t want you in it!”

“It may be your room for now but it’s in my wing and more importantly my house. It would do you some good to remember who you are addressing!”

“I know just who I’m talking to! A stuck up, spoiled prince who thinks he’s Kami’s gift to the world!”

“Feisty aren’t we? I love a challenge. Tell you what I’ll leave you alone tonight but tomorrow is another story altogether. So until we meet again adieu.” he replied as he placed a kiss on her hand and he bowed to her. Marron slammed the door shut and slid the bolt on the door into place.