When Things Go Wrong Then Right
By: Ronniesha

Marron is 16,Trunks is 18,Goten is 17, Bra is 15,Uubu is 16 and Pan is 14.

“ Trunks what are you doing” Marron yelled at him.
“ Marron it not what you think.” Trunks said calmly.
“ Not what you think what am I suppose to think Trunks Briefs.” Marron said still yelling. She caught him kissing Lena.
“ Marron let me explain.” Trunks said.
“ No Trunks it’s over. ”  Marron yelled and walked away.

Later that night Marron was at Capsule Corp because she was going to spend the night.
“ Marron are you hungry because I ‘m starved.” Bra said.
“Okay Bra lets go.”Marron said.
They were on their way to the elevator when Marron ran in to Trunks.
“Oh excuse me.” Marron said.
“ Yeah okay.” Trunks said looking at her he couldn’t help not to stair at her she was in a black short nightdress.
“Come on Marron.” Bra said.
“ Okay good night Trunks.” Marron said and walked passed him.
“ Good night.” He whispered back to her.
9:00 that night

“Truth or dare Marron?” Bra said.
“ Truth.” Marron said.
“ Is true that you still like my brother.” Bra said.
“ Yes but how could you trust somebody that goes and kisses another girl, Bra if Goten kisses Paris and you saw it would you be mad or not.” Marron said

The next morning Trunks and Marron where the first ones up. Marron went down in the elevator in to the kitchen and so did Trunks. When Marron got there she saw Trunks.

“ Great.” Marron thought to herself.
“ Marron good morning.” Trunks said
“ Not really.” She thought
“ Good morning.”  Marron said with a fake smile on her face.
“ Can I get you anything?” Trunks asked
“1 hash brown please.” Marron said.
“ Is that all?” Trunks asked
“ And a apple juice.” she said
“Coming right up.” He said
5 min later
“ Here you go.” Trunks said
“ Thanks.” Marron said
“ She’s so pretty.” Trunks thought.
“ Marron are you okay.” Trunks asked
“  Yeah why do you ask?” Marron asked
“Because you would not have just cared about Lena what else is wrong?” Trunks asked her.
“Trunks I’m scared of you.” She said.
“ Me why?” Trunks asked.
“ Okay if I was a super strong person and you were me would you be scared or not so I got rid of that problem.” she said
“ Marron I love you and I will always love you.” He said
“ Trunks I can’t I’m sorry.” She told him.
Trunks couldn’t say nothing lets just say he was speechless. Marron was serious. All he could do is stare at her.

“ Marron I’m sorry.” Trunks said
“ Me to.” Marron said.
Marron walked up to him and kissed him for the last time.
“Goodbye Trunks.”Marron said and walked out the kitchen.
“ Marron wait.” Trunks said and grabbed her arm.
Trunks couldn’t help his self. He grabbed her and kissed her.
“ Trunks I sorry I love you I wont to be with you.” Marron said
I know I love you to.” Trunks said

Next day at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“ Hey Trunks waz up to.” Marron said raping her arm around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.
“ Hey baby lets go get lunch.” Trunks said
“ Trunks can we go out to lunch and get some McDonalds please.” Marron said.
“ Okay I’m up for that.” He told her.
“ Hey Trunks call me.” Some girl told him and gave him a phone number.
“278-8589 big numbers.” Marron said with a smile.
Trunks throw the number away and kept walking with Marron.

At McDonalds
“May I take your order?” waitress asked
‘ Yes, May I have a number 3 and make the drink a root beer please.” Marron said
“ And you?” she asked
“ Number 3,2,4, make that two number 3’s a number 2 and a large sprite please.” Trunks said.
“ Your toldel comes to 10.35. And you number is 356.”She said
Trunks paid and they sat and talked while they waited for their food.
“ So Marron……… “ Trunks said trying to start a convo.
“ Trunks how are you doing in your training?” Marron asked
“ I ‘m great, I can bet Goten any time.” He answered
 “ 356 your orders ready.” The waiter said.

Back at school
“ Lets go to a movie.” Trunks told Goten.
“ Sure can my girlfriend go?” Goten asked
“ Yes Bra can go.” Trunks said.

Marron and Bra talking.
“ Marron look at Goten he’s so fine.” Bra said.
“ Hey ladies.’ Uubu said
“ Uubu hi how have you been?” Marron asked as she hugged him and kissed his cheek. Bra did the same.
“ I’m fine and you two?”Uubu said
“ Great.” Bra and Marron said.
“ Well got to go I’ll call you guys bye.” Uubu said and walked away.

Author notes: sorry the end of chapter one and soon chapter two.
HaRUko^: Can't wait for Chap. 2! ^_^


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