Part 4

        Soon the sun was beginning to set and since the entire planet was nothing but a big dessert the foursome decided that it didn’t really matter where they decided to sleep.  Goten started a fire and the four of them just sat around it.  Nobody was in a really good mood.  Trunks was still mad at Marron and Marron was still upset by what Trunks had said to her earlier that day.  So the two of them decided to turn in early.  Since there was nothing better to do Goten and Bra both decided to hit the sack too. But unfortunately Goten just couldn’t get to sleep, so he thought that maybe a walk might help.  Trying not to wake up anyone else he got up slowly.
        “Going somewhere?” said Bra.
        “Oh, Bra I’m sorry, did I wake you?”
        “No, I can’t sleep either,” she said.  “What are you up too?”
        “I just thought that maybe a walk might help to clear my thoughts.”
        “Mind if I join you?”
        “Not at all,” said Goten.  Bra got up and she and Goten started walking not to far from where Trunks and Marron slept.  They both walked slowly, staring up at the stars in the sky.
        “Planet Vegeta is so far away,” said Goten.
        “Don’t worry,” said Bra.  “We’ll help you get back there.”  Both of them just stood there for a few minutes in complete silence.
        “So, where are you from?” asked Goten trying to make conversation.
        “Who knows?”
        “You don’t know where you’re from!”
        “Not really,” said Bra.  “I was found on the doorstep of a monastery.”
        “A monastery, where?”
        “Somewhere in the Ford Galaxy,” said Bra.
        “Well,” said Goten.  “Didn’t the monks tell you where you were from?”
        “They couldn’t because they took a vow of silence.  All that I had was this around my neck,” said Bra as she showed Goten a pendent that she had around her neck.  It was a small round shaped pendent with some form of writing engraved on both sides.
        “What does it say?”
        “I don’t know!  I’ve taken it to every wise man in the universe and nobody can tell me what it means.  Can you understand it?”  Goten looked a little more closely at the pendent.
        “Well I can’t read it.  But from what I can tell it looks like some sort of old Saiyan language.  But the strange thing is that this old language hasn’t been spoken on Planet Vegeta for years.”
        “You really think that it’s some kind of old Saiyan writing?” asked Bra.
        “Why don’t you show it to Trunks in the morning,” said Goten.  “Maybe he can tell you what it says.”
        “Thanks,” said Bra.  “And hopefully tomorrow we can find some fuel on this planet so that way we can get you guys back home.”
        “Actually, I’m not really looking forward to going back home,” said Goten.
        “Why not?” said Bra with a concerned look on her face.
        “Because as soon as we get back things are just going to go back to normal.
  Trunks will marry that princess not because he loves her but because he has to for the royal family of Planet Vegeta.  And I will go back to always being in my father’s shadow.”
        “Your father!  Who’s your father?” asked Bra.
        “You’re kidding!” said Bra.  “Your father is Kakarot.  The strongest warrior in the entire universe.”
        “You’ve heard of him?”
        “Are you kidding?  Who hasn’t heard of him?  He is the only one who was able to defeat Freeza.  What a honor for him to be Captain of King Vegeta’s guards.”
        “Yeah,” said Goten.  “What an honor!”
        “Well come on Goten, with your father being Captain of the Guards that means that you could have a chance to take over his position.”  Goten didn’t say anything.  He just stared at the ground.  “Goten what’s wrong? Don’t you want to take over your father’s position as Captain of the Guards?”
        “Bra, if I could be Captain of the Guards it would be a dream come true. But it will never happen.”
        “Why not?”
        “Because I am no where near as strong as my father is.  Also no one on Planet Vegeta thinks that I can do the job.  They all think that I am nothing but a weakling.  Growing up, Trunks was not only my best friend but also my only friend.  I use to train with my father when I was younger but not to long ago he told me that I couldn’t train with him anymore.  And of course I know the reason why.  It’s because he knows that he would just defeat me easily.”
        “So what did you do?” asked Bra.
        “I did the only thing that I could do, I trained by myself, for many days and many hours.  I would love to be Captain of the Guards but it will never happen.”
        “Goten, I think that you would make a great Captain.  You just have to have confidence in yourself.  I think that the real reason that your father doesn’t let you train with him is because he doesn’t want you to know that you’re stronger than him.  You just have to believe in yourself,” said Bra. Goten smiled.
        “Thanks,” Goten then took Bra hands.  “Look Bra, I know that you and Marron are only helping us for the money but…
        “Goten listen,” said Bra cutting him off.  “The reason that we need the money is because we are in a small debt.  We borrowed some money from Garlic Jr.  And the problem is we haven’t had a chance to pay him back yet. So now if we don’t pay him back there will be a great price on our heads.”
        “Well,” said Goten.  “I would like to thank you anyways.”  Goten leaned forward to kiss Bra on the forehead.  When Bra stood up on her tiptoes so that Goten missed her forehead and kissed her on the lips.  The kiss was brief and Bra broke off from it as quickly as she started it.  She started to turn away, hoping that Goten would not laugh at her.  When Goten put his hand on her cheek and their lips met again.  The kiss was long and passionate and Bra and Goten held on to each other very tightly, knowing that this was the beginning of something very special.