Part 2

        Soon Trunks and Goten were out of planet Vegeta’s atmosphere and Trunks had a huge smile on his face.
        “So were exactly are we going?” asked Goten.
        “Anywhere but back there,” said Trunks.
        “Look, can we talk about this?” asked Goten.
        “There is nothing to talk about!” said Trunks getting angry.
        “Look we all know that she’s a pain in the neck but you’ve got to marry her for your father’s sake.  And also so your mother won’t have a headache wondering if you’ll end up dead on another planet,” said Goten.
        “My mind is made up and I am not going home,” replied Trunks.  “Do you understand?”
        “No I don’t understand!” said Goten.  “Trunks do you realize what you’ve done?”
        “Yes, and I’m glad!” yelled Trunks.  “Glad, glad, glad, glad, glad!”
        “I wonder if he’s glad?” Goten said quietly to himself.
        Meanwhile in a spaceship not far from Trunks and Goten was another spaceship that was basically a Winnebago with wings.  The music was being played very, very loud and inside the ship was a young woman dancing to the music.  She had long blue hair and she was dressed in a red tank top with black pants.  Near the front of the ship, asleep at the steering wheel was another young woman with long blonde hair.  She was dressed in a pink tank top with black pants.  She was then awakened by the sound of the phone ringing.
        “What the…oh it’s just the phone.  Hey Bra, BRA GET IN HERE WE’VE GOT A PHONE CALL,” she yelled.  Bra turned off the music and came up front.
        “Hey, Marron I see that you’re finally awake.  I wonder who could be calling us know,” Bra switched on the screen the answer the call.  A young Namek appeared on the screen.  Marron and Bra then both got nervous.
        “Hello there, Marron & Bra,” he said very calmly.
        “Hello Garlic Jr.,” said Marron trying not to sound nervous.  “So what can we do for you?”
        “Well I was just calling about the money that you two owe me,” he said.
        “Don’t worry,” said Bra.  “You’ll have it by next week.”
        “Actually, I’ve got to have it by tomorrow,” said Garlic Jr.
        “All that money by tomorrow!” said Marron shocked.
        “Yes, tomorrow,” said Garlic Jr.  “And if you two don’t pay it, then there will be a great price on both of your heads.”  And with nothing more to say, he finished his call.
        “Where are we going to get all that money by tomorrow?” said Marron. “And if we don’t pay it, then we are pretty much dead.”
        “Well then, I guess that there’s only one thing that we can do,” said Bra.
        “What’s that?”
        “Pray for a miracle,” said Bra as she switched on the radio.  They both listened to the music as they tried to figure out a plan to earn enough money to pay back Garlic Jr.  The radio announcer then interrupted the music.
        “We interrupt this program to bring you this announcement.  In universe news today on the planet Vegeta, during the wedding of Prince Trunks the son of King Vegeta and Queen Bulma, shocked everyone by running out on his own wedding.  And leaving his bride at the alter.  He and his best man Goten took off in a brand new white class Saiyan spaceship.  Now many Saiyans are beginning to wonder about what will happen with the future of planet Vegeta and the throne.”  Bra then switched off the radio.
        “Wow, can you believe that?” said Bra.  “He actually left his bride at the alter.”
        “He sounds like a real big jerk to me,” said Marron.
        As for the Ginyu Force they were beginning to close in on Trunks and Goten.
        “Captain Ginyu,” said Zarbon.  “Prince Trunks’s spaceship is now in range.”
        “Good,” said Captain Ginyu.  “Now lets have some fun and fire a few warning shots at him.  Ready, set, fire!”  The laser blasts went fast almost hitting the side of the ship.  Making it rock back and forth.
        “What’s going on?” said Trunks.
        “It’s either the Forth of July,” said Goten.  “Or someone is trying to kill us.”
        “Oh, no it’s the Ginyu Force,” said Trunks.  “Come on Goten we have fight back.”
        “We can’t Trunks, because we don’t have anything to fight back with.”
        “What do you mean?”
        “This ship wasn’t built with any laser blasts,” said Goten.  “Remember this is the ship that you were supposed to take for your honeymoon.”
        “Well then, get on the radio and send out an S.O.S,” said Trunks.
“Maybe if we’re lucky my dad will hear us and send in some reinforcements.” But unfortunately Vegeta didn’t hear the S.O.S., but Marron and Bra did.
        “Hey,” said Bra.  “You hear that?”
        “Yeah,” said Marron.  “It must be a message.  Lets find out what it’s about.”
