Red Ribbon Week
by Distel

A/n: I just wanted to say a few things about this Story.First of all,this story was based on a play that my friends did for Red Ribbon Week in order to boost their Science Grade up a little.If you do take drugs or smoke,I am very sorry if this story offends you.But please do not e-mail me complaining about this story.I didn't even know if I wanted to write much less post it in the first place.Thanks and enjoy!

Trunks sighed,gripping the edge of his crumpled up Science Test.”My mother is going to kill me when she sees this Test Grade!"He exclaimed.

“What grade did you make?”His little sister Bra asked.

“A ninety-three,can you believe it?I am so dead!”

Goten gave Trunks a look that said,”you’re crazy."”Trunks,that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!Your mother is going to kill you for getting a ninety-three?!That is an B for God’s sake!”

Trunks shook his head sadly.”My mother always wants me to make an A in every class I take,Goten.If I get anything lower than an A she will ground me!”

Goten looked amazed.”Is that true Bra?”

Bra shook her head.”For Trunks it is.Mom is perfectly happy with anything I make as long as it’s no lower than a C+.She’s only that way with Trunks because as soon as he finishes College,he’ll be taking over Capsule Corp.”

“At least you got an B,Trunks.I have a seventy-one,thats a D.And if you think your mom is going to come down hard on you,just wait until I get home.My mom will be a walking time bomb!”

Bra turned to her friend Pan.”What did you make Pan?

Pan frowned.”I made a ninety-five.That is so shameful.”

Trunks’ eyes widened.He then snatched Pan’s paper.”You got a ninety-five?!What is so shameful about that?I’d kill to get a grade like that!”

Pan rolled her eyes.”If you haven’t noticed Trunks,my father is a teacher!He wants me to maintain a hundred average,a ninety-five is not going to cut it with him!” Pan then looked at her sulking friend Marron.”What did you make Marron?”

“An eighty,a C+.”

“That’s not so bad,Marron.”Goten reasured her.

“Actually it is,I’ve made A's and B's in every other class I’ve taken.A C+ isn’t going to look good among those grades,Gotten.If only I had studied a little harder I would have been able to get the extra five points I needed to get in order to get a B+.While we’re on the subject,what did Bra get?”

“An eighty-five,a B.Not bad for me.”Bra’s face suddenly lit up.”You guys,I just had a terrific idea!”She squealed.

“What?”Trunks said.

“Bra,I don’t like that look on your face.The last time you got an idea you almost got us killed.”Marron told her.

Bra scowled.”Have a little more faith in me,Marron.”

“Well you have to admit that your ideas can be pretty farfetched,Bra.”Pan said.

“farfetched?”Goten snorted.”Deadly is more like it!”He added.

Bra crossed her arms and sniffed.”And you called yourselves friends.”

“Who said we were your friends?”Trunks asked her,a smile making its way onto his face.

Bra stuck her tongue out at him.”Well since almost all of us have been very unsatisfied with our grades in Science,why don’t we do something for extra credit?That way we can raise our grades,not catch hell from our parents,and be happier with our lives.”

Marron smiled.”Bra,that is an excellent idea!”

Pan grinned at Bra.”Yeah and at least doing the extra credit won’t get us killed.”

Bra gave Pan an exasperated look.

“Just kidding,Bra.”Pan told her.

“Yeah but what extra credit is there to do?”Goten asked his friends.

“If we do extra credit we have to turn it in by Tuesday because that is when the Grading period ends,”Trunks told them.

“Goten,please hold my books for me,I’m going back to the Science class to see what extra credit we can do.I’ll be right back!”She then jammed her books into his hand and raced down the hall,her orange bandana bouncing on her head as she ran.A few minutes later she returned.

“Well?”Trunks asked her.

“I just asked Mr. Harris what we could do for our Science project and you won’t believe what we have to do for extra credit.”

* * * *

Marron sat on the edge of Bra’s bed,running her brush through her soft blond hair.”Thank god it is Friday night,I would have gone mad if we had had school tomorrow.”

“Yes,we wouldn’t be able to spend the night at your house if it was a school day,Bra.”Pan said.

“I just can’t believe we have to do a play about Red Ribbon Week for extra credit,though.How does Mr. Harris expect us to come up with a play on Red Ribbon week?That's completely unethical!”Bra told them.

