Haha! Actually I'm still looking for the right picture as the head pic ^_~; But I love the view!! 
Ah yes, we all do know that Trunks, Goten and Marron have known each other very well since they were kids. Three of them were best friends and even their families were so close. In most fanfics about Goten, Trunks and Marron, they grew up together and some of them even ended up to be more than just a friend.  ^_^
But this story is slightly different. You'll find out yourself later, but Marron(the author) informed all of us, that this story took place a tiime when Marron and Trunks don't know each other. But then again, this is just another interesting story that tells us about the three best friends. I love the story, it's great!


Chapter 1 "Moving In"
Chapter 2 " A New Friend"
Chapter 3 "Thanks My Friend"
Chapter 4 "The secrets out"
Chapter 5 "New Room Mates"
Chapter 6 "New Interests"
Chapter 7 "Trouble"
Chapter 8 ‘ Insulted and Injured
Chapter 9 “Meeting Half the Family” New!
Chapter 10 “Phone Time” New!
Chapter 11 “Time for someone else to know’ New!
Chapter 12 “Prescriptions and Accusations” New!
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