        “It’s an S.O.S. from Prince Trunks, himself,” said Bra.  “He is need of assistance because his ship is under attack by the Ginyu Force.  Well, then we’ve got to do something.”
        “Excuse me, the Ginyu Force forget it Bra,” said Marron.  “It’s too
dangerous, and besides you know that I’m already numero uno on Captain Ginyu’s hit list.”
        “But Marron, we just can’t let them be killed.  You know he is a prince and that does mean that he’s rich,” said Bra.
        “Yeah, and do you what the reward would be if we helped him.  We could finally be able to pay back Garlic Jr. for good,” said Bra.
        “Hey, your right,” said Marron.  “Alright then lets help him.”  Marron put the ship into full blast as they tried to find Trunks’s ship.  They had to hurry because as soon as they got there the Ginyu Force had started to pull in Trunks’s ship on their tractor bean.
        “What’s going on?  What’s that glow?  We’re not moving!” said Trunks.
        “Oh, we’re moving alright,” said Goten.  “Backwards!”
        “Then there is nothing that we can do,” said Trunks.  “I’m going to have to shut down.  All I know is that they’re not taking me without a fight.”
        “Trunks look at the size of that ship.  There are two of us and a hundred of them.  We don’t stand a chance,” said Goten.  Trunks didn’t say anything because he knew that Goten was right.  Marron and Bra finally arrived just in time to see the ship being pulled in.
        “Alright first things first Bra jam their transmissions.  So that way they won’t stop us on their radar,” said Marron.
        “No problem,” said Bra.  Bra was an electronic genius.  She could handle any electronic problem that came her way.  Marron then flew the Winnebago down right next to Trunks’s ship.  Bra put a space suit on and floated across to Trunks’s ship and opened the hatch.  She slowly walked inside up to the front of the ship where Trunks and Goten were sitting.  She took off her helmet and smiled.
        “Hi,” she said.
        “Who are you?” asked Trunks.
        “My name is Bra.”
        “Well what are you doing here?” said Trunks.
        “My friend Marron and I heard your S.O.S., come on you two better put on space suits.  So we can get aboard our ship and get out of here.”  She then gave Goten a little secret smile.  And Goten smiled back.
        “Great, come on Trunks.”
        “Wait a minute,” said Trunks.  “What about my weapon collection?”
        “Weapon what?” said Bra.  The hatch to the Winnebago opened up with Trunks, Goten and Bra carrying an armload of weapons in her arms and some on her shoulders.  Trunks and Goten walked to a room in the back of the Winnebago while Bra still carrying the weapons walked up to the front of the ship. Marron then turned around to see Bra carrying all of those weapons.
        “Checking in!” she said.  “What in the world is all that stuff?”  Bra then dropped all the weapons on the ground.
        “It’s his majesty’s, Prince Trunks’s weapon collection.”
        “Weapon collection,” said Marron.  “What does he think this is some kind of prince cruise?”
        “Well he wouldn’t go without it,” said Bra.
        “Oh yeah,” said Marron as she picked up a speaker microphone in her hand. “Now hear this, the minute we get out of here, the first thing we do is dump the weapon collection.”
        “Who was that?” asked Goten from a room in the back of the ship. Trunks got an angry look on his and went over to another microphone.
        “Now you hear this who ever you are,” he said in a threatening voice. “You will not touch that weapon collection.  And further more I want this dump cleaned up.  I will not be taken back to my planet in this dirty piece of crap.”
        “Listen on this ship I don’t take orders I give them,” said Marron. “On this ship you will do what I say, you got that cutie.”
        “Cutie,” said Trunks getting angrier.
        “Uh, oh,” said Goten.
        “How dare you speak to me that way?  You will address me the proper manner as your majesty.  I am Prince Trunks the son of Vegeta, king of all Saiyans.”
        “Oh well that’s just great,” said Marron.  “That’s all that we need a spoiled Saiyan prince.”  Marron flew the Winnebago out in time as the Ginyu Force pulled Trunks’s ship inside.  Captain Ginyu and Zarbon waited patiently for some of their soldiers to bring Prince Trunks into the main battle room.  But got shocked looks on their faces when the soldiers walked in without Prince Trunks.
        “Where is Prince Trunks?” asked Zarbon.
        “The ship was completely empty,” said one of the soldiers.
        “What!” said Captain Ginyu and Zarbon together.
        “Sir,” said a solider seated at one of the computers.  “We’re picking up a Winnebago with wings on our transmission.”
        “A Winnebago,” said Captain Ginyu.  “Marron and Bra.  Dammit it’s Marron and Bra they must be helping him.  We’ve got to catch them before they get away.  Prepare to attack.”