“Well at least Trunks,Goten,Pan,Bra,and I can do extra credit in a group.I’m sure if we put our heads together that we can come up with something.”Marron told her to friends.

“Maybe tomorrow when we’re in a better mood,we’ll be able to come up with something.”Pan said.

“Yeah and if we can get through the night with Goten sleeping in the next room!”Bra laughed.

“Hey Bra,I am so bored let’s watch something before we go to sleep.”Marron said to Bra.

“Alright,”Bra grabbed the remote and turned the TV on.On the TV scren a famous singer Brittany Spears began singing and dancing to her music video,”Oops I Did It Again.”

A smile blossomed on Marron’s face.”I’ve got it!I know what we can do for extra credit!

* * * *

“Do you have the script ready?”Trunks asked Bra.

Bra nodded her head vigoriously.”Yes,Marron,Pan,and I stayed up most the night writing it.”

“Writing what?”Goten asked Trunks and Bra sleepily.

“The script for the play we are going to do for extra credit.”Trunks told him.

“Oh,what’s the play going to be about?”Goten asked.

“Well of course it has to be about Red Ribbon Week,but this play is going to be a mixture of comedy and a mixture of information.”

“Comedy,I can do.Information ask my brother.”Goten informed Bra.

Bra laughed.”Before the day’s over we are going to have our five points worth of extra credit.Believe me,we will.”

* * * *

“Ok let me get this straight.”I’m going to be the person playing the drug addict?”Marron asked Bra.

“Yes,and Pan will be the nice,healthy,and drug free person,while Trunks has a little singing debut along with Goten who will also be filming the whole play.”Bra told Marron.

“Alright,this shouldn’t be all that difficult.”Marron said.

“Where is Trunks and Goten?”Pan asked Marron.

“They are making copies of the script we wrote.”Marron replied. Just then Goten ran out of the house,smiling and waving the papers in his right hand.He then tripped over one of the legs of the deck chairs and landed on his face his arm in mid air still gripping the papers.Trunks walked up to him and took the papers out of his hand and handed them to Bra.

“This is going to be a long day,”Bra told her friends.

* * * *

“Marron you are doing a great job,Pan try to be a little more outspoken,and Bra,do you need some water?We don’t want your voice cracking up,you are the narrator after all.”Goten said.

Trunks shook his head.

* * * *

Marron opened the door leading into The Briefs family kitchen.She was soon followed by her weary friends.”If I have to say “Drugs are bad” ever again,I promise I will personally kill the person who makes me say it.”Trunks informed everyone.

“There’s nothing to worry about Trunks.We have completed our play and we all did a great job.We don’t have to redo any parts.”Goten replied.

“Yes and we only had to redo the play about sixty three times!”Bra exclaimed.

“Right now,I don’t really care if Mr. Harris likes our play or not,I just want to go to bed.”Pan told her friends,and then they all wearily trudged up the stairs.

* * * *

“Now class,I have received many extra credit projects from many students over the years that I have been a teacher.And very rarely have I seen an extra credit project that has impressed me so much as one that has been handed into me by a group of three young ladies and two young men.”Trunks,Goten,Marron,Pan,and Bra have turned in an excellent play that I wish to show you.As you know I am very well against students drinking or taking drugs and that this semester's extra credit was about Red Ribbon Week.”

“I will now show you the video that earned those five students that I just mentioned their extra credit.Mr. Harris walked over to the TV which sat in the middle of the classroom and switched it on the put in a video tape.”Ms. Summers,could you please swtich off all the lights?”

A girl with long black hair and black eyes quickly stood up and switched off all the lights.

An image of Bra appeared on the television screen.”Hello my name is Bra and I am going to be doing an experiment on people who take drugs and people who are drug free.Here with me I have two young ladies,Marron who takes drugs,and Pan who is drug free.’The camera then focused on Marron and Pan who were both sitting on two cushioned deck chairs.The only problem with the scene was that the camera was upside down.

“Goten,the camera is upside down!”Trunks hissed in the backround.

“Whoops!”The camera was then turned right side up.

The Bra on the screen rolled her eyes and pulled up a chair by Marron.”Hello Marron,my name is Bra and I’ll be interviewing you today.”Bra went to shake Marron’s hand but Marron kept misisng her hand.Bra then stood up and moved her chair over to Pan.”Hello Pan,as you’ve heard my name is Bra,and I will also be interviewing you today.’Pan shook Bra’s hand.

