Runaway Groom
by Theatre-girl

A/n: Hey there I am Theatre-girl and my e-mail address is at and here is my first DBZ fanfic.  And it is also a crossover of DBZ and the movie Spaceballs.  I hope that you enjoy it. This is rated PG.

Disclaimer:  I don’t own DBZ or Spaceballs, just the idea of combining the two together.  So please don’t sue me because I don’t have any money to give you anyway.

Warning:  This is a Trunks and Marron fanfic and a Goten and Bra story too. Also Pan isn’t even in this story.  So if you are a fan of Trunks and Pan or if you hate Marron, then this is probably a fanfic that you will not want to read.  So don’t go sending me any nasty e-mails because I warned you.

Long ago in galaxy far, far away

There lived a ruthless group of terrorists known as the Ginyu Force.

Along with their leader Freeza, they traveled from planet to planet.

Bringing destruction to those who tried to stand in their way.

Freeza had tried for years to take control of the planet Vegeta.

But was very unsuccessful.

Finally Freeza can up with the perfect plan to bring about the downfall
of planet Vegeta.

Meanwhile on planet Vegeta today is the day of the wedding of

King Vegeta’s only son Prince Trunks.

Little does Prince Trunks know about the danger that lurks in the

stars above.


Part 1

        Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, deep in outer space the biggest space ship ever built was traveling at a fast speed towards the planet Vegeta. This space ship was the ship of the famous Ginyu Force.  The Ginyu Force was a band of ruthless terrorists, along with their leader Freeza; they traveled from planet to planet-bringing destruction to innocent civilians.  They destroyed planet after planet.  But of all the planets there was one that they could not conquer.  And that planet was named Vegeta, it was the home of the great race of the Saiyans.  The Saiyans were a strong group of fighters that had the ability to turn into gorillas at the sight of a full moon.  Lord Freeza had tried for many years to take control of planet Vegeta, but he had failed every single time.  So after much thought Freeza came up with the perfect plan to finally to take control of planet Vegeta.
        The Ginyu Force still continued to travel at a fast speed to get to planet Vegeta.  Inside the ship in the main battle room stood a tall warrior with purple skin and two horns sticking out of his head.  His name was Captain Ginyu and he was the commander of the Ginyu Force.
        “Captain Ginyu!” said another warrior with mint color skin and long black hair, which he had in a ponytail.
        “Yes, Zarbon,” said Captain Ginyu.  “What is it?”
        “Planet Vegeta is now in sight and I have just informed Lord Freeza. His orders are that we are to wait until Prince Trunks’s spaceship is in range and then we are to take him alive,” said Zarbon.
        “So ordered,” said Captain Ginyu.  “We will wait then and I have to admit this plan to take control of planet Vegeta is perfect.  Full universe domination is finally within our grasp.”
        “Yes, because King Vegeta’s only weakness is his family,” said Zarbon. “Therefore by taking his son Prince Trunks hostage, we can finally make him do whatever we want.  And the best part is King Vegeta’s number one warrior Kakarot won’t be able to stop us this time.”
        “When will Prince Trunks be married?” asked Captain Ginyu.
        “Within the hour.”
        “Well,” said Captain Ginyu with an evil smile on his face.  “I hope that it’s a long ceremony because it’s gonna be a short honeymoon.”
        Meanwhile on the planet Vegeta, the entire Saiyan race was in high spirits because today was the day of the wedding of King Vegeta’s only son Prince Trunks.  The wedding was taking place inside the palace and room was completely full with guests.  King Vegeta and his wife Queen Bulma were seated up front.  Among the guests were Kakarot and his wife Chichi. Kakarot was the captain of King Vegeta’s guards and his right arm man. He was the strongest of all the Saiyans on the entire planet.  And he was the one who was able to stop Freeza and the Ginyu Force from taking over the planet.
       Up at the front of the room dressed on royal Saiyan armor stood Prince Trunks.  He had his long lavender hair pulled up in a ponytail and he had a worried look on his face.  Mainly because not only was he about to marry a woman that he did not love.  But she was also the biggest snob in the entire galaxy.  But he had to marry her because he was a prince and he had to marry a princess.  And she was the last princess left in the galaxy.
        Standing next to him was the best man and his best friend in real life. His name was Goten and he was the only son of Kakarot and his wife Chichi. Trunks and Goten have known each other ever since they were babies and they have been inseparable, Goten is Trunks’s right arm man.  Even though many think that Goten has not had much fighting experience.  He secretly trains by himself, and he would like very much to take over his father’s position as Captain of the Guards.  But one thing that Goten lacks is confidence and with his father being the strongest Saiyan, he feels that he will never be powerful enough to match his skills.
        Just then the music started and the bride started walking down the aisle. Trunks got even more worried, Goten standing beside him started to fix the scarf around his neck.
        ‘Well,’ Trunks thought to himself.  ‘I look at it this way there are two things that I can do.  I can either marry this woman and be miserable for the rest of my life.  Or not.’  With that Trunks started running right past the alter, down the ramp and out the door.  Dragging Goten behind him, who was still fixing his scarf.
        “Wait a minute,” said Goten.  “You forgot to get married.  What are you doing?”  Trunks opened the door to the spaceship that he and his bride were going to take for their honeymoon.
        “No questions Goten, just get in,” said Trunks.  Vegeta and Bulma and many of the other guests ran outside just in time to see the spaceship taking off.
        “What is he doing?” yelled Vegeta.  “Where is he going?” Meanwhile the bride was still standing at the alter with and angry look on her face.
        “Trunks, you get back here right now!” she yelled.