        Meanwhile Marron and Bra noticed that the Ginyu Force was beginning to close in on them.
        “Uh, oh,” said Marron.  “It’s the bad year blimp.”
        “We better get out of here in a hurry,” said Bra.
        “Switch to secret hyper-jets,” ordered Marron.
        “Switching to secret hyper-jets.”
        “Buckle up back there you guys, we’re going into hyper-active,” said Marron over the speaker microphone.  The Ginyu Force was about to attack when the Winnebago vanished out of sight.
        “What happened?  Where are they?” yelled Captain Ginyu.
        “I don’t know sir,” said Zarbon.  “They must have hyper-jets on that thing.”
        “Yes, sir,” said Zarbon picking up the speaker microphone.  “Prepare ship for light speed.”
        “No light speed is too slow,” said Captain Ginyu.
        “Too slow.”
        “We’re gonna have to go right to Ludicrous Speed.”
        “Ludicrous Speed, but Captain Ginyu we’ve never gone that fast before. I don’t know if the ship can take it.”
        “Zarbon that is not a request, it’s an order.”
        “Prepare ship for Ludicrous Speed,” said Zarbon.  Everyone sat down immediately and buckled seatbelts and within a moment the Ginyu Force was out of site.  Going faster than any ship in the galaxy.  The pressure was incredible and it was amazing that the ship was not breaking apart. But they were going so fast that without knowing it they pasted the Winnebago.
        “What in the world was that?” said Bra.
        “It’s the Ginyu Force,” said Marron.  “They past us.”
        “WE PAST THEM,” screamed Captain Ginyu.  “STOP THIS THING!”
        “JUST STOP THIS THING, I ORDER YOU TO STOP IT NOW.”  Zarbon then reached over to the emergency stop lever that was next to him and pulled it. Making the ship stop right in mid action.  Slowly everyone unbuckled their seatbelts, Captain Ginyu and Zarbon slowly stood up.
        “First, things first,” said Captain Ginyu.  “Check the ship for any damages and then find them.”  Not far from behind them Marron and Bra were still flying in light speed.
        “Take it out of hyper-active,” ordered Marron.
        “Taking it out of hyper-active,” said Bra.  “Alright Marron, we did it. They must have over shot us by a week an a half.”
        “Great then lets set a course for planet Vegeta,” said Marron.
        “Alright then setting a course for planet Vegeta,” said Bra.  Just then the ship started rocking back and forth like it was out of control.
        “What’s going on?” asked Marron.
        “We’re losing power!” said Bra.
        “Cause we’re out of gas.”
        “We must have burned it all up on hyper-active,” said Marron.
        “I told you we should have put more than five bucks worth in,” said Bra.
        “Well then we will have to send her down,” said Marron.  “Where is the closet planet?”
        “One of the Moons of Vega.”
        “Okay, hold on tight here goes nothing,” said Marron picking up the microphone.  “Hey, you okay back there prince?”
        “No you idiot,” yelled Trunks.  “Where did you learn how to fly?” Marron took a firm grip on the wheel and as gently as she could she landed the Winnebago down onto the planet that was pretty much nothing but one long desert.  When Trunks was sure that they were okay he unbuckled his seatbelt and got up.
“Where are you going?” asked Goten. I “I am going to tell her off once and for all,” said Trunks. 
“Wait a minute,” said Goten. 
“We’re going to need her help to get back home.  We’re just lucky that she heard our S.O.S.” 
“Oh, come on Goten,” said Trunks.  “Don’t you see why she’s doing this.  She’s expecting a big reward that’s why.” 
“Well she does have a sexy voice, she might be cute,” said Goten. like “Cute,” said Trunks.  “I know this space rebels, they’re all alike.  Bucktooth, knock-knee horse face space dogs.” 
“Calling me an idiot, who does he think he is?
I “don’t care if he is king of the universe.  This is our ship and he is going to follow our orders,” said Marron.  “I am going to
 go back there and explain a few things to him.”
“Yeah, but you haven’t seen what he looks like yet,” said Bra.
how weak you can get  around cute guys.”
“I know what he looks if you seen one spoiled prince, you’ve seen them all.  Fat, ugly, spoiled little mamas boy.”

        With that Trunks and Marron each got out of their seats rushed out of the
rooms to tell each other off.
        “Now listen you,” Trunks started but couldn’t finish.  Because there standing before him was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen in his entire life.  Marron was speechless too because Trunks was the cutest the guy that she had ever seen.  Both of them just stood there staring at each other not knowing what to think.