“Well I have a few questions for you,Marron and Pan.”First I’ll ask Marron.”Do you have any dreams Marron?”

“Marron smiled widly.”Yes,I want to become the best weed addict in America!”

Bra smiled weakly.”Ok,and you Pan?”

Pan smiled.”I want to go to Colledge and become a lawyer.”

Bra smiled.”There you have it.Marron who takes drugs does not want to go anywhere in life while Pan who is drug free wants to be the best she can be.Now here is a message from our sponser.”

The camera focused on Trunks who looked very paranoid.After a few seconds of not doing anything,Trunks look confused.”Is the camera on?”He asked.”Oh!”The camera person took a few steps away and revealed Trunks who had a pair on sunglasses on,a few fake tatoos(The type that looked like something a biker would get),clip on hoop earings that looked real,long heavy gold chains were around his neck,and he was in leather pants,and a leather vest,the type of outfit a rapper would wear.”Drugs are bad,if you do drugs then you are sad!When he sang "sad" he balled his hands into fists and began moving them in a circular motion around his eyes as if he was crying.

The camera focused once more on Bra.”Hello,it’s me Bra agin.I’m here for test two with Marron the drug addict,and Pan who is drug free.Now marron,here I have a soccer ball,the camera focused in on a soccer ball at Bra’s feet,kick it as hard as you can.”

Marron smiled.”Ok.”She then ran at the ball and just as she was about to kick it she fell on the ground.Bra looked at the camera knowingly.Now here is Pan,alright Pan kick it as hard as you can.”

Pan nodded,then kicked the ball sending it flying into the air.In the backround a sound like glass shattering could be heard.The class then heard Bra gasp.”Oh my god,Pan you broke Mr. Clowskie's window!Run for it before Mr. Clowskie realizes it was us!"The camera was dropped and they saw a rush of feet heading for the door.Then the camera focused on Bra again.

“It’s me Bra,test two has been completed.Marron who was the drug addict could not kick the ball,however Pan who was drug free could kick the ball.Now a word from our sponser!”

The camera focused in on Goten who was wearing a leather outfit similiar to Trunks’ outfit.He then started singing,”don’t do drugs because drugs are bad,if you do drugs the you are sad,and if you do you’ll die!”

The camera then turned to Bra who was trying her best to look cheerful.In the backround was a white marker board with a line through the middle and Marron’s and Pan’s name was written on either side of the board.”I’m here completing test three.Here I have with me Marron,(Marron was bouncing up and down with a goofy look on her face)and Pan.”Bra then turned to Marron,”Marron please draw me something.”Marron smiled akwardly and grabbed the marker out of Bra’s hand then began to clumsily draw what slightly resembled a pack of cigarette’s and below she mispelled the word “cigarette”.

"Thank you Marron.”Bra reached for the marker but Marron pulled away from her hand and they ended up in a tug of war match over the marker.Bra ended up winning and faced Pan.”Pan,could you please draw me something?”Pan nodded and began drawing three stick figures with happy faces for heads and she then drew a cross next to the stick people.In the backround the camera showed Marron sniffing the board.

“This completes test three as well as my hypothesis.After a minimal ammount of happiness Marron the drug addict becomes depressed.After a minimal ammount of happiness,Pan the drug free person,still remains happy.Now for a final word from our sponser.”

The camera focused in on a door,and after a few seconds the door opened and Marron walked in doing a small portion of Brittney Spear’s “Oops I Did It Again” music video dance.She then began singing.”I used to smoke cigies,(When she said Cigies she put her hand to her mouth as if she was smoking a cigarette),and that was such a pity!But I quit last week,(By then her face was becoming red from trying to gold off her laughter)and now I’m not sick!”

The camera then focused on Bra,Marron,and Pan.”This concludes our Red Ribbon Week play,”Bra said.

“Don’t do drugs because drugs are bad for you,”Pan said.

“Just say no!”Marron shouted throwing up her hands.

Mr. Harris then walked up to the TV screen and ejected the video,and turned the TV off.The whole class began clapping,and Bra,Marron,and Pan began cracking up in the back.Trunks hit his head on his desk,”I’m never ever doing anything like that again!”