Part 3

        Trunks and Marron just stood there staring at each other not knowing what to think.  When Marron finally remembered that she was angry with him and broke the silence.
        “You listen,” she yelled.  “This is our ship and we are the ones who give the orders around here.  Do you understand that?”
        “And you will not call me you,” said Trunks in a proud voice.  “You will never address me as you.  You will call me Your Majesty.”
        “You are nothing but a royal pain in the…”
        “Hold it,” interrupted Bra.  “May I make a small suggestion?  Any minute now the Ginyu Force is going to make a major U turn.  Head back this way and make us all dead.”
        “Your right Bra,” said Marron.  “Well then we better get moving.  We have to try and find some fuel on this planet.”
        “Wait a minute,” said Trunks.  “My things!”
        “All right your majesty,” said Marron trying to be nice.  “But take only what you need to survive.”
        Back on the Ginyu Force, the entire crew was very lucky that there had been no real damages to the ship.  And that no one was hurt.  Now all that Captain Ginyu wanted to concentrate on was finding Marron, Bra and Prince Trunks.
        “Any luck with finding them?”
        “No Captain Ginyu,” said Zarbon.  “No luck, it’s almost as if they have vanished into thin air.”
        “Alright then, this is the plan get word out to all of our spies located on some of the local planets.  Tell who we are looking for and tell them that if they have any luck in finding them, then there will be a great reward,” said Captain Ginyu.
        “Yes, Captain Ginyu,” said Zarbon.
        Meanwhile Marron and Bra were not having a very good time.  Because when Marron told Trunks to bring only what he needed to survive, well that was pretty much everything.  And of course Marron and Bra were stuck carrying the heavier weapons, all of them walking in the middle of a huge dessert carrying a bunch of weapons in their hands.  When Marron finally decided that she had enough and she stopped walking.
        “That’s it!  I am not putting up with this anymore,” she said.
        “Marron, we don’t have time for this,” said Trunks.  “We need to keep moving if we want to find any fuel.”
        “Look Prince, that’s it.  The fairly tale is over.  Welcome to real life. If you want all these weapons then you carry them.”  And with that she dropped all of the weapons that she was carrying to the ground.
        “Uh, oh,” said Goten.
        “As Prince of The Saiyans, I am ordering you to pick those up.”
        “Well we are not on the planet Vegeta.  Therefore I do not have to follow any of you orders,” said Marron.
        “You know she does have a point,” said Goten.  Trunks then gave Goten an angry look.  “Well this whole thing never would have happened if you hadn’t runaway in the first place.”
        “Oh, that’s right we heard about that.  How you left your bride at the alter,” said Marron.
        “How do know about that?” asked Trunks.
        “It was all over the news,” said Marron.  “And now the Ginyu Force is after you.  Tell me why is that?”
        “I have no idea,” said Trunks.
        “Look I just want to set the record straight okay,” said Marron.  “I have no idea why the Ginyu Force is after you and personally I don’t care. By helping you out I expect to be well paid, Bra does too.”
        “You see I knew it,” said Trunks looking at Goten.  “That’s the only reason why they’re helping us.”  Trunks then looked back at Marron.  “Well you don’t have to worry about your reward.  You will be well paid.  If money is all that you desire then that’s all that you will receive.”  Trunks looked Marron straight in the eye when he said this.
        “But it’s not like that,” said Marron.
        “Sure,” said Trunks coldly.
        “Look you two,” said Bra.  “It’s going to be getting dark soon.  So I suggest that we find a place to sleep.”  The four of them started walking again.  Only this time nobody said anything.  Trunks was upset because Marron was only helping him for the money.  Marron was upset because of what Trunks had said to her before.  Goten and Bra were just staring at Trunks and Marron wondering about what was going to happen.  Little did all four of them know, that a Namek who looked about the age of 18 was following them.

(Well here is a fanfic for you that I decided to send.  In this story the planet Vegeta was never destroyed and Freeza wasen't as strong a fighter. But I love Trunks and Marron together.  So if you want I will keep on sending you more parts.  Just let me know.  I hope that you like it.)